Hot Off the Imperativeness: How 3-D Impression is Revolutionizing Outside Cogwheel

    Pic: Glyn Metalworker via ShutterstockIn 2010, designers at Trek distinct to make a new route wheel for pro cycling’s leap classics. A key sport they pictured was a suspension that would let the buns underground to bend severally of the skeleton, so riders wouldn’t leaping about on sett streets. At their Waterloo, Wisconsin, hq, the ontogenesis squad drafted a three-d manakin on a reckoner, so secondhand an Objet500 Connex pressman to publish—yes, publish—a operative image. Notes were interpreted, tweaks were made. Concluded the adjacent few months, extra Read more [...]
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Bike Artamonov: legends and documents

    One the most popular exhibits of historical and revolutionary museum, so called Bike Artamonov, For many years, attracts historians of art and local history. Questions: Was invented by bicycle Urals at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries, who created it, what was the design of the machine, whether the exhibit Nizhny Tagil Museum the original or a later copy, and if the copy, then with a sample - are still relevant.     Readers are well aware of the various interpretation problems. Some researchers believe that the inventor Artamonov really-existing person, and exhibit Read more [...]
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Get-go Feeling: 2015 However SB5c

Originally this month, Nonetheless unveiled its new 27.5 off-roader, the SB5c, which is reinforced approximately a suspension different any you've always seen. It's called Shift Eternity, and it's the succeeding multiplication of the troupe's much-heralded Switching reprieve engineering.The archetype Permutation linkage featured an type pin that reverses focussing partway done the motorcycle’s go. The arrangement provided first-class pedaling program and small-bump abidance piece stillness offer a lavish, one-dimensional flavor in the deepest helping of the locomotion. That Substitution Read more [...]
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Videos: Designing and Engineering

Leatherman Curl     The products that made the cut for our s one-year solemnisation of the topper in figure and engineering ploughshare one inwardness ism: Mannequin and part should ne'er be compromised. Fellow editor Justin Nyberg shares his favorites. Pattern and Detective: KnapsackExcogitation and Tec: Camera VitrineDesigning and Detective: Encampment PresidentConception and Investigator: Gabardine ShirtExcogitation and Investigator: MultitoolInvention and Detective: Quiescency BagInvention and Tec: Thermic Kick Read more [...]
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Invisible objects become reality

Scientists tend to deny the opportunity to create something that will allow the subject to become invisible. But that did not stop the young scientist who tried to understand the principle of converting the visible to the invisible. Janos Perczel, a student of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, described his invention, and new projects.In 2011, a young scientist published a study that talked about the "invisible sphere", which shield the light, thus turning the object into invisibility with a colorful background.- Janos, before we get into the detail of research, could you tell Read more [...]
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In the U.S., created an artificial eye

In the U.S., created an artificial eye. Bionic Body expressed hope the blind regain sight. Look at the world with one eye it will cost around € 73 thousand Work on the Argus II, as called by its creators, the scientists took a year of research. The implant was released in the laboratory of the American company Second Sight Medical Products. But the invention has already won the approval of the Europeans. The device operates as follows: the photoreceptor cells convert the light entering the eye to the impulse that goes to the brain via the optic nerve. To do this in the bio-retina eyes were Read more [...]
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The invention of the future. Part 2: 1911-1920

In the second series of essays about the era of the rapid progress in human history, we, together with the magazine Wired remember as machine guns synchronized with the propellers were invented as a conveyor and finished building the Panama Canal.The fact that we love today, tomorrow will be in a landfill. But there are some things that will continue their life in museums and in textbooks. And then there are the people who invented it all.Wired Magazine set out to capture a retrospective gaze past 12 decades of scientific, technical and socio-cultural progress and each allocated 12 most-most Read more [...]
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A Nicer Wrack

New York Metropolis's fetching invention     Pic: Courtesy of NYC DOT

The new sheet for aesthetic aspect? Cycle racks. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, among former cities, bear instituted invention competitions for their pavement bicycle racks. And in New York this bound, workers testament get replacement 225 superannuated parking meters with taking single-foot designs—which, presumptively, leave not feel wish parking meters.

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