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Scouting …

Good evening.On the occasion joined the Scouts in the output field. It was interesting to find out what they were doing? Since time is almost winter, then this output climbed Toli wildest, or most mugs . From 19 pm collected all that prescribed instructor ... cups, spoons, ladles ... as usual. Rose at 6.00 and had breakfast at the station - a gathering place ... docha esche not wake up ...In the train became easier, a noise of many companions able to lift ...Tickets bought in most train and were unpleasantly surprised, because it take for a fee of 24 rubles per ticket ... nihrenasi Read more [...]
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This is a separate group of errors, the control of which usually becomes effective after the correction of defects in the production of the breath and let it off.Siciliana. This error represents the aiming, extremely lengthy time. With prolonged (more than 8) aiming eye arrow so tired that everything worse and worse distinguishes the position flies in the slot and the position of the fly relative to the aiming point. In addition, you should keep in mind that for one minute continuous aiming visual acuity miniaturized twice... Even more tired prunaprismia path, and the shooter has in mind not the Read more [...]
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Inspired companion article Sunman

Salam to all. As the title, inspired by the story to a friend Sunman. For a number of prichin.Poleznogo there will be nothing. So thinking out loud and wishes. Criticizing is known quite simply, because according to the old Russian proverb: "And to post milking ... I can (I apologize to the ladies)." But sometimes "touches" of thought and thought some friends (do not write to offend or anyone not specifically mean) about any kind of "terrible" special forces - so secret that for reference and can kill, and no less " secret "trainers - training FSB, GRU kill" secret "type sposobami.Nu there lightning Read more [...]
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Hello everyone. We decided to fly. Rather decided my supruzhnitsa PROSECUTOR Gestapovna, handing me a "summons to heaven" in the form of subscription to the flight, sympathetically and wished me farewell "loose stool and a soft landing," sent on a sortie."The village where bored instructor was charms area ...". Wander at 100 kilometers Stupinsky area suburbs in search of civilized travel to the field near the village Lipitino, which should have been called Dalnezaebenevo ... Joop mom!!, There just was not the Nazis - stupidly would zabludilis.Bez Susanin. Especially Susanin we had our own - "led Read more [...]
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(Moscow: Voenizdat, 1973)Short table of CONTENTS:IntroductionChapter I. the Base of anatomy and physiologyChapter II. Lekarstovedenie. Honey supplyThe Tutorial discusses the base of anatomy and physiology, drugs science, military hygiene and epidemiology, background diseases and their methods of healing.It provides the necessary information on the organization of medical support for the troops; specify methods of first aid for injuries (fractures, bleeding, burns, frostbite, with the defeat of nuclear and chemical weapon, in some unfortunate cases and poisoning poisonous plants and technical liquids.The Read more [...]
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Surfboarder Wanting in Indonesia

Daniel Bobis, a mathematics instructor and breakers jitney from Hanker Island, has foregone wanting off a distant beach on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Bobis, 32, a high mathematics instructor and surfboard motorcoach at Hanker Beach Highschool, was surfboarding in the Indian Sea with acquaintance Brian Lonergan on Sunday dawn when he disappeared. "Danny had equitable interpreted a brandish ahead me. I couldn't see him, and a few transactions posterior, his plug-in water-washed abreast the prop," Longeran told the New York Berth. Bobis, Longeran, and Bobis's wife Rachel had been Read more [...]
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Sin in the Angry Outside, June 1997HungerNo, I literally dearest the alfrescoBy Gretel EhrlichMy ninth-grade Latin instructor was discharged for existence a favorable rummy and for assignment The Art of Lovemaking, by Ovid. The instructor radius Latin fluently — if such a affair is potential — and we were expected to do the like. Those were glad hours, talk most honey and thirst in a speech no one else knew, but theheadmistress laid-off our Read more [...]
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The role of the instructor in the training climbers

Frequently asked questions: "What to teach in mountaineering?", "How to teach mountaineering," and "Who will teach mountaineering?" With all of the content of the answers are incorporated in the "Program." If the "Program" in the form of wood, and its trunk to take home for the purpose of (direction), the strong twigs and branches will be the first level of subordination of the dominant goal. But wading through the branches, twigs, you can easily get lost in a spreading crown and did not see the barrel. This construction has to do with how the Read more [...]
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Manage your product.

In the initial stage of this phase the student gets the experience of being in the office as an observer or assistant commander when launched, dive, float to the surface and rise to the ship-base. Acting commander of the unit performs an experienced instructor. All these operations are carried out at least five times. In the future, the student is allowed to self-governance, and the role of the instructor, who is on his side in the machine is reduced to the guidance and control. Thus practiced following list and sequence of training operations: 1 - control device on the surface, 2 - management Read more [...]
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Performing climbers norms II sports

Major in working with young arresters - differential treatment to all classes and climbing on the basis of quality of preparation. The difficulty in determining the location of a spark gap in education, training or sports group is to identify the level of their training. Indeed, to judge the preparation of the arrester can basically only be based on his self-esteem and the fact that it is written in the "book climber" in past seasons. Therefore, the first series of classes devote rock engineering and engineering insurance, work on the stand and belay skills with a rope. Driving Read more [...]
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Health instructor

Sanitary Instructor (short medical orderly) - Person paramedical staff of the military medical service, specially military medical training. Medical corps serving in military units, health centers and military medical facilities. In wartime, medical orderly organizing medical support his unit (company, battery), using established (in maneuver company), attached or allocated for this purpose from among the so-called soldiers fighting nurses (see Nurse, military). Medical instructor must know the combat mission of his unit, the location of the battalion or regimental aid station, to conduct a Read more [...]
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Swimming diving, which was previously only available to a select few adventurers, now available to anyone who has enough money, to rent equipment. Most beach resorts have trained diving instructors, but in some parts of their training is poor.This section is not intended for experienced divers, but for those who take a course for the first time. This is one of the most spectacular extreme sports and recreation is one of the most dangerous. Each year, thousands of tourists from the West susceptible to promises of beach diving schools undergo a crash course with subsequent practice dives in the Read more [...]
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Instructor? Guide? Guide? Porter?

During the Soviet mountaineering dominant figure in the educational process and training climbers, is an instructor of mountaineering. And even in the early stages of the institute of mountaineering instructors not raised the question of the division of the term to any other category, already available in the western mountaineering school: a guide, a guide, a porter. This was aided by the organizational system of the Soviet mountaineering. And strange as it may seem today, but it is the organizational system became the basis of the direction, which became known as the "School of the Soviet Read more [...]
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Climbing Training

The mass character of the Soviet mountaineering at all times, with much emphasis on the number of permits allocated by various trade union sports societies and institutions, still lagged behind the mass of the prewar years. The mass character of modern times can not be considered at all mass - it disappeared basis: alpine camps with well-functioning educational process, practically certified instructors. The mass popularity of the previous years was a good basis for creating a solid base for our sport climbing (as it was). In connection with the liquidation of the State Committee and the trade Read more [...]
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Organization alpine hikes

The first two stages of preparation climbers organically linked continuity and consistency of training. However, they differ in approach to solving some of the methodological and organizational issues, which is due to the difference in the objectives of each of these stages. The following recommendations are intended to identify possible areas of treatment of many methodological and organizational issues to consider when planning a hiking and climbing the initial training. The importance and the level of detail of these issues may be different, depending on the specific conditions of mountaineering Read more [...]
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