In the state of the insurance company, even a chimney sweep

    October 6 turned 81 year Gosstrakh almost complete monopoly in the insurance market in the country for 70 years. In 1991, their services along with him and began to offer private, joint-stock insurance company. Today their number in Russia is more than a thousand, more than a dozen branches in our city.     And what do we know about insurance in Tagil village before the revolution? At some of the houses of the old streets Tagil, hang out, you can see the badges of Chernoistochinsk insurance companies "Salamander", Second Russian. Much of their collection Read more [...]
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In the state of the insurance company, even a chimney sweep

October 6 turned 81 Gosstrakh almost complete monopoly in the insurance market in the country for 70 years. In 1991, their services along with him and began to offer private, joint-stock insurance company. Today their number in Russia is more than a thousand, more than a dozen branches in our city. And what do we know about insurance in Tagil village before the revolution? At some of the houses of the old streets Tagil, hang out, you can see the badges of Chernoistochinsk insurance companies "Salamander", Second Russian. Much of their collection is in Nevyansk museum of local lore, and dated Read more [...]
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Insurance against the risk of flooding

Increase people's confidence in overcoming the adverse effects of floods contributes another important component of economic mechanisms to meet the challenges in the field of public relations. This component is the insurance risk of floods and civil liability, conducted as a mandatory or voluntary basis. Since the state can not take on all the burden associated with the flood, it is essential that citizens and subjects of the Russian Federation, the company and the various production units, especially those who are owners of private capital and actively invest in the construction and real Read more [...]
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Driving on snow

As can be seen from Fig. 4. when driving on snow marked 19 ns. For reasons of all of them together in groups of three practically equivalent. 1. Negligent, careless movement on a simple snow slope 30-40 ° of having sufficient reserve of strength, under normal weather conditions. Qualifying athletes from III level to the masters of sport. 2. Group of high qualification (candidates for the master and the master of sports) admits the failure to simple snow slope directly after work on a difficult route stress (impact of fatigue or high altitude, relaxing after a hard area). 3. Read more [...]
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Movement on snow and insurance (individual technique and ligaments)

Dress code - storm suit, sweater, warm pants, gloves, warm gloves, hat, goggles, high boots, protective helmet (helmet). Personal equipment - ASC, two carbine repshnur (5 m), the loop for the descent. Equipment group - rope core (3 x 30 m), the rope supporting (1x 30 m), avalanche shovel, 5 rifles, spare goggles, backpack for two, first aid kit. Repetition of previously studied methods of movement of individual vehicles on a snowy terrain. Carried out on a ski slope to 50 m, the slope of 35 - 45 °, with a smooth rolled out the bottom of the uninsured, but subject to the rules of the Read more [...]
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Lifted by winch stretcher with the victim and the accompanying

Once the victim is being laid in a stretcher on the insurance, the waiting area of the hand signals (y) or light (green) is called a helicopter. All lifeguards are on the self in a sitting position, not to be ejected by the air flow from the propeller helicopter. Accompanying the gazebo clings to the suspension of the stretcher. The second rescuer waits rifle rope from the helicopter touches the ground that it was given to static electricity. He then hangs the rope to ring carbine cargo suspension stretcher. Maintainer unhooks insurance stretchers, their self-insurance and making sure that Read more [...]
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Insurance for the ice-snow slopes with an ice ax, no hooks

We are talking about the ice slopes covered with snow depth of 20-30 cm Insurance to them with an ice ax, without the hooks should be referred to the so-called symbolic methods. In most cases, they are found in extreme cases, with a lot of physical and mental fatigue. In these circumstances, to advance the goal of man is the "half-measures" in the insurance in the hope that failure will not. And indeed, albeit symbolic, insurance (ice pick on a small snow, aluminum or small spade hook on a plumb line) gives him the confidence motion (extra pivot point), extra moral force. Such Read more [...]
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Crossing the water

Small rivers, mountain streams can sometimes be overcome jumping, but without the backpack, not to get a leg injury (sprain, dislocation, etc.). In this case, you should use the insurance on a pole. Pole is placed in the middle of standing water, upstream. Leaning on him to push off from the shore and jump to the opposite shore. Coverage can be achieved with the help of rope railing or pole, used as a handrail. Can crossing shallow rivers by projecting stones, if they are in step or a short hop, which can take from a place (with or without a backpack). But before you use this method, you must Read more [...]
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In 2010, casualties from accidents rose sharply

Reinsurance company Swiss Reinsurance (Swiss Re), one of the largest in the world, estimated global economic losses it suffered in 2010 due to natural disasters, $ 222 billion, which is more than three times the damage from natural disasters suffered by the global economy in 2009, which was then $ 63 billionNatural disasters in 2010 killed about 260 thousand people. This is the highest level since 1976, when a strong earthquake in China killed 255 thousand people, and it is 17 times more than in 2009, when the victims were 15 thousand people.The most deadly disaster, it became earthquake Haiti, Read more [...]
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Understanding the legal technicalities of modern health insurance

It is no less important than the ability to understand the medications. No savvy time in legal matters can be left without the care you need. Yes, just to die when you are denied surgery on the basis of a miscalculation there casuistic your insurance company. Or simply fail. Due to the fact that today, no one is interested, "throw away" on you too much money. Except you. And any miscalculation or use your ignorance to their advantage. And against you. So we must learn to kick in money. If we consider this question more broadly, then, as I said, the relationship with the patient's Read more [...]
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Techniques of dynamic belay (work on belay test)

Dress code - storm or jogging suit, gloves, hat, high boots, protective helmet (helmet). Personal equipment - ASC, 3 carbine repshnur (5 m), the loop for the descent, garden furniture. Equipment group - rope core (3 x 40 m), the rope supporting (1 x 40 m), rock hooks - 5, carbines - 5 - 6, rock hammers - 3 pack for two, first aid kit, a set of pitches to work with the chock, chock weighing 75 - 80 kg. Belayer to create more opportunities for maneuver in securing post, for it is desirable to have at least two samostrahovochnye loops of different lengths, and none of them should not extend Read more [...]
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Crossing rivers are among the most dangerous obstacles. Lowland rivers have a wide riverbed, a slow steady flow, soft or muddy bottom, often great depth, mountain streams - fast flowing, changing during the day the water level, low temperature, bottom, solid, rocky, vertical alignment stage, with rapids and waterfalls, Upper course rapid, irregular. In most cases, it is necessary, regardless of time and distance, to go to the bridge, ferry or other safe crossing. Otherwise it is necessary to select the appropriate method for the river - on the cross laying on protruding rocks, wade through the Read more [...]
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standard unit of length equal to Naib. common core length. rope (30 or 40 m). Used in mountaineering and mountain T. for measuring on sections of the route with the raising, lowering or Travers where a hitch rail or alternating movement. At such sites usually have to perform the full range of safety actions - from the preparation of personal funds insurance (Harnesses, zhumarov, eights, etc.) to create points fixing ropes, hardware items for insurance, storage locations of participants, etc. The use of the term "V" allows you to succinctly characterize the complexity of the route Read more [...]
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Ridges and spurs

On ridges, snow and rock, frequent wind education - snow cornices, and below them on the leeward slopes - snow bags. On the windward side of the crest, where the corridors begin rising air currents form a snowy wind funnel. When raising the crest of snow in the area of the snow avalanche danger extremely bag, and if you want to cross, do it with a reliable insurance from a safe place. Overcoming the danger of caving cornice below and therefore permissible only where it obtayal and overhangs, with the location of fear in the side of the ledge. It should also be wary of cornices formed not Read more [...]
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Social insurance

Social insurance USSR - Wide system of financial security for workers of disability in old age, and in other cases provided by law. The social security system in the Soviet Union also includes the cost of the spa, service, recreation, and other recreational activities. Social insurance USSR is an integral part of the national social security system (see). Social Security in the USSR extended to all workers and produced by the state without any deductions from wages, Social Security Administration is carried out on a broad democratic basis, a matter of social insurance unaware unions - the largest Read more [...]
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Travel Insurance

When traveling abroad, purchase an insurance policy is necessary. Consulates of many countries without this document does not even take the documents for a visa. The correct insurance policy - this is guaranteed for the duration of calm relaxation. Whatever happens, if the policy you will be assisted. Therefore, today many travel companies offer customers to choose the most convenient for him of coverage. Types of insurance policies are designed for different types of holiday with a different set of services. In addition to traditional medical expenses, you can even cover the costs of lost Read more [...]
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Travel is always fraught with risk, so it is advisable to insure the trip. Currently, companies use different types of insurance for their employees, to protect them abroad. But many, going on vacation, do not think about the fact that they can something happen. This is misleading. Insurance - an essential part of your trip.Insurance protects you from embarrassing situations abroad: bankruptcy or airline travel, flight cancellation, accident or disease, Natural hazards such as extreme weather conditions, earthquake and, of course, terrorism. Any of these events will spoil holiday, but if also Read more [...]
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Health insurance

Medical insurance is very important. A simple medical procedure to another country can be a problem because of the low level of medical staff, inadequate treatment and very high prices. Short stay in a hospital abroad can cost an astronomical sum. At Insurance first aid is necessary to stipulate certain prerequisites, otherwise you may be left without compensation. Beli you travel abroad with the intent to cure, it can hardly count on the insurance money. Some insurers require a certificate that your health allows you to go to journey.If you had to pay for treatment or medicines, keep all Read more [...]
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Insure the loss or theft of a passport

You can insure the loss or theft Passport. Getting a new Passport and travel documents long process, and you have to stay in place all the time, which implies additional costs. Insure this risk.Baggage is also sometimes disappears. Fortunately, it often is on the next flight. But some time you will have to do without the luggage. You can get a refund for the purchase of essential clothing, until you find your luggage. Find out whether it is provided. Keep all receipts to show their insurer.If the lost luggage is not found or if your equipment is damaged or clothing, you can get the insurance Read more [...]
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Transporting injured by improvised means

Described in the previous section, the technical means at their proficiency in the use of methods can help small group of self-evacuate the victim of a dangerous place, or even to perform a complete cycle of rescue. However, in cases where the available fast delivery to the scene of regular life-saving, especially if the condition of the victim and severe diagnosis is unclear, always best to use them. The basic principle - to do no harm and do not exacerbate - should be a primary consideration in the rescue and heavy work. However, each climber must possess the skills to use available tools Read more [...]
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