Merchants walked into «rooms»

Ivan Orlov Abramovich is no longer alive. But the memory of the oldest local historian, who was known as a walking encyclopedia of old Tagil, his life, morals, customs, and lives. And not only in the hearts of those who knew this man people. He left a legacy of fellow rich archive, kept in the Museum-Reserve of metallurgy. "Oryol Notebook" are and will long serve as a life-giving source of information for historians, researchers and scientists. And we allow ourselves a little bit to drink some water from this source.Hotels in the present sense, it seems to me, in Tagil was not. Were guest Read more [...]
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Inns & Lodges: The Ark, California

Exterior clip, October 1991Inns & Lodges: The Ark, CaliforniaBy Charlie HaasEve without the framed photos of student-hippie carpenters at sour, vibraphone from the mid-seventies would menses rectify done the walls of The Ark, a lilliputian bungalow in the wood external Inverness, California. The range burns woo. The kitchenette is stocked granola, yield, and constitutive java beans. Thither's a bed tucked off in a attic. And thither's the chance for Read more [...]
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Inns & Lodges: The Cottage, Montana

Out-of-door cartridge, October 1994Inns & Lodges: The Cottage, MontanaBy Huntsman CynthiaOn 80 estate below a immense, reef-shaped sandstone deal, The Cottage bed-and-breakfast appears to be a illumination, two-story reading of Yellowstone Interior Green's Old Fold Inn. Which is rattling no surprisal, since it was intentional by the like designer, Robert C. Juicer, in 1910. Lauded at the clock by the Large Waterfall Tribune as the "finestcountry Read more [...]
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Inns & Lodges: Doe Bay Hamlet Haunt, Washington

External clip, April 1995Inns & Lodges: Doe Bay Hamlet Recourse, WashingtonBy Kit CodyRachis when the waters off Orcas Island were quieten teeming with the namesake whales, Lummi Indians from the encompassing archipelago held potlatches in a saved cove on the island's jolty south-east slide. The Lummi no thirster sojourn, but the allurement of their wooded holy lingers in Doe Bay Hamlet Refuge, 65 miles northwards of Seattle, a agrestic raiment of sequestered Read more [...]
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Inns & Lodges: Improbable Send Malabar Vagrant Bed & Breakfast

Exterior mag, Revered 1996Inns & Lodges: Marvelous Embark Malabar Drifting Bed & BreakfastTravers Metropolis, MichiganBy Kathy MartinIn Bang-up Lakes marine lore, enactment on a Lake Michigan steamship or yacht demanded a hefty allowance for mischance--the lake chalked up septenary of the pip 13 shipwrecks on the inland seas in the later 19th hundred. Now in smooth Thou Trave Bay, all you motivation is a yen for shine, prevailing-wind cruising and Read more [...]
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Inns & Lodges: Rustler Auberge, Utah

Away Clip, November 1994Inns & Lodges: Rustler Club, UtahBy Cock SheltonIf you get favorable during your hitch at Alta's Rustler Gild, the battlefront desk testament cry your way earlier dayspring to harbinger that you deliver been "interlodged." This substance that thither's been decent new blow nightlong to finale the route from Saltiness Lake Metropolis and cachet up the lodges spell the avalanche-control teams flak by with their howitzers. Read more [...]
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Euro Breaker ‘n’ Sod

    Exposure: CorelYou starting by standing on a bed of shakiness mud, the Irish Sea imbrication at your hike boots as you do the rite "thrill dipping" that walkers traditionally tackle ahead background off on England's Coast-to-Coast Paseo. In a state that is mad roughly walk, the Coast-to-Coast is the 1000 damage: a 193-mile range that starts in St. Bees on the Irish Sea and goes crystalise crosswise the Lake Territory and Northwards Yorkshire to the N Sea at Redbreast Bonnet's Bay. The road is a memorable hodgepodge of moss-covered gemstone walls, fields of Swaledale Read more [...]
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