In the Czech Republic discovered intestinal infection

2 Ionian infection that killed 16 people found in another European country — In the Czech Republic. In Prague the hospital with symptoms of intestinal disorders got an American tourist. At the moment her condition is normal. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Parasitic worms are needed to control the immune

About ten years ago there was a theory that explains the widespread autoimmune diseases that modern man was practically free from pests. That is, parasitic worms, bacteria and viruses are required to properly configure our immunity. For a long time we have co-existed, and parasites, but now advances in medicine almost completely protect us from such partner, and immunity began to attack the body's own cells. Theory initially seemed too revolutionary, but over time the proof of its use only to add. What is required for the immune balance intestinal bacterial symbionts have long been commonplace, Read more [...]
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Enterostomy for vittselyumarvedelyukoffi

Modification Marvedelya - Coffey is that catheter immersed in the bowel wall, placing it under the sero-muscular sheath. 5-6 cm incision is performed on the free edge of the intestinal loop to the submucosal layer (Fig. 49). At the edge of the cut pierce the mucosa and injected into the lumen of the intestinal tube end of the catheter, which is fixed purse-string suture. Fig. 49. Enterostomy by Witzel-Marvedelyu-Coffey A - ripped and muscular serous membrane, around the puncture intestines imposed purse string suture, B - tube plunges into the bowel wall with a continuous suture, the end of Read more [...]
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Enterostomy by Witzel

Witzel way enables us to investigate the intestinal contents in a short time. Thin rubber catheter is applied to the wall of the intestine and for 4-6 cm is immersed in the fold of the intestinal wall nodal sero-muscular sutures (Fig. 48). In the intestinal wall doing a small hole where the end of the catheter is introduced. Around the catheter impose purse string suture, which is tied after dipping the catheter into the cavity cancer. Over where catheter included in the intestinal cavity, impose additional 2-3 sero-muscular suture. The free end of the catheter withdrawn through a small opening Read more [...]
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Surgical Instruments

Surgical operations on the abdominal cavity: a mirror to the abdominal wall (Fig. 82), liver (Fig. 83), intestinal clamps, elastic - curved, straight lines (Fig. 84) and hard (Fig. 85), elastic clips stomach - straight and curved, intestinal crushing pulp (Fig. 86), intestinal fenestrated forceps, clamps for the gall bladder (Fig. 87), a spoon to remove gallstones (Fig. 88), trocars (Fig. 89). In operations on the rectum rectal use mirrors (Fig. 90), hemorrhoidal fenestrated forceps - straight lines (Fig. 91). Other instruments: syringes (see), the needle for the collection and transfusion of Read more [...]
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Fundic ventricle by goldbergumannu

The operation is performed in two stages. Initially impose gastric fistula with an insulated portion of the ileum, taken on pedicle. The distal end of the segment intestine sewn into stomach by type of end-to-side, and the outdoors through the proximal opening in the abdominal wall, where a fistula. Anastaltic position intestinal loop prevents leakage from the gastric fistula. In the second stage, cut out isolated ventricle according to Pavlov or Savich - Brestkin, as shown in Fig. 36. In such a ventricle during digestion accumulate 25-30 ml of gastric juice. It can be collected at regular Read more [...]
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Bowel fistula in the way tirivella

To isolate the intestinal loop in the way Thiry - Vella can be taken any loop the small intestine. It is better to use the upper jejunum, because digestive juices of the small intestine contains the largest number of different enzymes. Surgical technique. Skin incision and muscle length of 6-8 cm is carried by the white line of the abdomen from the xiphoid process to the navel. Right hand groping under the edge of the duodenum and liver extract it out. Learn intestine on its location and its relation to the pancreas. To isolate the loops of intestine are choosing plot jejunum 20-30 cm directly Read more [...]
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Bowel fistula in the way thyristor

Resected segment of bowel with feeding vessels and nerves that pass in the mesentery. The continuity of the gastrointestinal tract is reduced end to end anastomosis. One end of the intestinal segment sewn tightly and carefully peritoniziruyut purse-string suture or interrupted sutures. Other end (Outlet) output through a small special hole made in the side of laparotomic cut. Print the end of the intestine can clamp imposed from the outside, this clip capture end guts and drags him out. The edges of the intestinal opening sutured with interrupted sutures to the skin (Fig. 42). Fig. 42. Isolated Read more [...]
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Bowel fistula in the way and n pavlova

To study the long-term content of the alimentary canal cannulation was used at different levels of the intestine. For this purpose, Pavlov used a metal fistulas, which are injected into the lumen of the intestine through small incisions of the intestinal wall. Fistula is shaped coil, one of the more advanced parts of which can screwed onto the tube like a puck. Tube for this purpose has a male thread. Fistula for the introduction of the intestine are selected by size of dog. It is necessary that the diameter of the bottom disk fistula was slightly less than the width flattened intestine, or in Read more [...]
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Bowel fistula in the way BP Babkin

In cases where the experiments have to enter a long time of a substance in an isolated loop of bowel fistula impose on the method proposed by BP Babkin. This method of intestinal fistula is somewhat simplified way operation Thiry. Surgical technique is almost the same as in the isolated intestinal loop on Tiree - Valley. The only difference is that the end of the anal isolated loops of intestine sewn tightly, and in the oral end fistula inserted a metal tube (Fig. 44). Fig. 44. Isolated segment of the small intestine by the method of Babkin. a - oral, b - aboral end ulcer, 1, 2 - ends bowel Read more [...]
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Fistula intestine on mannubolmanu

For the imposition of a fistula on any part of the gastrointestinal tract using an isolated segment of ileum of the mesentery, which preserves its good blood supply. One end this segment sewn into any intestine or stomach, the other output to the outside (Fig. 47). If intestinal fistula placed so that peristalsis was directed inwards, after the operation there is little leakage of intestinal contents. This allows for the necessary research for a number of years if the animals are in good condition. The contents of the gastrointestinal tract is produced by a catheter through the fistula. Fig. Read more [...]
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Typical operations on the gastrointestinal tract fistula salivary ducts

In the history and development of operative surgery of the stomach and intestines exclusive role belongs to the French research scientist Lambert, who in 1826 in animal experiments proved that the healing of the intestine occurs by fusion of the serous covering. On this basis, he suggested seroserous seam, the principle of superposition is saved in surgery to date. In 1892, the proposed Morfi metal cannula for applying enteric anastomosis, which once greatly stimulated the development of bowel surgery. Currently, Murphy cannula (small size) is used only in animal experiments. In recent years, Read more [...]
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Small bowel resection with anastomosis end to end

Produced a median laparotomy, one of the intestinal loops carefully draped cloth. The blood vessels of the mesentery selected for bowel resection site pinch clamps between which they cut through and tied. On leading and outlet ends of the intestine impose Doyen sliding catch to prevent inadvertent penetration of the intestinal contents into the wound. On the Limits of resection impose strong Kocher clamps. Scalpel, putting it close to the terminal, cross the gut from both sides. Excised segment together with the clamps removed. Lumina leading and outlet sections rubbed with gauze balls, taken Read more [...]
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There are a number of ways plastic replacement of large defects of the esophagus. In dogs, good results are obtained when cutting out the stomach tube-type ventricular Heidenhain, which are filed in chest to the remainder of the cavity after resection of the esophagus (the operation Halperin-Jian) (Fig. 56). Fig. 56. The replacement of the thoracic esophagus by stomach tube Halperin-Jian, A - dashed line indicates the cutting line of the stomach, B - a complete circuit operation, 1 - proximal segment of the esophagus, 2 - distal segment of the esophagus, and 3 - a stomach tube. In recent years, Read more [...]
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Imposition of intestinal anastomosis end-to-side

Since the diameter of the intestine in dogs is very small, it is recommended to increase the length of the intestinal lumen anastomoziruemogo by oblique incision intestine. It is necessary to cut the intestine so that an acute angle was at the mesenteric edge, and not vice versa. Plot intestine in protivobryzheechnogo edge at the wrong slanting can necrotic, as he loses blood flow and vnutristenochnye anastomosis is relatively weak. Anastomosis technique in principle analogous to the technique end anastomosis in end and illustrated in Fig. 21. Fig. 21. Imposition of intestinal anastomosis Read more [...]
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Imposition of intestinal anastomosis by side by side

After resection of the bowel area and suturing the stump of one of the above methods at the proximal and distal segment of intestine in the immediate vicinity of the stumps along impose two soft bowel sphincter. Zhomy should be applied close to the mesenteric edge of the bowel so that the protruding part of the intestine was zhomom view segment with a base of 10 - 15 cm Before applying the contents of the intestinal loops zhomov crush fingers. Leads and a lead loop is applied to each other so that the stumps were sent in opposite directions. At the point of contact of intestinal loops in close Read more [...]
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Eyunostomiya on Maidla

For the imposition of a fistula on Maidla jejunum cut through transversely. Oral end intestine sewn into the side surface of the jejunum at a distance of 20 cm from the point of its intersection, thus restoring the continuity of the intestinal tract. Deferent end withdrawn through a small abdominal incision and fixed to the edges of the skin wound near the nodal joints (Fig. 46). Operation is relatively easy to carry dogs, because the position anastaltic intestine almost no leakage of intestinal contents out.

Fig. 46. Eyunostomiya on Maidla.

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Types of intestinal sutures

For closure of the longitudinal wounds of the intestine and the imposition of all anastomoses, usually used two-row intestinal seam. The first row is applied through all layers of the intestinal wall, or just through the sero-muscular layers. An indispensable condition for such a seam is screwing the edges of the intestinal wound inside. The simplest is the so-called continuous furrier's suture (Figure 10, B). In this suture needle puncture made from the inside (of the mucosa) outward on both sides of the intestinal wound. When tightening the threads are screwed into the edge of the cut. Read more [...]
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Furazolidone (Furazolidonum; synonym: Neocolene, Trichofuron; List B) - antibacterial agent. It is effective against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, trichomonads, Giardia, of agents of intestinal infections are the most sensitive to furazolidone bacteria dysentery, typhoid and paratyphoid. Assign inside after eating at 0.1-0.15 g 3-4 times day. Depending on the disease treated for 5 to 10 days. For burns, wound infections, and so on Furazolidone topically administered in a solution of 1: 25 000. When taken furazolidone relatively frequent nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, allergic Read more [...]
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Tuberculous peritonitis

Tuberculous peritonitis occurs in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, intestines, or other organs. Different forms: erythema, dry (adhesive) and ulcerative cheesy. Peritonitis runs a chronic, dominated by the phenomenon of general intoxication - fatigue, weight loss, low-grade fever. Small vague abdominal pain in his study revealed ascites or multiple small tumor formation. Sometimes - the phenomenon of partial obstruction of the intestines. Treatment: high doses of streptomycin ftivazidu, Pasco intramuscular injection in the abdominal cavity. When the exudative form is successfully used Read more [...]
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