Public-Land Protests and Their Big-Energy Creature Masters

A grouping of ATV riders testament micturate a spectacle o'er populace nation use at Retaking Canon, but how practically work do they deliver?     Photograph: The Turducken/FlickrWhat is it astir a well-armed, riffraff reserves confronting—and menacing—officialdom (and set to use the women-folk as "busyness shields") that gets everyone so discharged up?On Saturday, we'll bother attestant more of these shenanigans, or something comparable it, this metre at Retake Canon in southeastward Utah. That's where Phil Lyman, the commissioner of San Juan County, is Read more [...]
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Conflict and functions, structure of the conflict. Methods of resolution.

Conflict-collision of 2 opposite goals, attitudes, interests, which must be solved. K.Tomas identified 5 behaviors in the conflict: 1.Podavlenie - realization of their interests at the expense of others; 2.Podchinenie - one of the parties to sacrifice their own interests; 3.Izbeganie - avoiding conflict; 4.Kompromiss - style of concessions (alleviating the conflict); 5.Sotrudnichestvo - the solution is fully acceptable to both sides, requires the ability to contain the emotions, to listen to the other side, the right to express the essence of their interests. Classification of conflicts: Read more [...]
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Yemen ignore their own interests for the sake of the U.S.

President of Yemen, which is actively supported by the U.S., took control of the country's arsenal of ballistic missiles and, thus, eliminate the military threat posed by their opponents. It was feared that the army would refuse to support this step, and this will lead to even more excitement. But the country's already raging rebellion, its besieged "Al-Qaeda", and U.S. drones repeatedly make the airstrikes. Washington continues to cover up their secret war on terror high moral principles. And Yemen are a sanctuary of terrorists, who are just waiting to attack America. Read more [...]
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Origins mondialism

With mondialist utopias worn long. They were built and modern philosophy. The doctrine of the "Third Era" positivist Auguste Comte (1798-1857) or humanist eschatology Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-1781) - quite mondialist sense. Origins mondialism lie in a quite pragmatic British policy of free trade in the XIX. On the inevitability of a single world government and the communists said. According to the former USSR constitution, adopted in final form II Congress of Soviets January 31, 1924 "The will of the peoples of the Soviet republics gathered recently at their Read more [...]
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Celled elephant is impossible

It is believed that the concept of "globalization" in the scientific revolution introduced by R. Robertson, first used the term globality in the title of one of his articles in 1983. In 1985, he gave an interpretation of the concept of globalization as a process of ever-increasing impact on the social realities of individual countries of different factors of international importance: economic and political ties, cultural and information exchange, etc. In 1992, he also laid out the framework for its concept of "Globalization. Social theory and global culture. " Since then, Read more [...]
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Feds Dorsum Alta’s Snowboarding Ban

The U.S. Woods Servicing supports Alta Ski Refuge's snowboarding ban, according to courtroom arguments filed this hebdomad.The haunt's determination to living the deal snowboard-free is a intellectual safe formula that doesn't despoil the Makeup, Wood Serve attorneys fence."Eve if Plaintiffs effected that they are like to skiers and bear been toughened otherwise, they suffer failed to shew that the federal defendants' handling of them was irrational," the lawyers wrote.Foursome snowboarders sued Alta in January to gainsay the recourse's skiers-only insurance. The cause states that Read more [...]
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What is a medical secret-3

When deciding on a different form confidentiality (For information, to learn about the patient and the physician are not subject to disclosure in the community) to consider the interests of not only the patient, but also to society. These interests often collide. Thus, in some cases, confidentiality of health and way of life of the patient can damage others, for example, venereal, mental and infectious diseases. Most of the authors dealing with the problem, believe that it should be addressed, following principle: collective interests above the interests of the individual. They believe that Read more [...]
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From Hippocrates to the present day-1

The contradiction between the humane ideals and the inability to implement them under capitalism is allowed only formally - "Ethics is produced as a system of external forms of decency, politeness and courtesy, trying to disguise the private interest, greed, a willingness to cheat. Etiquette doctor becomes a screen, hiding the antagonism of interests of patients and professional groups of doctors. " Hence the characteristic feature of the development of medical ethics in the era of capitalism is the meticulous detail of the rules of conduct of medical workers. So, which had a wide Read more [...]
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The hand on the pulse

Beijing anxiously watching Russia's claims to large parts of the Arctic Ocean. Jacobson believes that this can cause a "new international tension", but at the same time, it emphasizes that while there is no indication that Moscow plans to stop playing by international rules. Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue calls polar countries to abandon the "interests of the coastal states" in favor of "the interests of all mankind." Oceanographer Pheytsin Guo said: "Polar States must understand that Arctic affairs - is not only a regional issue» i Official China Read more [...]
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Half-life of the Soviet Union. Introduction

I am constantly "scrolls the" in the head the events that began in the mid 80's., His journalistic activities, critical analysis of the economic policy of Mikhail Gorbachev, then his rise to power, the episodes of the titanic struggle and stress, and the suppression of the Emergency Committee postputchevsky rise to power of a friendly flocks unprepared people, desperate to balance the common policy approach. And continually find in this activity a lot of errors, large and small. I always think that in such case (subject) had to do wrong, as it did many years ago, in a certain episode Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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