Tygynskie swamp

Reddish spectrum swamps framed by evergreen taiga and togooni look even more beautiful from the top of the Great Iremel.  In turn, one of the best Greatest IremelHotel considered specifically with Tygynskih marshes. Title got my swamp  from the river Tygyn that starting on skloneIremelya flows through them.  Sovsemryadom with Tygynskimi marshes at the headwaters of the river are similar Tyulyuk Tyulyukskieozera. How to reach Tygynskih swamps?  Road to Tygynskuyu vsegdarassmatrivaetsya basin in the context of the road on IremelHotel. Possible from the village Tyulyuk, perevalivplato Read more [...]
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Natural Park IremelHotel

Area of ​​the park was 49,338 hectares. Is it a lot or not much? If you take the area of ​​the largest in the Southern Urals South Ural Nature Reserve, it will likely only the fifth part of its territory. But on the other hand area of ​​the new nature park IremelHotel covers the whole area Iremel array as adjacent areas, for example Ridge Avalyak. The territory of the park consists of several different areas. From the recreational, mountain comes to Big IremelHotel and where the main tourist traffic is oriented to the reserve, which entered IremelHotel Small. Back entrance without permission Read more [...]
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As part of the Information Partnership, received a message from a natural park IremelHotel: Nice day! Information about Rhodiola: 25 August 2013, in g.Uchaly foiled attempt to implement 30 of Rhodiola root Iremel inhabitant village Kiryabinka Uchalinsky district. G. citizen tried to bring the plant roots, but in the course of a joint operation carried out by staff of the Economic Crime Uchalinsky Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Bashkortostan spetsa and office park "IremelHotel", the offender was arrested and taken roots. Recall that Rhodiola Iremel, called by the Read more [...]
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News from the park IremelHotel

Beautification of the area of ​​the Natural Park "IremelHotel" lasts. The desire to see the terrain park special ecological engineering systems is a live, much less foreseen nor any standard solutions of problems. At present, the problem is solved ensure uninterrupted checkpoints (PPC) Nature Park "IremelHotel" means of communication and a source of energy security. The natural park is remote and inaccessible, there are no roads, electricity and communications. If for extremists is excellent for non-hazardous of life of the park is bad. The cordon Tyulyuk from the Chelyabinsk region have installed Read more [...]
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IREMEL on the 5th of October, the marathon

In the area of ​​the village Mykolaivka Beloretskogo district on Saturday October 5, 2013 g.budet launched 7th mountain marathon on top of Big IremelHotel (1582 m.) Length distance to the top and back is 45 miles. Competitions are held on the Statutes of the All-Russian official sports competitions on climbing, approved by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, in the category SkyMarathons (Tall Marathons), finishing tenth step Cup Russia. Expected role of the more than 120 mountain marathoners naisilneyshy Russia. 05/10/13 Schedule of the mountain marathon on top of Big IremelHotel Read more [...]
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At the top of the road was not there. Timber for the last year killed most of the roads in the county. Cut wood from the Chelyabinsk region. From the south, through the mountains Bruises, where winter road ride IremelHotel all smashed snowmobiles. From the north-west, old way does not reach a plateau and is lost in the snow. Spring at an altitude of 700 meters above does not even smell. Snow from the meter.

To IREMEL not picked up and had to land at the alternate aerodrome mountain Suktash. But nothing with it, too, is perfectly seen Big IremelHotel. Well, she bump Suktash very exciting. It is the westernmost point in the ridge of the Lesser Iremel. Suktash translated as rocky stone. So it is. Even among tourists Suktash called as the Hill of Fools, as it is often confused in the fog for IremelHotel and climb on it at a very steep Qurum. Overall Suktash known not less Iremel and whip it much easier. With spring light, too bummer. The clouds go, snow taschut charges. In the mountains, the wind gives Read more [...]
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A lot of money, a little culture or country must know its heroes

Here, look this is not smiling uncle. How not to smile, because it is the conqueror of the sacred mountain, IremelHotel! Metal stud did not disappoint, well, think of the road plowed, here itself? Penalty? Oh, I beg you in all the usual representative of increasingly wealthy and immediately use a degrading society. In July 2013 the terrain park was detained by security guards inhabitant of the town of Ufa, trying to drive up the mountain IremelHotel. Offender himself explains his behavior desire to experience the latest technology. In fact illegal Directions initiated an administrative investigation. Read more [...]
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