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Tactical lessons of the last two wars in Iraq for arms commander-2

Another example. April 6, 2003 during the battle for the pass Debeka (Debecka) in northern Iraq, a division of Americans for 4 Humvees stopped "classical" mechanized attack Iraqis MTLB company, supported by 4 T-55 tanks, drove firing of anti-tank "Javelin" (all were released 19 missiles) Iraqi armored vehicles in the shelter for the road embankment. Iraqis were forced to fight to fire at long range from the shelter, where they spent 4.5 hours methodically destroyed caused Americans to support the aircraft. During the first Iraq war, the Americans won ground battles, though not always, but often, Read more [...]
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Baghdad struck a powerful sandstorm

June 7 powerful sandstorm struck Baghdad. Dozens of people were hospitalized with symptoms of breathlessness and problems of the upper respiratory tract.  Authorities recommended residents of the Iraqi capital as much as possible not to go out into the streets. Life in the city came to a standstill, closed many shops and shopping markets. To ensure safety on the highways exhibited more road patrols. Recall the strongest sandstorm collapsed on the Iraqi capital in June 2009 According to witnesses, because of the sand visibility in some areas is only a few meters. Hundreds of residents of the Read more [...]
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The Scratchy Pathfinder to Iraq

The marauder: Lt. Col. Bryan McCoy, tierce plurality, one-fourth Marines, rolls into Baghdad.     Exposure: Gilles Bassignac/GammaThe low beckon: Kuni Takahashi (in hat) and Laurent Van Der Stockt papers the maritime assail on the Diyala Nosepiece. I do not cognize the assess of aliveness. In every war district that I incur myself in, I routinely flunk to ground a sensitive occupation bey which I leave not issue risks, scarce as I battle to evaluate on war itself. When is kill justified? When is risking my biography to composition on sidesplitting justified? Near of what I get seen Read more [...]
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Blowout Jihad

Instance by Tomer Hanuka     Iraqi boy scoutsInstance by Tomer HanukaRETIRED NAVY Commandant William "Bit" Beck—Frigidity Warrior, erstwhile CIA functional, battle artist, and now a indefatigable plugger for the ostensibly flaky thought of start Boy and Girlfriend Lookout programs in Iraq—skirts an old dragoon dugout and walks consume to a thud of reeds ontogeny out of the Tigris River in Baghdad, the form that babe Moses would suffer drifted into. Formative bags and rusted cans bob among the botany, water-washed in by the grayish-green stream. Same everything Read more [...]
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Everybody Moldiness Get Zoned

GREETINGS FROM IRAQ!...Should we be hither? From unexpended, LeMoine and Neumann beside the Tigris River in Baghdad, January 2004.     Photograph: Ray LeMoine & Jeff NeumannBabylon by BusThe Jordan-to-Iraq Verbalise, stopped-up for repairs exterior Fallujah, Iraq. Babylon by BusChildren on the streets of Sadr Metropolis. Babylon by BusChildren and aid workers on the streets of Sadr Metropolis, one of Baghdad's poorest neighborhoods. Babylon by BusAll alongside for Babylon! Babylon by BusChildren on the streets of Sadr Metropolis. Babylon by BusAid workers Read more [...]
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Mailing-card from the Apocalypse

Earlier promulgated in Exterior's December 1991 subjectDuring the business of Kuwait, Iraqi soldiers ofttimes defecated in the finest suite of the finest houses they could breakthrough. It was a motion of hate and ignorance and despite. So, in crawfish, the Iraqis literally set Kuwait alight. Thither was no strategical implication to this, no military reward for the retreating Iraqi soldiery. Blowing the oil wells—nearly all the oil wells in the country—was the environmental tantamount of crapping on the carpeting.Because rough abandon winds would expect hummer and smut leastways 500 miles Read more [...]
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Insurgents publicly hanged four year old child in Syria

12/13/2012 Syrian terrorists who call themselves the "Free Syrian Army" and the opposition, publicly hanged in Damascus, dressed in pajamas, four boys after they had killed before his eyes all his family, writes Schweiz Magazin citing Iraqi human rights defenders.Armed rebel groups storm broke into the home of the family of Iraqi Shiites in Sayed Zainab in the capital Damascus, killing his mother, father, siblings, grandparents. This family, according to some, has supported the current president Bashar al-Assad. The youngest child, looking at the murder of his family, attacked the Read more [...]
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On Baghdad struck a powerful sandstorm

June 7 powerful sandstorm struck on Baghdad. Dozens of people were admitted to hospital with symptoms of breathlessness and respiratory problems. Authorities advised residents of the Iraqi capital as possible without going outside. Life in the city came to a standstill, closed shops and the markets. To ensure safety on the highways put additional traffic patrols.Recall the strongest sandstorm struck the Iraqi capital in June 2009 According to witnesses, because of the sand, visibility in some areas is only a few meters. Hundreds of residents of the Iraqi capital go to the doctor complaining Read more [...]
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The Iraqi puzzle cracked!

Now I was finally able to recreate the plausible picture of what happened in Iraq in 2003. Expecting to face serious opposition, the U.S. military to prepare for conducting "psychological warfare." The country has taken different paths hundreds (if not thousands) of repeaters, which are located in public places, especially the military. Some of these devices have found the Iraqi security forces, but most of it remains hidden. This is not surprising - to judge by the surviving fragmentary descriptions, dimensions repeater is not so great. When the operation is "shock and awe" Read more [...]
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Where did the Iraqi army?

And alarmed me was that too obvious similarity with the 1991 version, distributed across all channels. Again, it is very difficult to verify because the world gets information only from the lips of Americans. But that sounded out of the mouth, looks, to put it mildly, quite contradictory. So, the first week of the war in 2003. Famously the invasion, Americans suddenly faced with strong resistance. Although the quantity and quality of weapons the Iraqi army is much worse than in 2003, the spirit remains the same. The first reports of army PR (about surrendering captured Iraqi army divisions, Read more [...]
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Oil for Democracy

This story just adds extra touches to my current picture. It turns out that Americans do not simply lied, saying the presence of Iran's proscribed weapons. They even tried to foist these weapons to Saddam through nominees (as we have already established, "Al Qaeda" is not more than the agents of U.S. intelligence.) Because otherwise the reason for the invasion of Iraq was extremely difficult to find. Let us remember this history. Saddam came to power back in the 70's and enjoyed it in the hot U.S. support. Especially praiseworthy words were addressed to him when he was at Read more [...]
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The collapse of the Union: A version of Gerard

Perhaps this version would never have come to light if not for our new friend - an Iraqi biologist. After decoding a record Filaret Gerard time go deep in thought, and then suddenly he gave: - And what if all of them replaced? - Who? - I did not understand. - Well, all those Russian politicians. They had all been to the missions abroad. There, they could easily be replaced by other people! - You're talking nonsense, - I laughed, - is this possible? Then Gerard told me the following story told him by a new friend, a former Iraqi scientists, who now lives in France. In 1996, Iraqi security Read more [...]
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Psychological operations in the Middle East. The Gulf War

In the most complete and comprehensive as the psychological impact on the enemy carried out during the war, the U.S. and its allies against Iraq in 1990 - 91 years. Psychological struggle was conducted in a real combat situation, during the active ideological opposition of the special services of both parties, involving different maximum number of available forces and means, using almost all known forms and methods of influence on troops and civilians. General characteristics of psychological operations in the war of 1990-91. First Planning psychological operations conducted along with the Read more [...]
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Iraqi progress

I looked at the television screen, where, while in Iraq, are the Dick Cheney - inspiration - and his disciple McCain: they sit in a certain discipline audience with simple chairs, where there are various bosses, trained in the art to kill. Here is a quote from the speech Cheney passed ubiquitous CNN CNN: "We have made progress in terms of security as well as on the board." "When you come here a few years and see how events developed - by the way, this week marks the fifth anniversary of the moment when we began the war in March 2003 - you know, that was a lot of good, and not just Read more [...]
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Iraqi Kurdistan     Exposure: Ayman Oghanna/ReduxPR Dispute: Contempt having its own semiautonomous regional governance, Kurdistan lull sees its plowshare of force from the war. And course, in 2009, trey Americans were snatched by Iranian protection forces as they hiked on the borderline.In the Chair: Geoffrey Hann, possessor of London-based Backwoods Traveling, which ­operated four-spot holiday tours of Iraq in 2011The Whirl: “We crossed the delimitation from Iraqi Kurdistan to Iran various multiplication this twelvemonth, though nonentity knows what leave materialise Read more [...]
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