Ideal Hound

Article Three In this article, our author, an experienced gonchatnik of the Pskov region, analyzes the working qualities such as the hounds of Paraty, voice and mind.ParatyParaty, in my opinion, is secondary to the hound dog for a good rutting is more important voice and mind. Successful hunt with hounds mozhnoi middle of Paraty, a candid slug irritating when you do not know which side to wait for the beast, because not every animal and not at any time waiting for the dog. However, preparations messengers hunting fun. When the dog presses a beast, he no time to listen, no smell, Read more [...]
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Ultrarunner Hal Koerner’s Secrets to Felicity

    Exposure: Peggy SirotaWhat makes Hal Koerner so shit well-chosen? Ask him that—or any dubiousness, real—and you’ll get an reply that betrays the simpleton verity. He speaks in rambling run-on sentences that withstand the pattern rules of grammar yet someway incessantly crossing the finishing business, final with the like, infective takeout: I lovemaking to run! And you should, too! So, an icon lookup on Google yields hundreds of photos of the 37-year-old flash his hundred-tooth grinning piece excruciation done hard races comparable the Hardrock 100 (2012 success) Read more [...]
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In the Milky Way, there are conditions for the existence of millions of intelligent civilizations

Berkeley scientists are now using a telescope «Green Bank» in West Virginia to search for radio signals from intelligent planets around 86 of these stars. Although traces of life have not been found, the researchers estimate that less than one in a million stars in the Milky Way has a planetary civilization advanced enough to send signals that we can see.And even with this possibility may exist in a galaxy millions of advanced civilizations. "Mission« Kepler »has shown us that the Milky Way is about a trillion planets in their galaxy than stars," said physicist Dan Virthaymer Berkeley, Read more [...]
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Does aliens hairspray?

Components of hairspray based on lower chlorofluorocarbons, once successfully banned on Earth, may have the widest circulation in the a number of the planets of the universe - and give it the presence of intelligent life.How would humanity be desirable for the stars, if it does not develop a way to make huge amounts of energy with almost no effort, his nearest future will be significant space terraforming Mars. Recall that in order to get to it, enough to accelerate to 1/10 000 of the light speed and then slow down - and it is unimaginably better than traveling the speed of light. After all, Read more [...]
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The search for extraterrestrial life

Is the planet Earth, the only one of its kind, or somewhere in the universe there are others like her? Whether there is extraterrestrial life? The search for this life - one of the great problems of humanity. Only recently spoke quite optimistic assessment: up to a few thousand. With the expansion and deepening of knowledge in different fields of science is changing, and evaluation. Many experts believe that within our "star island" can be expected only 2-3 intelligent civilizations in addition to the Earth. The problem of extraterrestrial civilizations deserves careful and Read more [...]
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Live theme. Monsters on the legs. 02/18/2013

Scientists believe that the fungi — a form of intelligent life. Where did they come from? Were defined as signs of intelligent behavior in fungi? They are evil or good? Why our ancestors believed mushrooms gift from the gods?
Category: Hypotheses
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The clash with the superior forces us reasonable in the Universe

And the religious scripts of the second coming, and the idea of aliens, and the idea that we live in a world modeled by intelligent beings - all these ideas have in mind that we have superior reasonable forces that can suddenly and irreversibly to intervene in our lives . Again, it is difficult to estimate the probability of such events because of their non-statistical nature. And if we can reduce the probability of death from any experiments, simply prohibiting any experiments, in this situation, our little independent. The wider humanity will be distributed in space and make themselves known, Read more [...]
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