Eric Greitens

    Pic: Pic by Chloe CrespiVocation All Heroes Greitens was nominative by booster and swain reader Adam Flath. Live individual who deserves to be our adjacent Lecturer of the Yr? Let us recognise.Age: 35 Arrangement: The Deputation Continues Greitens's résumé is heavy to trust. Twelve-time marathoner with a 2:58 better. Maven packer. Wishful mountaineer. Rhodes student. Oxford alumna. Writer and lensman (his humanist oeuvre in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Gaza, among former places, was promulgated as a script of essays and photographs). College prof. Navy Stamp. 4 tours Read more [...]
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Experts believe that U.S. policy in the middle East has led to the fact that at the moment America in one conflict have practical support to al-Qaeda, and the other to resist it : It seems that in the middle East flares up big war, and it becomes the epicenter of Iraq. By Sunday, 7 January, authorities in Baghdad one hundred percent lost control over the strategically principal city of Fallujah, just 60 kilometers West of the capital. As reported Bi-bi-si, South part of Falluja holds under the control of an armed group Islamic government of Iraq and the Levant"associated with "al-Qaeda". The rest Read more [...]
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Tactical lessons of the last two wars in Iraq for arms commander

"We must recognize that ... military science has not identified a clear generic type of modern warfare ... So ... Russian armed forces must be ready to participate in any type of military conflict." From the speech of the Minister of Defense at the annual general meeting of the Academy of Military Sciences, January 24, 2004. During the first Iraq war (1991) and in the second stage dopartizanskom War (2003), decided to air supremacy much, but not all. Fighting between Iraqi army divisions, little affected by air raids and ground units anti-Iraq coalition, in the absence of air support, took place. Read more [...]
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Baghdad struck a powerful sandstorm

June 7 powerful sandstorm struck Baghdad. Dozens of people were hospitalized with symptoms of breathlessness and problems of the upper respiratory tract.  Authorities recommended residents of the Iraqi capital as much as possible not to go out into the streets. Life in the city came to a standstill, closed many shops and shopping markets. To ensure safety on the highways exhibited more road patrols. Recall the strongest sandstorm collapsed on the Iraqi capital in June 2009 According to witnesses, because of the sand visibility in some areas is only a few meters. Hundreds of residents of the Read more [...]
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Mercenaries. Overview of the most powerful mercenary armies.

Reading all known Berkema often come across in the text's mercenaries, rather than just mercenaries, and the whole corporation with all who have enough money to service the whole, perfectly prepared and staffing with the latest technology and the army.They all exist in the real world, this review presents the most massive and Featured of them. Those who fight for the money ... For the growing army of private contractors offering their military training by the highest bidder, things quickly go to the mountain.Modern mercenaries placed in hot spots around the world for governments that do Read more [...]
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Abrams and how to fight it-comments

Be sure to consider the following guys! This tank (as well as helicopters, for example, "Apache") are detection devices: night vision devices, locations, and most importantly imagers with a range of 10-12 km. Firing range gun of the tank is about 5-8 km. (If I'm not mistaken, and it is still not more). Not even all our tanks and artillery are the same as in "Abrams' range of fire. An illustrative example, the loss of Panzer Army in Iraq (with Russian tanks rather Soviet-made, mostly older T-60) when they were of "Abrams" was found in thermal imagers and shot from a distance, not allowing Iraqis Read more [...]
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In Kuwait exceeded 50 heat. But this is only part of the problem…

On the first day of summer, the middle East was the hottest region of the planet. The highest temperature recorded in Kuwait was 51.2°. This heat was a record even for the Arabian Peninsula. According to the head of the Meteorological services of the Emirate Musa Ramadan, on 1 degree of breaking the record 50 years ago. Usually, this heat is set in late July - early August, but then the temperature is not so high. The position of the local population facilitated the humidity, which decreased to 5%. However, the next day, as is often the case in any region after the heat came the hurricane. A strong Read more [...]
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Iraq: due to heavy rains Baghdad goes under water

November 12, 2013. For the fourth consecutive day of heavy rains flood the Iraqi capital Baghdad. Some areas of the city were flooded. Due to flooding Monday was even declared a holiday. Were under the water, in particular, houses in the quarters Katheer al-Abyadh, and Baladiyat and Sadr. In the district of Abu-Gharib, located West of the capital of Iraq, the disaster has claimed the life of a woman and her two young children. The house in which they veins, succumbed under the pressure of the water and collapsed. Heavy rains were also almost all provinces of Iraq. According to the forecasts Read more [...]
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Blowout Jihad

Instance by Tomer Hanuka     Iraqi boy scoutsInstance by Tomer HanukaRETIRED NAVY Commandant William "Bit" Beck—Frigidity Warrior, erstwhile CIA functional, battle artist, and now a indefatigable plugger for the ostensibly flaky thought of start Boy and Girlfriend Lookout programs in Iraq—skirts an old dragoon dugout and walks consume to a thud of reeds ontogeny out of the Tigris River in Baghdad, the form that babe Moses would suffer drifted into. Formative bags and rusted cans bob among the botany, water-washed in by the grayish-green stream. Same everything Read more [...]
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Books and Media

Winning Breed 50 days later Roger Tory Peterson and James Fisherman travelled 30,000 miles to stocktaking the wildlife of N America in their 1955 definitive Tempestuous America, naturalist Scott Weidensaul has perennial the actuate. How are things? Ameliorate and worsened, he reports in his silver travelog Reappearance to Barbarian America: A Yearlong Seek for the Celibate's Innate Someone (Northward Spot Pressing, $25). Befoulment has bad views in the Large Smoky Mountains; rise sea levels jeopardise coastal Alaska. Yet thanks to environmental laws nonexistent in Peterson's day, he likewise finds Read more [...]
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The Siberian cold wave has covered Iraq

on January 22. Under the influence coming from the Siberian air masses unusually cold weather settled in the Northern and Central regions of Iraq. The temperature dropped in the Sunday night before ?5 degrees Celsius, and in the morning has not risen above zero. Life in the country, accustomed to the 50-degree heat, but not cold, almost completely paralyzed. Baghdad street is deserted. Disappeared even wandering merchants that deliver on trucks vegetables and fruits. The intensity of traffic is very low. Mountain villages in the governorates of Sulaymaniyah and Dahuk, in the North of Iraq is Read more [...]
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A series of earthquakes on the border of Iran and Iraq

April 20, on the border of Iran and Iraq began a series of earthquakes of magnitude from 3.5 to 5.0. Quite strange that there was a strong earthquake, but it was only a magnitude of 5. Usually so many aftershocks appears usually after a 6-6 .5 ball earthquake, but in this case it was not observed. If you look at statistics in this region, there were more strong aftershocks, which were not accompanied by such an unusual seismic activity. And besides, the power of some aftershocks comparable with the first earthquake. Read more [...]
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In the wars in the Gulf 73.846 U.S. soldiers killed

Office of Veterans Affairs reported on 73 thousand killed in the wars in the Persian Gulf. Veterans of the Persian Gulf have died than Vietnam Veterans. You may be surprised. The truth is hidden behind technicalities. Here it is. It is easy to understand the loss of the Vietnam War. If the soldier died during the trip, it was considered a military loss. At the memorial in Washington, DC, are carved the names of 58.195 killed in Vietnam. But with the war in Iraq, something strange happened. The Bush administration has done something dishonest, and this is still ongoing. They decided to Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.3 happened in Turkey, Syria and Iraq

on June 14. A powerful earthquake occurred in the South-East of Turkey. The earthquake of magnitude 5.5 was felt by the inhabitants of the province of Sirnak near the border with Iraq. Damaged many buildings, the walls of the cracks appear. In two mosques minarets collapsed. Source: Leadon June 14. The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.3 happened Thursday morning on the border of Turkey, Syria and Iraq, according to the website of the Geographic service of the U.S. (USGS). Tremors were registered in 08.53 local time (09.52 time in 33 kilometers from the Turkish town of Sirnak and 114 kilometers Read more [...]
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U.S. forced Iraq to inspect the planes flying to Syria

The U.S. demanded that Iraq tested aircraft from Iran to Syria following. In Washington state, so that they want to end the supply of arms Bashar Assad, while the West continued to support the rebels. However, according to RT correspondent Marina Portnaya, Baghdad is in no hurry to carry out orders from the U.S.. While the Syrian government is trying to retain power and fighting with the rebels, backed by the West, the U.S. decided to stop the supply of arms, which, presumably, go to Damascus forces of President Bashar al-Assad. Washington accuses Iran of it - the main supplier of weapons Read more [...]
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Flooding in Iraq claimed the lives of four people

At least four people have been victims of severe flooding in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, caused by heavy rains, told Western journalists representatives of local health services. As informs "Interfax", according to doctors, two men and two women were killed and another woman was injured in the collapse of their homes in the north-eastern suburb of Baghdad on Wednesday night. Another six people suffered because of the collapse of two other houses in the capital's suburbs Sandra City. Meanwhile, Iraq's Meteorological Office says that for the last day in Baghdad dropped 6.75 Read more [...]
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In Iraq, the house collapsed due to flooding killed 6 children

In the east, Iraq, in Al Kut, Iraq, in the collapse of the house killed six children. The building collapsed under the pressure of heavy rains and floods that swept the city.Livni blow not only to the east, but also in the central and southern parts of Iraq. Emergency services reported flooding and destruction of buildings in the province of Cadiz, Wasit, Maysan, Baghdad. Some buildings are destroyed, but there were no casualties. The capital - Baghdad rains from November 18, triggering a serious difficulty of traffic on the streets. Experts point out that the main problem of Iraqi cities Read more [...]
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In anticipation of the third world: Iran, Russia and China against the U.S.

WASHINGTON, DC - Now that we have chosen a commander for our upcoming war, let's look at how we have come to this. As always, to understand the future, one has to look at the past. Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, July 22, 1944 - 730 delegates from 44 allied countries on World War II signed the Bretton Woods agreement, while also creating the International Monetary Fund and established the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency. This system meant that one troy ounce of gold will cost 35 U.S. dollars, and that the U.S. will exchange notes on this course the Federal Reserve to other countries, Read more [...]
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Reintroduced into the U.S. army in Iraq

10/12/2012 The United States has secretly entered Iraq about three thousand of their soldiers and placed them on military bases, said Monday the Chinese news agency "Zhongguo sinven" with reference to the publication of the Iranian media. These reports indicate that U.S. forces are introduced in small groups from Kuwait, and this action was carried out 'in close connection with the situation in Syria and Iran. "As follows from the published information, the United States concentrated in Kuwait has about 17 thousand of its troops for deployment to Iraq later, "Interfax".The Read more [...]
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Tanks Islamism

We now return to the main front of the fourth world war - in Iraq. No matter how developed further military action in Iraq, the U.S. has suffered a serious political setback. They made a lot of mistakes, especially after the end of the purely military phase of the operation. Suffice it to recall that in late 2003, only 20% of Iraq's population, according to opinion polls, saw coalition troops as occupiers, and now this opinion 80% of the population. The question of whether the military action against Saddam Hussein justified from the beginning, against the real problems facing the coalition Read more [...]
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