Siberian cold wave has covered Iraq

January 22. Under the influence of the incoming air masses from Siberia unusually cold weather in the northern and central Iraq. The temperature dropped to a Sunday night? 5 degrees Celsius in the morning did not rise above freezing. Life in the country, accustomed to the 50-degree heat, but not cold, almost completely paralyzed. Baghdad street - deserted. Disappeared even itinerant traders razvozyaschie on trolleys vegetables and fruits. The intensity of traffic is very low. Mountain villages in the provinces of Sulaimaniyah and Dohuk, northern Iraq inundated with snow.In Baghdad, people Read more [...]
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Buyers and sellers

In the summer of 1995 I was called by a man who identified himself as a representative of the government of South Korea. He said that he knew my phone number from a mutual friend and that he urgently needs my help. We met at the outdoor cafe in Befezde in Maryland. This seemingly polite and friendly people at once to the point. - - Your knowledge is to have a very high value, you could make good money by telling about what interests us. We would like to invite you to Seoul. When I asked him what exactly is considered, then the reply was that his government has evidence that North Korea is working Read more [...]
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Bush is in the sky

On Tuesday, March 18 marked the fifth anniversary of the arrest of more than 70 traitors, the leaders of the fifth column of imperialism in Cuba who, paid by the U.S. government in violation of the laws of the country and share the thesis of what this remote corner of the world should be wiped off the face of the earth. On the occasion of this date, the State Department spokesman described it as a "black" spring - the term racist connotation. We could call it "white" in the spring. Darkness does not exist in space, and in our minds. What a huge difference between the methods Read more [...]
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Important meetings happen so quickly, and Bush flies around and speaks at such a rate that in this almost impossible to follow. On the way to Sydney for a few hours, he made the landing no more and no less than in Iraq. I can not say it happened two or three days ago, because when in Sydney on Thursday and the sun's rays fall on the ground almost vertically, in Havana, and is still among the night chill. Globalized planet Earth changes and transforms the concepts. Remains the same, only one reality: the network of military, air, naval, ground and space bases of the empire, which is becoming Read more [...]
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Iraqi progress

I looked at the television screen, where, while in Iraq, are the Dick Cheney - inspiration - and his disciple McCain: they sit in a certain discipline audience with simple chairs, where there are various bosses, trained in the art to kill. Here is a quote from the speech Cheney passed ubiquitous CNN CNN: "We have made progress in terms of security as well as on the board." "When you come here a few years and see how events developed - by the way, this week marks the fifth anniversary of the moment when we began the war in March 2003 - you know, that was a lot of good, and not just Read more [...]
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The course of the war

Working with the already famous Greenspan book, read an article in the newspaper "El Pais", the Spanish official gazette, is published, according to a circulation of more than 500,000 copies. It is signed by Erno-hundred Ekayserom, and it literally says: "Four weeks before the invasion of Iraq, which occurred on the night of 19 to 20 March 2003, George Bush continued to publicly demand that Saddam Hussein following: disarmament or war. In private, Bush acknowledged that war was inevitable. In the course of a long private conversation with the then Spanish President Jose Maria Read more [...]
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Information Globalization

Information Globalization first time in the life of human society has exposed a huge gap between a small part of prosperous societies and growing majority of the world's population, is hopelessly mired in poverty with no chance to improve the situation of compassion and justice. Up until the early 60's. XX century, three-quarters of the world's population, which was in need of permanent, stoically to treat this condition, because even in a remote degree not conceive of how people live in other countries, more prosperous. The top of the wealth they have seen, for example, a craftsman Read more [...]
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