Let’s talk about injuries

So you raised your pet. Now it's time to move on to its intended purpose. And then you expect all sorts of troubles. For example, injuries, poisoning, bites of poisonous snakes. Photo by Aleksey Factor There are open and closed injuries. The former include razmozhzhenie tissue, external skin lesions (wounds, scratches) and subject to enforcement, as well as open fractures in the ground breaking of the surface tissue. By the close of injuries include bruises, sprain, muscle tears, fractures, concussions and closed.Let us examine them in stages. Here's what experts recommend in veterinary Read more [...]
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Who still thinks that war is romantic, this video is for you. also for all those who wish to be ready and able to assist with injuries and their consequences. Yes , this nasty video, but this is a REAL video, but it's not a Hollywood movie . Watch, know, learn.you need to be prepared to build and such , and not be confused by what he saw, and be able to rapidly assist.1. 1-St aid in the reduction of Antipersonnel mine. ( shooting from the trenches )2. Injured by antipersonnel mines. Surgical treatment3. Military field surgery#vaivanneeseen@sv_bunker 1st aid at blasting at mine PM 30:10 Injured Read more [...]
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The stretch. What to do?

Under tensile understand the damage to the ligaments, muscles, tendons and other tissues without disrupting their anatomical integrity. Usually, stretching — very painful injury in which in addition to the pain in the joint there is a significant swelling of the tissues. First aid for stretching is this: you need to attach the injured limb above and apply to the injured place a cold compress (e.g., soaked in cold water towel). Half an hour later, the joint should tightly wrap and send the victim to the doctor (of course, not their own). Sprain Most commonly injured ligament Read more [...]
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Chest injuries. What to do?

Especially often occur during car accidents, fall accidents on manufacture, etc. the Most common ones: Puncture wounds of the breast when the breast is pierced with a sharp object) Signs: • Pain in the chest. • Difficulty breathing. • Bloody bubbles. • When inhalation occurs with a whistling sound, which means that the wound is sucked in air. • Bluish coloration of the lips and skin. Your actions: 1. Try to close the wound, so that the victim can breathe. 2. This can be done first by hand, then seal the wound with a bandage, placing Read more [...]
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How to treat a sprain

Read more [...]
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Concussion: Symptoms and Treatment

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The damaging effect of small arms ammunition

Damaging effects of different bullets Output wound from a bullet cartridge 5,45 x39 mm 7N6 The damaging effect of bullets for ammunition 5,45 x39 mm 7N6 The damaging effect of NATO bullets for ammunition (American-made) The damaging effect of the American bullets for ammunition 5,56 x45 mm M193 The damaging effect of bullets for ammunition NATO 5,56 x45 mm M855 and SS109 PS bullet for ammunition 7,62 x39 mm (Russia) Ammunition Kalashnikov AK-47 or AKM kitted spindled bullet with a solid shell made of steel with a copper coating. Inside is a large iron core. The space between the core and Read more [...]
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Identification and treatment of wounds in field conditions

I agree, what is the information primitive and seemingly familiar to many of you. But do not forget that in an extreme situation knowledge is vile feature "eroding" of the head together with the remnants of self-control. So, as they say, repetition - the mother of learning (s) will not be superfluous. Types of wounds Wounds are different. Incised wounds - It wounds inflicted by sharp objects. Surrounding tissue with such a wound slightly damaged, pain expressed moderate. Usually these wounds accompanied by significant bleeding. Incised wounds dangerous damage to blood vessels, nerves, hollow Read more [...]
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On the other

Hello everyone living and surviving. Do you want to narrate about his friend. He's like a brother. Fate separated us on different sides of life. He is a former cop. Then his bortanuli for psychological incompatibility, and he became an employee UFSIN protects prisoners, and I am a former ZOC)))). And there are no people in the world closer to us. We did together in youth rock concerts, together wrote the music and lyrics. Lived in neighboring houses. Later, he became the godfather of my son. Then he left (before me) in Russia, and we lost. And met when he was a cop in Thule, but I just released))) Do Read more [...]
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Medical notes 4

- The patient may not show the language. This is not a children's entertainment, ask the person after hemorrhage or traumatic brain injury to open his mouth and stick his tongue forward. In the case of displacement tip of the tongue to the side can talk about any problems. - Unilateral absence of active or purposeful movements of limbs or marked weakening of purposeful movements. After an injury paralyzed man! He can not raise the arm or leg can not move his fingers or foot. I do not write about the reaction of the pupil to light (in many films in the eye doctor shines a flashlight and thoughtfully Read more [...]
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Lectures on surgery in PD

Continue ... this time lectures on surgery. Lecture number 1. Medical care when injured knives without damaging blood vessels and bones. So, you're out of luck and you have been injured. The reasons for this can be varied - cut yourself, opening to kitchen jar of stew, drew the leg with an ax on the kulak nesting or returning from marauding raid with swag, got a sharpening in the belly of the local gopoty. In any case, you are in pain, you have the blood and you have a violation of the integrity of the skin. It is with these symptoms and you have to fight. Consider the most negative option - Read more [...]
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Pulled a knife – Bey.

Knives are different. The knife is at all and everyone, we use them every day in the home. When ammo shot, but the enemy is closer, remains the last hope for a piece of cold sharp steel in his hand. bayonet pocket, but also a knife good option I'll tell you how you can easily kill a man with a knife, even with no special skills and not being a perfect technique. First of all, you need to know specific points on the body. Even minor damage to these points can cause severe injury or death fast. Consider the order. Head Never try to kill someone with a knife in the head, if you are not professional. Read more [...]
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Injuries in the ice: how to protect yourself

How to protect yourself from injuries in ice. How to soften the blow of the fall, if it is impossible to avoid, and how to provide first aid in this situation. The smaller and thinner the heel, the more confident you will feel on slippery roads. If you are used to always wear shoes with heels, then look at the stylish boots with wedge heels. Area of contact with the ground in such shoes will be more, therefore, to go on a winter road will be less dangerous. Shoes should not slip - when it is selected give preference boots with molded soles. Shoemakers in the shop offer a service to deicing Read more [...]
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DARPA is a strange way to survival of soldiers with blunt trauma

Medical care on the battlefield at the first request is often crucial to the survival of the wounded soldiers. However, in the case of an internal abdominal injuries and internal bleeding is little that can be done to stop the bleeding until the patient is taken to the hospital. As a result of blood loss often leads to death with wounds, with which to survive. Technology-based foam, developed as part of DARPA Wound Stasis System (system preservation injury or something like that) has shown promising results in testing. In the test model, the foam showed the ability to stop the blood for Read more [...]
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A concussion can occur as a result of head injury from impact with a heavy object. In this case, there are dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting, tinnitus, a person loses consciousness. Sometimes such events do not occur immediately after the injury, and after a while. Therefore, even in minor head injury should be taken very seriously. In all cases of head injury victim needs rest. The patient's head must be lifted, apply a cold compress. If a head injury was not accompanied by loss of consciousness, pain, and other phenomena are not amplified, bed rest lasts 4-6 days. You can Read more [...]
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Safety equipment

For the safety of movement and overcome the obstacles on the water, mountain, ski and speleological routes important to the quality of equipment. low buoyancy, poor stability, low seaworthiness of vessels selected for the trip, their lack of tools that provide unsinkable, or strong enough, improper width, flexibility, and material moving surface skis, skis without metal edging Mountain ice crust, with a small bend Noskov in deep fresh snow - all of which can cause an accident. Since two thirds of travel time has on a halt, overnight bivouac and work for injury prevention does not fit for purpose Read more [...]
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Classification of traumatic brain injury

With a closed head injury of the head bones and the skin is not damaged. By this form are concussion (mild damage), and a brain contusion. In the other (more severe cases) is bleeding in the skull which may have different origins. Concussion - an injury that arose from the impact on the brain, but no changes in brain tissues and membranes. The consequences of such an injury - a temporary loss of memory and motor function. Contusion of the brain - the crushing of tissues and patchy hemorrhage occurred from crushing. The symptoms and course of the effects depend largely on what area of Read more [...]
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Trauma associated with fractures, sprains, strains, bruises

Bruises are formed from exposure to power-stroke (sticks, stones, etc.), or from a fall on a hard object. With bruises and broken form subcutaneous ecchymosis (bruising). Signs of injury include pain, swelling and bluish tinge to the skin damaged area. After some time, the bruise becomes brown, green and yellow. First aid is a cold compress. Bruised body should be lowered into the water, and if the size of the reservoir does not allow (a pool, water dripping from the rocks, snow, ice), you should soak the cloth from clothing or a handkerchief and put it to the injured spot. When snow Read more [...]
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First aid to people in an emergency situation, which led to serious injuries, especially to: verify that pulse; turn on your stomach and clean mouth; tourniquet for bleeding, apply a bandage to the wound, fracture splint.   Categorically unacceptable leave the victim in a coma lying on your back, pillow your head bag, backpack, folded clothes, carry or transport the injured from the scene unless absolutely necessary (the threat of landslide, avalanche, explosion, etc.); remove debris from the wound, or other items unless necessary; reduce a fallen bodies in the Read more [...]
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How to avoid bruising during injury

If the injury was not serious damage to internal organs, helps prevent bruising wormwood: pounded fresh leaves and apply to the affected area, make the dressing. The band changed 3-4 times a day. Onion. Fresh juice or grated onion paste used as a compress. Bodyaga. Stir 2 tablespoons of powder concoctions in 1 tablespoon of water. The resulting mass is applied to the point of impact and tie. Plantain. Mashed or finely chopped plantain leaf is applied to the affected area. Instead of leaves, you can use the juice. The point of impact (leg or arm) in no case be soar - it can Read more [...]
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