On the keys and on the Internet

    When in 1998 Museum-Reserve received an offer Institute "Open Society" (Soros Foundation) make an application for a grant program "Internet and Culture", We immediately responded, - says OV Halyaeva. In 1999, developed project site "Collections of Nizhny Tagil Museum-Reserve". Its main goal - informing the Russian and international scientific and museum community about our funds. And they account for about 500 million units storage and have large reserves to explore in various aspects and areas. On this project we got forfeit Fund Soros, and the Read more [...]
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On the key and on the Internet

Stand under the Japanese umbrella and read the psalms of the XVIII century this is possible only in a museum. Only here the different countries, nations and continents gathered together, follow each other behind the glass display cases and exhibition stands. A moment of history compressed into a century, carefully studied, systematized and registered in a computer database.Gone are the days when art dealers only collect, store and show us the "signs of old times." Now they are increasingly from the past looks to the future, developing new technologies and projects. So both of my companion, Read more [...]
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A tornado passed over Jurmala

The tornado formed over the Latvian resort town of Jurmala on Saturday evening, about the victims, until, according to the Internet portal Delfi. According to Delfi, near the concert hall \"Dzintari\" in the center of Jurmala tornado was spotted about 20:30 local time (21:30 GMT). State fire and rescue service of Latvia stated that its duty had not received a single call in Jurmala, which could be associated with the tornado, according to the Internet portal.Source: RIA Novosti, DELFI Read more [...]
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Hooray! Administration in face g3n0m gave its approval to exist online flea market Welcome to our online flea marketGo and start Regan: trade, purchase, exchange or simply give unnecessary things.Well said about the opening!Flea market and our website MISCELLANEOUS PEOPLE zaregat please send a letter to the PM me or SiBear. Why is it necessary? What to know our or not, and you quickly add a PROVEN, otherwise case, do not complain that it can not cross orWARNING! GO KIT IN Administrators flea market, have a desire to write me a PM Read more [...]
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The fate of the Internet will be decided in Dubai

Up until December 14, in Dubai's World Conference on International Telecommunications (WTSA), where representatives of 178 countries are going to change the principles of the Internet.The brain and the heart of the World Network are currently in the ocean. Technical regulation of the Internet is officially a non-governmental and non-profit organization ICAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names), which, however, established by none other than the U.S. government. More precisely - National U.S. administration Telecommunications and Information (NTIA). It turns out that the Internet is Read more [...]
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UN approved Internet wiretapping

12/07/2012 At the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT 2012) was approved standard for the use of technology DPI ("deep packet inspection" - Deep Packet Inspection). If this tool will really be implemented, privacy, many users may be at risk.WCIT opened on December 3 in Dubai. The conference will last until December 14. The Summit by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which since 1947 has been part of the UN.The main theme of the intergovernmental meetings is government regulation of the Internet. Some countries (Russia, China, Iran and others) Read more [...]
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Hundreds of customers in Kamchatka three days remain without internet and cable TV

Some providers of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky for the past three days, can not restore normal operation of the communication system to resume uninterrupted signal of cable television and the Internet, which has been broken due to wire breakage during a powerful storm on December 2. Today, hundreds of residents of Kamchatka's capital in different neighborhoods can not get to the network from home, and forced to watch TV with a standard antenna. "During the storm there was a serious accident, which techniques are not able to quickly deal. Who neighborhoods connected to the network gradually. Read more [...]
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Experts on how the next few years the Internet will change, and how these changes will impact on humanity

The opinion of the Russian and foreign experts on how the next few years the Internet will change, and how these changes will affect humanity.   Sakharov was wrong with the Internet In 1974, Andrei Sakharov wrote in his work "The world in half a century""In the future, perhaps later than 50 years, I guess a global information system (VIS), which will make available to anyone at any time the content of every book ever published, and elsewhere, the content of any article, receive any help. VIS shall include individual miniature Query-receiver-transmitters, control towers, control Read more [...]
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Details on Conference on Internet

The network leaked part of the agenda of the international conference to be held in December in Dubai under the auspices of the International Telecommunication Union. The summit will be attended by the government more than 100 countries. International Telecommunication Union, there is almost 150 years, and the last half century is a UN body. It is expected that the main theme of the meeting will gosregulrovanie worldwide network. Currently, the most important place in the Internet regulation belongs formally independent organization ICANN, which oversees the system of domains, but its work Read more [...]
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Internet infrastructure may undergo significant changes in the near future

Probably already in 2015 regularly connect to the Net will be 15 billion devices, so many research laboratories around the world are now exploring the possibility of adapting the Internet to expect a "flood" of devices.Experts note with concern that in recent years significantly increased the load on the infrastructure of the "World Wide Web". This happens mainly because of the immense popularity of mobile devices accessing the Internet perhaps more often than do desktops.The "Future Internet Architecture» (Future Internet Architecture Program), which carries U.S. Read more [...]
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Mankind has jumped into another world

Printers using parts for coffee machine, electric car with a removable battery, the things themselves mixing together and are responsible for the comfort host - the reality of the new world that appears before our eyes. The main thing - to be practical innovation, experts say. We discussed with the director of the Foundation "Center for Strategic Research" North-West "Vladimir Knyaginin. "Utro": Vladimir, you regularly talk about that in the world there are three global technological revolution. What is that process? What kind of innovation because they are born? Read more [...]
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Working on the Interplanetary Internet — Google Vice President Vinton Cerf

On the eve of the new year, one of the "founding fathers" of the Internet, the vice president and "Chief Internet Evangelist" Vinton Cerf, Google's ITAR-TASS news agency gave an exclusive interview on the anniversary of his creation.   - What exactly are we celebrating January 1? - In fact, January 1, 2013 can be noted two significant events. The first is that exactly 30 years ago, on 1 January 1983, the beginning of the operation of the Internet. In fact, we moved all of the computers that were part of a network of ARPANET / Network Management promising developments Read more [...]
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Russia has introduced Internet censorship. Experiment Clean Internet

Providers of one of the Russian regions will let their subscribers only to "trusted" sites. About this newspaper "Izvestia" said the director of the "League of Safer Internet" Denis Davydov.The experiment, called "pure Internet", will be held at the initiative of the "League" from February to April 2013. Davydov did not specify which region will be an experiment, but claims that his organization was able to negotiate with all 29 local Internet providers.The desire to gain access to sites outside the "pure Internet" users will additionally Read more [...]
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Russia and China withdraws offer for the control of the Internet

12/11/2012 China, Russia and other countries in which there are frequent cases of restriction of freedom of speech, at the World Conference on Telecommunications refused to put forward proposals that would provide them greater control over the Internet. At the disposal of the publication of the conference paper shows that several countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, wanted to have more control over the laws and Internet infrastructure. The representative of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has confirmed the publication that "these proposals are removed Read more [...]
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Julian Assange interview — Internet to enslave the world

Editor in chief of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, for almost half a year is in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, gave an interview to RT before the release of his book "Shifropanki: freedom and the future of the Internet."
Category: Political Factors
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To prepare us for the future that the Internet and information technology?

(«Zaman», Turkey): While the world is moving towards transformation in the "information society", in the clash with the "information attack" because of the dramatically increased speed in production, distribution of information and access to it, there is some confusion. Do we notice the changes taking place with such breakneck speed? What steps should be taken to make changes to the benefits to society? How we see the risks of technological growth, when experiencing the pleasure of using its benefits?This topic is so broad that the question and the answer can fit on many Read more [...]
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Living in Ukraine dog-tert parkurist never ceases to amaze with their abilities

Staffordshisky Terrier became the star of the Internet and TV, has added hundreds of fans around the world, and now invited to coaching. The most famous dog in Ukraine and, perhaps the whole world wide web. Staffordshire Terrier Rubs captivated millions of fans with their outstanding talent. It seems to him there are no obstacles. T easy peremahivaet over the parapet and whole stairs, safely climb trees and like a circus acrobat, gracefully walking at altitude. Six-foot fence for him - utter nonsense. Even when a person drifts to his knees, and he was almost to his ears, the obstacle Read more [...]
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Volcano against Internet

In the east, the Black Sea underwater volcanic eruption damaged 160-kilometer fiber-optic cable connecting the city of Poti, Sochi and Novorossiysk. The company that owns the cable reported that four of its sections are clearly visible signs of damage from the fire. In these places, melted plastic protective shell.In the area of fault, which was located on the southern section of the cable, quickly steer the ship from Italy. Specialist team lifted the damaged area with a depth of 1,300 meters and began repairs. Several news agencies reported that the melting of undersea cable caused disruptions Read more [...]
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Video doomsday in Veliky Novgorod stirred Internet

Recently in web video has been posted on the "end of the world", filmed in Veliky Novgorod. In social networks, residents began discussing the approaching apocalypse. In Novgorod, November 27, there was a strange incident, which was filmed by witnesses and posted on the Internet. In several areas of the city after a bright flash in the sky, the lights went out. After this strange phenomenon, the city did not work with cable TV, has ceased to catch the radio. According to some users of social networks, no longer taking a mobile phone signal, according to NTV. It should be noted Read more [...]
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Krasnoyarsk buildings establish the seismic

on October 18. This archival footage taken by witnesses. The earthquake was felt all the Krasnoyarsk region. The worst thing began after: panic, uncertainty and fear of aftershocks. In a crisis situation to calm people difficult. Mobile network is congested, to the MOE did not get through. To avoid information vacuum, Krasnoyarsk scientists have developed special seismic sensors. The devices will be available to monitor groundwater fluctuations and after the earthquake a timely manner to inform the place, the force of shocks and the possibility of their recurrence. Sergey Peretokin, Department Read more [...]
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