Gunshot wound. What to do?

A pellet or bullet, once in the body, can leave not only the entrance hole, but the hole output, which is usually greater than the first and about whose existence happens to be, and do not suspect, focusing all attention on the primary wound. If the inlet no, it means that the grains are either stuck in the body, or ricochet from him, leaving only the wound, reminiscent of the inlet. It is clear that the bullet leaves on the body and inside the body is much larger traces, especially if it hits bone or internal organs. Therefore, all without exception gunshot wounds require immediate professional Read more [...]
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Communication, is everything ;)

He has not yet become radiovladeltsem, but the question is interested in a long time. Here is what was to dig into the public domain. Nadeyu someone will be able to check and confirm deny. First there ------------------- CAD ----------------GAI: 1st Battalion SP DPS ATC CAO "Galic", Tver, Burgher, Krasnosel'skii 450.6125 input: 462,4875 DPL: 261 2nd Battalion SP DPS ATC CAO "Zaraysk" Tagan Basmanny 4th Battalion SP DPS ATC CAO "Safonovo" Arbat presnya 452,7375 DPL: 371 (Two units of the same frequency) 3rd Battalion SP DPS ATC CAO "Pryłuki" Jakimanka, Read more [...]
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Making traps for fish

Comrades site survive already familiar British site Jonathan Ridge And although many of its articles are understandable without comment, thanks to the excellent photographs, yet spread amateur translation guide on the manufacture of wooden traps for fishing rods, popularly called muzzle vertices, etc.Source: www.bushcraft.ridgeonnet.comNo need to adhere strictly to the contents of this manual, it is simply described as I did this thing, and what came out is not bad. First of all, it is necessary to collect material. I used hazel. Select a long thin rods, age, in Read more [...]
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Nuclear Power Plant in Russia

At the request of comrades spreadOperating nuclear power plantsWebsite: near Balakovo (Saratov region). Reactor types: PWR-1000 Units: 4 Years of commissioning: 1985, 1987, 1988, 1993 Balakovo NPP is one of the largest and most modern Russian energy companies, providing a quarter of electricity production in the Volga Federal District. It supplies energy for the Volga region (76% of electricity supplied) Center (13%), the Urals (8%) and Siberia (3%). It is equipped with VVER reactors (pressurized water Read more [...]
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Examination of multiple gunshot wounds

Examination of multiple gunshot wounds is complex and involves a number of issues, such as: a) Does any one stage multiple gunshot injury or several shots were fired; b) if there were several shots, what is their distance and consistency; c) Which of gunshot injuries caused death; d) determination of these weapons. It should be mentioned that the calculation of the input and output of gunshot wounds by itself does not give grounds for the conclusion of a work of a few shots. A bullet could hurt the through injury several parts of the body (for example, the right shoulder-chest-left forearm), forming Read more [...]
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