Betelgeuse is a few thousand years will crash into the wall of dust

One of the brightest stars in the sky - red supergiant Betelgeuse - a few thousand years will face a mysterious interstellar structure - "dusty wall", according to the European infrared telescope "Herschel."Betelgeuse - a star in the constellation of Orion, which is on the "right shoulder" star Hunter, is one of the brightest stars in Earth's sky, its distance is about 600 light years, and the apparent magnitude - about 0.42 (magnitude of the brightest star, Sirius, is minus 1.46). Unlike the Sun, the stars of "middle age", Betelgeuse is in the last stage Read more [...]
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In space, found magnetic freeway

According to information obtained from the probe Voyager 1, the edge of the solar system and deep space there is a kind of customs. Where the magnetic field lines generated by the sun and the presence in the solar wind undergo reconnection with the field lines of the magnetic field of the interstellar medium.According to journalists, the device is now Voyager, zpauschenny in 1977, is close to the edge of the heliosphere, the solar region of space where solar wind plasma is moving relative to the sun at supersonic speed. As explained by astrophysicists from outside the heliosphere bounded collisionless Read more [...]
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Found hundreds of new galaxies

Galaxies, active generation star, extremely strong hidden from us by clouds of gas. However, the search in the infrared range can produce impressive results.By combining observations of cosmic astrologer "Herschel" and two ground-based telescopes the Keck Observatory, scientists led by Caitlin Casey (Caitlin Casey) University of Hawaii (USA) was able to identify a number of new galaxies, among which were the real champions on star formation rate.Most of the hundreds of newly discovered galaxy was over 10 billion years. (Here and below illustrate the ESA / C. Carreau.)Astronomers Read more [...]
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