Swine Flu Survival or pressurized media

Just can not remain indifferent to what is happening today around the pig flu (swine flu). And so - here are my five and a half cents in the piggy bank as the judges.Survival in our difficult time (especially in urban areas, especially in the large) is made very difficult due to excessive addiction of some (many) to all sorts of media. Paradoxically, by the way, that the City (a goldmine of information as may seem at first glance) very many suffer Information hunger. Or vice versa - information poisoning. How long do you think you live, if you are constantly podtravlivat low quality information? Read more [...]
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Intestinal Flu: Symptoms and Treatment

Read more [...]
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food for thought..

- The vaccine 1st class- Have you heard? This is us.. -I inoculations are not afraid:If you prickWell, you think, prickStung and went ... " ( Semihollow)Deadly flu from America is coming to UkraineDespite heroic struggle with a terrible flu in the United States, Ukrainian doctors Express readiness to declare a quarantine on the entire country. Meanwhile the terrible virus that killed in America 10s lives, coming to Ukraine.The flu epidemic will cover Ukrainians in late January - early February. Such forecasts doctors and epidemiologists. At the moment there are three strain is already Read more [...]
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Guest I do not deserve any good or especially bad, because moped not my article is not mine, by Alexey. Article 99% agree, I would like to hear your esteemed opinion.ArbidolBriefly clarify that this drug is registered even at my birth, was chosen "Pharmstandard" as the flagship product for the promotion of the Russian market for several reasons:1) The manufacturer was in close alliance with the right two key ministers - Tatyana Golikova (MOH) and Viktor Khristenko (Ministrstvo Industry and Trade). At a favorable coincidence tandem Golikov-Khristenko was simultaneously married couple. 2) The Read more [...]
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In Hong Kong identified avian influenza for the first time in 7 years

Health services Hong Kong are ready after identifying cases of avian influenza infection. Since 2003 worldwide avian influenza has infected about 500 people, but this is the first case in Hong Kong since that time. Source:  NTDRussian Read more [...]
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South Korean authorities have declared an influenza pandemic in the country

The authorities of the Republic of Korea / Kazakhstan / today officially warned the population about the threat of influenza. According to the representatives of the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is a seasonal disease in the country took pandemic proportions. At present in the country for every thousand inhabitants number of flu cases has reached 4.8 man. By law, the threat of a pandemic of Kazakhstan authorities announced after the figure exceeds four patients. In order to protect yourself from the flu, doctors advise to observe good personal hygiene measures, such as washing Read more [...]
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In Rostov, the boy found a strain of flu that killed 18 children in the U.S.

Positive for influenza A (H3N2), Which is currently raging in the U.S., was found in a two-year resident of Rostov-on-Don, the regional administration reported Rospotrebnadzor. Discovered type of virus is a so-called "swine flu." In 2009, a similar strain of A (H3N1) caused a global epidemic of influenza throughout the world, which was the first in the last forty years. Then the victims of viral diseases have become more than 2.5 thousand people. Now doctors are trying to figure out how small rostovchanin could catch the flu from the U.S.. In the Rostov region is not the first case Read more [...]
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The flu epidemic in the U.S. is growing

The strongest in 10 years epidemic spread to 47 of the 50 U.S. states. In New York declared an emergency - there recorded nearly 20,000 cases, four times more than last winter. Dozens of people were killed, many of them children. In hospitals and clinics to stand in line for vaccination, people spend hours waiting for the reception of doctors, however, physicians recognize that drugs against influenza are only in 60 percent of cases. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci said: "The children carry the disease harder than adults. Moreover, Read more [...]
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In Indonesia, bird flu found more dangerous previous

Variety of avian influenza that Indonesian scientists found at the end of last year, is distributed to the ducks and has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of these animals in Indonesia. He is much more dangerous than the previous one. "Unlike chickens, ducks swimming in the river, but because the virus can spread for hundreds of miles," - says the chairman of the Centre for Research of the University of bird flu, "Erlang" Chayrul Nidom.Also, scientists have warned that the death rate from the new H5N1 varieties as high as that of his former form. According to the Read more [...]
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Scientists warn of a new wave of swine flu

Director of the Research Institute of Influenza, Oleg Kiselyov said that early to talk about the end of an influenza pandemic. According to him, can not exclude a new wave of disease."Pandemic is developing its own laws and is 2-3 waves. Now we are seeing a second wave of the virus of swine influenza H1N1. It is not changed. The virus is resistant pandemic nature. In the Americas, another virus - H3N2. Unlike in 2009, the disease spread among children, "- he said.O.Kiselev urged to take precautions and not to contact with sick people.Meanwhile, according to the main infectious Read more [...]
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In Indonesia, a new type of bird flu

Scientists in Indonesia have discovered a new species of bird flu, which has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of ducks in the country, said on Wednesday the Singapore newspaper Strats Times. "We found a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus subtype H5N1 - put 2.3 (a group of organisms, united by the presence of a common ancestor). It is very different from the open earlier form of avian flu - clade 2.1 "- said the head of the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department of Agriculture of Indonesia Shukur Ivantoro. According to the latest WHO data, since 2003, 15 countries Read more [...]
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A new species of bird flu found in Indonesia

12/12/2012 Indonesian scientists discovered a new species of bird flu, because of which the country lost 100,000 ducks, reports Singapore newspaper Strats Times. "We have identified a new subtype of avian influenza virus H5N1 - put 2.3 (organisms that integrates presence of a common ancestor). It differs greatly from clade 2.1 - form of avian influenza, previously opened," - said Ivantoro Shukur, head of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department Agriculture of Indonesia. Latest WHO data show that in 15 countries since 2003 were registered 608 cases of H5N1 virus infection of Read more [...]
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Influenza is particularly dangerous for the Chinese

According to scientists, the seemingly small variation in the gene 6-fold increased risk of death from influenza and the Chinese may have a number of other infections. Almost a quarter of the ethnic Chinese have a special gene that makes the flu deadly.The discovery was made in a joint British-Chinese project on the H1N1 influenza epidemic in 2009-2010. This subtype of influenza A is the most common and is particularly extensive epidemic, but its mortality rate is low. However, as it turned out, not all: some Chinese with a slight change in a key gene immune system flu will most likely can cause Read more [...]
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American scientists called flu vaccine waste of money

Researchers from the University of Minnesota published a report stating that the benefits of influenza vaccines overhyped, especially in the elderly, According to Daily Mail. In the course of his work, scientists analyzed more than 12,000 studies on the effectiveness and safety of influenza vaccines since 1930. They note in the final report that "although government officials say that the vaccine protects against 70 to 90 percent of the population, in reality it is not so." According to the researchers vaccine protects against only 59 per cent of the population aged 18 to 65 years, Read more [...]
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Wind — the main threat of the global flu epidemic

Deadly bird flu virus can be transmitted to the wind, do not exclude the scientists. According to New Scientist, usually people get through direct contact. But, apparently, the wind can carry the virus.Dutch scientists from the National Institute of Public Health and Environment investigated an outbreak strain of H7N7 in poultry on farms in 2003. As a result, 89 people were infected, and one died. Computer modeling showed that the wind rose explains why different strains of influenza reached different farms. H5N1 - the most dangerous strain. Since 2003, he has killed 360 people out of 610 Read more [...]
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In Indonesia 300 000 ducks killed a new type of avian influenza

The state veterinarian performs disinfection of poultry against avian influenza in the market Medan, province of North Sumatra. January 26, 2012 (AFP / Sutanta Aditya) on December 12. The Indonesian authorities are sounding the alarm: in the country found a new kind of bird flu. In recent weeks, the victims of the pathogen have hundreds of thousands of ducks. «We found highly pathogenic subtype H5N1 avian influenza — clade 2.3. (clad — a group of organisms United by the presence of a common ancestor). He first established in Indonesia and differs from the previously Read more [...]
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About 4 thousand birds fell from the bird flu in the West Kuban

on 30 November. Veterinarians collected in the estuaries of the Temryuk district and Anapa (Krasnodar Krai) about 4 thousand birds died from avian influenza, told RIA Novosti the representative of the territorial administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor. According to authorities, the deaths of hundreds of birds occurred in the area of Kiziltash group of estuaries (Temryuk district and the area of Anapa). Initially, experts put the preliminary diagnosis - «avian influenza» (AN). On Friday, authorities reported that birds fell from influenza virus type H5N1. In Temryuk district and Read more [...]
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