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Beguile FrockOut-of-door Search Capture Clothes     Photograph: Courtesy of Outside InquiryBecause the Out-of-door Enquiry Captivate Garb is made from polyester-spandex, has a integral bra, and a clean racerback pattern, its likewise one for the trails. It’s stretchable and quick-drying so it volition well ferment with you during any dynamic attempt. But, because of its besotted, flattering fit and cut, it can besides changeover into your out-to-dinner apparel without lots flurry. The goodness intelligence: The shine slick cloth won’t crinkle in your bag. The bad Read more [...]
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Development Strategy of the Korean intelligence on confrontation mass shambles.

Cool strategy Korean intelligence for confrontation mass shambles 7:28 29 Jan 2014 10:10| I like 66 12 29 comments Andrey Halawa and to get around them? or, you can not go over the white line? 29 Jan at 10:11| 1 Boris Galashev this type from wall to wall 29 Jan at 10:11| 1 Andrey Halawa I thought they at some point in the portrait of Kim Jong cogitatum will build intelligence 29 Jan at 10:13| 5 Ilya Marychev this training on the go 29 Jan at 10:13| 1 Anatoly Mikhailov Long already walking rumors that to disperse the Read more [...]
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Each partisans acting behind enemy lines, always and everywhere has exploration. The success of all the fighting guerrillas depends primarily on the continuous and thorough exploration. Lead intelligence covertly, carefully disguised so as not to give the location and size of its squad. Remember: the partisans engaged in the exploration, not only in the interests of his party, but also for parts of their homeland. Helped his country to study the enemy to disclose his strength, location, field of mining, fire weapons, logistic bases, etc. It is also reported intentions of the enemy, on the preparations Read more [...]
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Memo scout camouflage

Suddenness ensures success of the battle. She achieved secretive actions of soldiers and units. Performing any task for exploration, act covertly, skillfully applying to the countryside! Use all reasonable local items for which you can escape! Changing the location, try to use every shelter, every fold areas, then the enemy will not notice you. If while traveling in the open countryside will notice a low-flying enemy aircraft, then quickly look back around and used for the shelter closest to your local items. Going on a night reconnaissance, neatly prigonyat clothing and equipment. In a way Read more [...]
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Summer Holidays

TCU finished the regular pupils Podolsky Center patriotic education. This year they were held in the north of Karelia, on the Arctic Circle. Unlike camping, TAS mean not only leisure and admiration of nature, but also a number of tasks within the overall design of the exercise. A group of 12 people (4 "troika") to perform the task of exploration areas and training focal points for small units. Had to act under rugged woodland, rich natural obstacles. Settlements in the area do not, ie, group functioned autonomously. During the exploration of the sea coast practiced tasks selection of convenient Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Dry Ahtuba

We headed back to the area dry Akhtuba. Uniqueness Cancel weather contributed to fishing. Some of our group broke away and went up the river to explore. Others anglers began trapping in familiar places.Walleye, pike and perch are already heavily taken from anglers unchanged when we drove up. So fortune and we should not miss. 500-600 gr big perch previously often chosen here on air look at the fishermen. Exploration has brought evidence that upstream actively biting. Arriving, we realized that fishermen intrigued krasnoglazka, which has many holes strewn about.   Read more [...]
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    Picture: Instance by Flat Mahurinmounting accidentsPodcast Edition: Ternary CLIMBERS FAILED to restitution from an raise of Mountain Punk close December, and abaft fortnight of around-the-clock intelligence, we knew these things to be truthful: The mountaineers had been hit by a dangerous force; they probably had died up thither; and, divagation from the media craze, thither was just naught singular some the incidental.Earlier you dissolve me as a coldhearted dork, and with apologies to the families and friends of the decedent, conceive this: What occurred on Setting Cap was Read more [...]
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U.S. intelligence IARPA, invited scientists to develop new theories of artificial intelligence

The scientific community of American intelligence, IARPA, offered scientists to develop new theories of artificial intelligence, which could seek valuable information and help people make sense of the complex and abstract concepts. In a way, the scouts want to get a set of algorithms, the amount of which will be an artificial intelligence (AI), a performance superior to man. Application IARPA (IARPA-BAA-12-05) - is a proposal to develop and test theories that explain how the human brain processes different types of conceptual knowledge and changes in this pattern of neural activity. Studies Read more [...]
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Scientists have invented a virtual brain to the eye and the hand

A team of scientists invented Chris Eliasmita Spaun - the largest functional model of the brain that has the 2.5 million neurons organized into subsystems of the prefrontal cortex, basal ganglia, thalamus, and other cognitive components of the brain. He has a model's eyes that can see and move your hand."I realized that the only way to convince people - demonstrate this knowledge into practice," - said a neuroscientist at the University of Waterloo.Spaun can recognize numbers to memorize lists and record them. As the team reports in the journal Science, he is even able to take the Read more [...]
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Should I be afraid of artificial intelligence?

16/12/2012 The following year, on the basis of the University of Cambridge will be created, "Center for Global Risk", one of the goals is to determine the design principles of "safe" artificial intelligence. In the policy statement of the founders of the center state: "Many scientists are concerned that as a result of the development of human technology will soon be new risks calling into question the existence of our species as a whole." As similar dangers in the center emit artificial intelligence, climate change, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. The head Read more [...]
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Collective intelligence is dependent on the size of the pack

The researchers showed how the actions of animals are becoming more efficient and "reasonable" as the number of neighbors.When we talk about collective intelligence, they usually mean that a collective decision problem is more appropriate than the adoption of a single person. This can be seen not only here, but also many social animals. Association in flocks, herds, schools helps to avoid danger, quickly find food or a mate. It is supposed that there are problems for which individual experience and knowledge is not enough. Researchers at Princeton University (USA) showed that the Read more [...]
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Kissinger predicted a nuclear war with Iran

Speaking at a debate in Davos, Switzerland, Kissinger said that the crisis with a nuclear Iran in "the foreseeable future" will lead to nuclear war, and would be "a turning point in human history" "In this region shows the current and most urgent issue of nuclear proliferation. During the 15 years of the permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations declared that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, but soon come to this country," - said Kissinger.He continued his thought: the government soon, "specify how to react, or what will be the reaction to Read more [...]
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Bitter thoughts analysts

When finished another trip abroad, I returned to his duties Chief of the Information and Analysis Department. I was happily greeted colleagues. Now, they filmed the burden of responsibility, and they felt liberated and happy. By the way, in the same positions nachalnichesky intelligence apparatus hardly give any tangible benefits, the difference in salary with the deputy was only 20 - 30 rubles, and psychological stress, the time increases by an order, if not more. Mostly satisfied ambition. Head of Department - it is almost a hundred percent chance to get the rank of general, and with him Read more [...]
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Face to face with the U.S. secret services

After returning from Afghanistan for several days I was recovering in the official summer residence, where he lived at the time: if I did not have an apartment. Here I enjoyed the evening engaged in country work, growing his own hands all the vegetables and fruit, which is enough for a whole year. "Surprisingly powerful - I went on his record - an attractive force has land. At the station I give breech third spring Gorbachev as hired laborers. Even independent of my will process sowing, and harvesting garden captures deeply. With some relish feeding ground - are plowed shovel hundred Read more [...]
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Crisis grows

In the Soviet Union in 1985 was a year of tremendous hope for the Revival of the Fatherland and the year of the beginning of despair and hopelessness. All of these feelings were associated with the death of Konstantin Chernenko, which was announced on March 11. When we learned that the Chairman of the Government Commission for the funeral appointed Mikhail Gorbachev, it became clear to all that he is the general secretary of the party and state leaders. This was the template practice, established in the party and state apparatus. Two days later, on March 13, the election of Gorbachev announced Read more [...]
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Spies, spies, spies …

However, the scandalous revelations were literally rock hanging over the intelligence services of Israel, and especially once the scandal broke out in late autumn 1985, to last for many months. It was implicated another spy couple - Specialist Navy U.S. Jonathan Pollard and his wife, Anne Henderson-Pollard. They are accused of selling Israeli secret documents and information relating to the defense of the United States, and spying for the Zionist state. ...It all started with the fact that on the morning November 21, 1985 on the quiet streets of Washington raced at breakneck speed "Mustang" Read more [...]
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Next four: security services

However, Why only U.S.? There are special services in virtually every country and are surprisingly coherent. For example, information about alleged Saddam chemical and biological weapons for the Americans were getting British scouts. Osama bin Laden, who still call the most brilliant provocateur in world history, and recruited for the CIA, Saudi intelligence services. This interaction is much closer than the unions at the state level. The police all over the world have their own international organization. This Interpol. It is logical to assume that the intelligence services have their coordinating Read more [...]
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Who democracy?

Immediately after September 11, the United States began to happen quite strange changes. Not that they were unexpected - on the contrary, it is quite predictable. It is surprising that no one in the western world did not pay them much attention, let alone study and analyze. The day after the attacks, even before the official announcement of the investigation of sudden, Bush said the following. Thus, in response to the attacks of the U.S. is going to unleash a whole war, a war against evil on a global scale. Who is Evil - ought to define America. Is not that sought the true organizers of events Read more [...]
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CIA's favorite pet

Osama bin Laden was almost immediately named the main culprit of the tragedy, and his organization "Al Qaeda" - enemy of the U.S. number one. In the hysterical confusion of those days no one bothered to look: Who was Osama bin Laden and that the group he leads? The file on this man have many special services in the world. Alas, most of them are unlikely to provide me with their materials. Had to apply to material intelligence, sunk into oblivion, - in particular, intelligence and counterintelligence, the GDR, the archives of which were not very carefully opened after the unification Read more [...]
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Self-replicating robot

Xhile it is believed that the need for effective self-reproduction of molecular nanotechnology perhaps, that it is not. Then it is Macrodimension robot could reproduce using natural energy and materials. This process can be a two-step and use the robot uterus and robot soldiers, which it produces and that it serves. Creation of self-replicating robots are attractive because they can quickly and inexpensively create a huge army or deploy a large-scale production, particularly in space, where expensive send finished products. The risk is a loss of control over those capable of self-replication Read more [...]
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