Effects of heat

The only fish, which the heat had a negative impact, it burbotauthor photo Anomalous this summer said and written quite a lot, and it is no accident in recent memory such heat and drought has never been. It is interesting to see what impact has this extreme weather, of course, I mean the impact on biting, the state of water bodies, the presence and behavior of the fish.Most of fishings I held in the Vladimir region, on the river Klyazma, almost in its entirety, as well as numerous forest lakes. Therefore, I will speak about the region and about the well-studied for years the aquatic Read more [...]
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SONGS PROGOLOSNYE ancient genre in Russian. folklore, its origin is related to earlier periods in Russian. history. Title progolosnye, ie lingering, long, determine the nature of the chant. Progolosnye lyrical songs were created as a poetic form of expression of the relationship people. to the outside world, aesthetic and ethical ideas of patriarchal cross. Ideological and thematic composition of PP infinitely varied, can be identified as DOS. love and family, Delete (bandit) Soldiers., Burlatskii, yamschitskie, prison, etc.. Each group has its own theme, plot situations, his lyrical. Lv. PP generally Read more [...]
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The influence of land surface on the climate

 The role of land surface in climate KhMAO lies mainly in the influence of the continent itself, within which it is located, and is manifested in different ways depending on the time of year. The influence of the continent manifested in the transformation of inflowing Atlantic from west and north of the Arctic air masses. This process is most powerfully manifested in the summer and is the warming of the sea air and further its moisture due to increased evaporation during this period. Very clearly traced the transformation of Arctic air masses in the summer when they move south. The influence Read more [...]
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Secrets of a successful fishing: Secrets pike

In late October, in our climate zone, come first frost. When the water is pretty cool, to Eric and lakes underwater vegetation enters a phase of autumn, giving anglers a chance to get to those places where summer spinningovat does not seem likely. As they say among fishermen - "grass perished," and means, while uncovering and spinning reels, on the hunt for a toothy predator. Even fans of the float tackle try not to miss such moment. And for a while forgetting their lines, rush in search of pike and perch. All anything, but few anglers fishing Read more [...]
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Official science on the impact of the sun and planets through the Sun

Are the official science influence of the planets and luminaries (Sun and Moon) on earth processes and living organisms? Can be a simple answer: "Yes!" Different areas of science has had vast influence on the results of the research have gravitational fields of the moon and planets, and the electromagnetic field of the Sun. But these effects are very difficult to investigate, because sometimes difficult to establish their relationship to terrestrial phenomena, and separated from other influences - other celestial bodies and independent processes that occur on Earth. Is there such global Read more [...]
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Leaked report of UN experts on climate

12/14/2012 The document contains information that can "break" the stereotype about man-made climate change. The document contains information that can "break" the stereotype about man-made climate change.More: http://www.securitylab.ru/news/435178.phpThe document contains information that can "break" the stereotype about man-made climate change.More: http://www.securitylab.ru/news/435178.phpДокумент contains data that can "break" the stereotype about man-made climate change.Freely available on the Internet was a draft report of the Intergovernmental Read more [...]
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Russian Foreign Minister: Russia in an unpredictable world must focus on CIS

Russian diplomats have identified the main priorities of foreign policy. In their view, the world's problems are caused by the harmful influence of the West and Moscow should focus its efforts on maintaining influence in the CIS c using Twitter. The Foreign Policy Concept was created by Vladimir Putin's programmatic article "Russia and the changing world", according to "Kommersant". The main challenge of the new century, the authors consider the concept of instability and unpredictability of the world politics. This condition is due, firstly, the global economic crisis, Read more [...]
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Anna and President

For three days he was silent, as it always cowardly and with contempt for his subjects in the silent days of national tragedies. But before by foreign presidents and journalists, he was unable to keep quiet. With difficulty restraining dushivshuyu his hatred of the deceased, he opened his mouth at the press conference in Dresden.   "This murder has caused more damage to Russia than the publication of Anna Politkovskaya ... But I think that journalists should know that the extent of its influence on the political life in the country was negligible. She was known in journalistic and Read more [...]
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Trophic mechanism of action of physical exercise

It is manifested in the fact that under the influence of muscle activity improves metabolic processes in tissues and regeneration. Increases blood flow to the tissues, plastic supply of protein fractions and assimilate them. Occurring in this regeneration in its structure more in line with the organ or tissue function. Thus, damaged bone tissue (eg, hip fracture), callus formation may occur and without the use of exercise, but the resultant callus - Loose and volume significantly more bone, which was before the injury, the location of bone elements does not match the surrounding areas intact Read more [...]
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The influence of the nervous system on the heart

Normal heart rate varies with age. Cardiovascular system in children, as in adults, is involved in the development of numerous reflexes, which occur under the influence of stimuli coming from the external environment. When running a child heart beats faster at rest - at least. When crying, strong fear or joy of his heart beats then more often, less often, the blood vessels that are narrowed, then expand. This is the result of excitation of the autonomic nervous system. Excitation sympathetic autonomic nerve system causes increased frequency of heart contractions. Irritation of the vagus nerve Read more [...]
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Alcohol use in adolescence harmful and shameful habit-2

The girls are under the influence of alcohol is often disrupted the activities of the ovaries, the nature of the menstrual rhythm and the number allocated to the blood. Menstrual periods or scanty and short (1-2 days), or heavy, painful and longer, depending on the accompanying alcoholism stagnant plethora sexual organs and changes in the degree of excitability of the muscular wall of the uterus. It is known as an adverse effect alcohol for posterity. Children born to mothers who abuse alcohol, different physical weakness and varying degrees of mental disability. They often get sick and die Read more [...]
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Rheumatoid arthritis, and the principles of prevention-5

Why is necessary to be guided by principles of prevention and treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis? The secret lies in the fact that the acute inflammatory process, especially for rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, which first acts as an infection develop specific reactions, depending both on the infectious agent, its species and toxicity and reactivity of the modified . Therefore the differential use of antibiotics in the hospital (after checking the sensitivity of microorganisms to them), steroid hormones, or other sulfa drugs can suppress the ability Read more [...]
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Rheumatoid arthritis, and the principles of prevention-4

Of course, iodine-bromine water and radon as radon and nitrogen sulfide water, can be used successfully only when the inactive forms of rheumatoid arthritis, and in the absence of lesions of the internal organs. In patients with the activation of the inflammatory process, which came under the influence of the disadvantages, this water may be appointed under the "cover" of medicines, antirheumatic drugs or under the influence of physical and therapeutic factors. A similar principle should be observed when patients require mud therapy. The essence of therapeutic and preventive effect Read more [...]
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Concepts of the pathogenesis of dental caries

Opinions about the origin of dental caries is still controversial. Some researchers played a key importance to local factors (microbial, enzymatic, demineralization, etc.), are activated by a large and frequent consumption of carbohydrates from food. Of particular importance in the development of dental caries in recent years to give the dental plaque, or, as it is also called "dental plaque." Other researchers believe that the key role in the pathogenesis of dental caries play common factors (disorder of metabolism in the dentition, malnutrition of the body, the effect of environmental Read more [...]
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Sex hormones

Sex hormones - a hormone produced by the male and female gonads and the adrenal cortex. All hormones in chemical structure are steroids. To sex hormones include estrogen, progestogens and androgens. Estrogen - the female sex hormone, estradiol and presented its products of conversion of estrone and estriol. Estrogen is produced by cells follicle in the ovary. A certain amount of estrogen produced in the adrenal cortex. They support the development of female sex organs and secondary sex characteristics. Under the influence of estrogen, which increases production in the middle of the menstrual Read more [...]
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Sexual education of children of primary school age-2

If parents fail to properly understand the world of psychological experiences of the child and leave these activities without attention, as puberty and maturity influence parental words will not be effective as an everyday basis thoughtful control, close contact and mutual trust. The ability to reveal the inner world of the child - his interests, concerns, worries, the ability to correct the deviation in time forming the child's mind is one of the main tasks of the parents and to the same extent, and schools in the education of younger pupils. At the age of 8-10 years old in the body of girls Read more [...]
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Digestion - The process of physical and chemical processing of food in the gastrointestinal tract to the elementary particles of nutrients that can be absorbed into the blood and lymph through the intestinal wall and to participate in the metabolism of the body. These elementary particles are the fat - glycerol and fatty acids for protein - amino acids to carbohydrates - monosaccharides. Digestive activity begins with the receipt of food in the mouth. These activities are actively involved not only the chewing muscles and salivary glands, but the entire digestive system. In Pavlov's experiments Read more [...]
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Deforming osteoarthritis and intervertebral osteochondrosis of primary and secondary prevention-7

Under the influence of the course of mineral baths, and above all the inclusion in a health care complex therapeutic mud, acidic peat, simulated sinusoidal currents, ultrasound treatment, physiotherapy, massage therapy, significantly reduced or eliminated pain, increase joint stability, strengthening the muscle sheath around affected joint, improves locomotor function and increased efficiency of patients. Under the influence of mineral baths, physiotherapy and massage improves the function of large and small joints, the amount of flexion movements increased by 40 °; improved abduction and adduction Read more [...]
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Deforming osteoarthritis and intervertebral osteochondrosis of primary and secondary prevention-5

It is known that sulphide baths cause a reaction redness, under the influence of radon baths, on the contrary, develops first reaction blanching followed porozoveniem skin. This is because the increase of water sulfide process formation of histamine in the skin and reduce gistaminopeksicheskuyu activity, which in short neuro-reflex processes leads to the expansion of precapillary and capillary systems, up to the microcirculation, while increasing congestion with cells in vascular lesions, which clinically reddening of the skin, while the alpha radiation radon water with reflex mechanisms amplify Read more [...]
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Menstrual cycle-3

Changes in the vessels of the mucous membrane of the uterus during the menstrual cycle and their role in the onset of menstruation. The basal layer is provided with short, originating from myometrial blood vessels, and functional - spiral. During follicle development spiral vessels penetrate only into the lower functional layer. These little vessels, some of which are no different tortuosity. Efferent veins are narrow, and finds only a limited number of arterio-venous anastomoses. In the phase of formation of the corpus luteum of the convoluted arteries increases. They grow rapidly twists Read more [...]
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