British elecampane

Perennial herb 15-80 cm tall, covered with long silky hairs, sometimes almost belovoylochnoe. Stem erect, leafy evenly. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, the upper and middle of the stem-seat, half. Baskets are quite large, 3-4.5 cm in diameter, in terminal few-flowered inflorescences of common or single. Bracts similar in size. Flowers are yellow, edge-lozhnoyazychkovye, female, much longer than the wrapper, median - tubular, bisexual. Ovaries and fruits pubescent. Fruits - cylindrical ribbed achenes about 1 mm long, pappus composed numerous bristles, 4-5 times longer than the achene. Blooms in Read more [...]
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Hops curling

Perennial herbaceous climber with creeping rhizome. The stem is climbing, up to 7 m, faceted, seated hooked spines. Leaves are opposite, entire or 3-5-palchatolopastnye, krupnopilchatye, dark-green, bottom rough. The plant is dioecious, flowers gay. Male flowers are gathered in axillary paniculate inflorescences female - in capitate inflorescences, bract them grow and cover the fruit, nuts, forming a so-called "bumps." Blooms in June-July, the seeds ripen in September. Found in Europe, the Caucasus, Asia and North America. In Russia, widespread in central and southern regions of Read more [...]
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Fragrant perennial herb with dereveneyuschim rhizome. Stems are erect, robust, 40-120 cm tall leaves are alternate, up to 20 cm, pinnate to oblong-lanceolate segments. The flowers are orange-yellow, tubular, clustered in inflorescences baskets to 12 mm in diameter, which in turn form a common apical corymbose inflorescence. Marginal flowers in baskets for women, median - bisexual. Fruits are oblong-ribbed achenes. Blooms from July until autumn, fruits ripen in August-October. The plant has a wide distribution, exciting, many regions of Eurasia and North America. In our country, this is a Read more [...]
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C. xanthiifolia (Nutt.) Fresen. - Annual plant up to 30-200 cm tall. Distribution: European part (south-east), the Caucasus, the Far East (invasive). Seskviterpeioidy contains 0.4% in the inflorescences (including seskvnterpenovye lactones), and flavonoids established structure. Highlighted the essential oil. Alkaloids found in 1% of inflorescences. Medicinal. In the experiment, the infusion and sesquiterpenoids koronopilin have cardiotonic and diuretic action. Read more [...]
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Hemp seed (K. Ordinary) (Cannabis sativa L.)

High dioecious annual plant (70-200 cm, Indian hemp - up to 5 m), coarse-fibered female specimens are called "materka" male fine-fiber - "poskan" the leaves are large, deeply lobed with 3-9 (usually five) elongated, pointed lobes , serrate on the edge, flowers yellowish, inconspicuous in terminal inflorescences, male - larger, in panicles, female - spike, fruit - small oily nut. The whole plant with a pungent odor. Blooms: April - July, fruiting in August - October. Toxic bodies  - Young elite female specimens, flowers and seeds, female inflorescences and the surrounding Read more [...]
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