VOTKINSKY STEEL WORKS Regular. PI Shuvalov in 1759 as an iron company. Over many others. years has specialized exclusively on MY. quality metal from-cerned prepared roofing iron, anchors and anchor chains. In the beginning. XIX century. zd reconstructed, introduced a method of preparing steel crucible is reduced Mfr. bloomery iron smelting growing puddle of metal. In the second floor. XIX century. zd one of the first D was used in a small number of islands of coal and petroleum products. The company develops heavy machinery. Mfr .: builds ships, locomotives and rails releases, as well as / x equipment Read more [...]
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Water tower in Beloretsk

The tower is topped with a log multifaceted belvedere. And once it was placed on the observation deck, on which walking watching and looking out over the city, which does not seem to be on fire. Village Beloretskogo plant was almost all wood and fires were not uncommon. Firehouse was next and no telephone in the air was rising bullish bubble inflated, giving a signal fire. In addition the signal dubbed rumble bells.  Inside the tower so far is riveted iron tank. Tank inside the tower had a volume of 28 cubic meters. Metal pipes on the water to the village of Upper vodorazdatochnye column Beloretskogo Read more [...]
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Vogulsky ironworks

Vogulsky ironworks Savva Yakovlev built in 1776 on r.Vogulke, a tributary of the Tagil pond, two miles from Verkhnetagilskaya h-huh. Being charge chrome, he had originally two active and one spare hammer. In 1807, iron was manufactured 4 bloomery forges and 4 hammers. Energy x-4 were in combat and 2 fur water wheel. Zd reforge Verkhnetagilskaya stripe pig iron and serviced coming with this s-so people. By Ser. XIX century. Manuf. iron rose from 20 to 40 thousand. pounds. per year. In 1890 the plant was merged with Upper Taghilsky, becoming one of its shops. Lit .: Metallurgical industry Urals Read more [...]
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Business cards time

    London. In 1851. At the Crystal Palace, who grew up in Hyde Park and that contemporaries considered a miracle of engineering, opened the first World Exhibition.    Tagil plants presented her copper and iron, which is highly appreciated and eagerly bought in England. "Demidov iron "Old Russian sable"Wrote Newspaper "Morning Post", -Play An important role in the history of our people's industry; it was first introduced in the UK for conversion into steel at the beginning of the XVIII century, when our production staledelatelnoe barely Read more [...]
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VERHNEUFALEYSKY STEEL WORKS Regular. in 1761 on Wed W. merchant I.Mosolovym as an iron. Smelted iron was processed into iron puddling on the piano ke Suhovyazskogo s da and floated on the lower city yokes. In the future, there has developed an iron Mfr. first band-pass, high-quality and vposledstvii- roofing iron. In 1774 the plant was burned by the rebels Pugacheva and rebuilt in 1791, in 1793 sold mosk. eminent merchant M. Gubin. In 1881 Ufaleyskaya s-dy (Suhovyazsky, Lower and Verhneufaleysky) passed into the possession of t-va-Serginskoye Ufaleyskaya s-ing. In 1920 on the base of the Upper Read more [...]
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TOP-NEYVINSKY iron-smelting factory and ironworks

TOP-NEYVINSKY Iron-smelting, iron and steel PLANT launched in 1772 PA Demidov on the river. Neiva 70 km northeast. of ECAT. In 1777 the equipment s da consisted of a blast furnace, 16 bloomery forges, 8 hammers for forging a band and kolotushechnogo iron hammer mill and cutting and flattening iron. In end of the XVIII c. zd annually Wed smelted to 120 thousand. pounds. cast iron and forged 40 thousand. pounds. iron. In 1796, one less than a mile downstream of Neiva was built auxiliary pig Lower Upper Neyvinsky zd, which consisted of bloomery f-ing with 8 mountain, 8 mo-natal and lots f-ing with Read more [...]
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Upper Iset Metallurgical Plant (VIZ)

Upper Iset STEEL WORKS (EID) Regular. Treasury in 1726 on the river. Iset had 3 bloomery f-ing for Mfr. iron from iron supplied from a nearby Yekaterinburg h-huh. In 1736 built 2 blast furnace, iron ore and charcoal supplied more than 5 thousand. Bonded peasants. In 1758 the plant was transferred to the column was R.Vorontsovu possessional rights of ownership, and in 1774, together with possessional env. became the property of S.Yakovleva heirs-cerned possessed him to beg. The twentieth century. Viz-it was odes of the largest meth. enterprises W. supplied for state. needs bloomery iron and cast Read more [...]
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Upper Iset SERIAL possessional Mining District

Upper Iset SERIAL possessional Mining District one of the largest foundries in the x-D, was formed in end of the XVIThe II., Was in ECAT. and h. Verkhoturye in y. Perm. lips. In the late XIX early. XX century. in the surroundings. consisted of 13 iron-smelting and iron- and 2 copper s-yes. Ts env. was Upper Iset zd, located next to the ECAT. Total Sq. factory problems (according to 1892) was 529 thousand. dec., are under forest was 410 thousand. dec. In cottages env. placed deposits yellow. and copper ores, angry. placers. W-dy env. were owned by Savva Yakovlev and his heirs. At the turn of XVIII-XIX Read more [...]
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During the reforms of Peter

During the reforms of Peter the Russian Empire began to have developed industry, centralized and streamlined administrative apparatus, a first-class army and navy, secular schools. Especially significant was the success of innovation in the field of mining and metallurgy. This was caused primarily by the need to provide the Russian army weapons for its military actions in those years.     Missing Russian metal was imported from Sweden. But with the beginning of the Great Northern War (1700 year) Imports of iron and copper from Sweden to Russia stopped. Peter foresaw this and issued Read more [...]
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BYNGOVSKY (BYNGOVSKY) ironworks Regular. Nikita Demidov in 1718 to the north-east of from Nevyansk, in the estuary. Byngi at the confluence with the river. Neiva. Iron is made of cast iron, to-ing and delivered from Nevyanski Petrokamenskogo s-ing. In 1769 the plant was purchased and expanded Yakovlev Mfr. iron with 113.2 thousand. pounds. to 147.7 thousand. in 1800 By 1794 revision of the s-house there were 1,657 souls husband. floor, including the s-dskimi works were busy 1172 At the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries. zd was renovated, built two stone bloomery f-ing, in a 12-ryh operated hammers Read more [...]
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Bui ironworks

Bui ironworks Regular. 1769 Tula merchant A.M.Mosolovym 17 versts to the south-west from Urzhum on p. Bui, a tributary of the Vyatka. Zd engaged in ductile iron, cast iron give Zalazinsky and Shurminskih s-ing Mosolov. In 1797 there were bloomery f-ka with bugles 7 and 8 hammers, carved and flatting with mountain and flatting mill, blacksmith, fur, the saw mill, operated 15 water wheels. When h was de artisans and their own cross. 102, ascribed cross. there was no civilian hires to 130 Zd year it produced 20-30 thousand. pounds. iron, in end of the XVIII c. 40-50 thousand. pounds. In 1866 due Read more [...]
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BILIMBAEVSKY metallurgical and pipe foundry plant

BILIMBAEVSKY metallurgical and pipe foundry plant Located in the village. Bilimbai now Pervouralskiy district Sverdl. region. built AG, SG and NG Stroganov in 1734 By 1800, the company equipment consisted of 2 domain bloomery (1 Hammer, 2 bugle) kolotushechnoy (1 Hammer, 2 bugle), stone-cutting f-ing, forges and mills. In the century from 1760 to 1860 pig iron at a factory has increased from 117 thousand. up to 464 thousand. pounds. In the first decade of the twentieth century. zd remodeled, increasing Mfr. iron in 1912 to 753 thousand. pounds. After graduating civil. War nationalized zd specialized Read more [...]
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Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant

Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant In 1994, transformed into a joint-stock company BMK, founded. in 1750 on the river. White Verhneur. y. Orenbah. lips. (Now Beloretsk) I.B.Tverdyshevym and I.S.Myasnikovym. The company had a blast furnace, bloomery repartition, several. hammers, ore shipped with, the Magnetic, products 3.9 thousand. pounds. iron in exported in Nizhny Novgorod. In end of the XVIII in. zd becomes c. Beloretskogo mountain env., Becomes the property of A.Pashkova heirs-cerned owned it until 1870. After the abolition of serfdom right early. drop Manuf., and zd was sold on the joint-stock-woo Read more [...]
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Beloretsk plant

But for a long time it was not possible to operate the plant. In 1773, a rebellion broke out, led by Pugachev and metallurgical neighborhood for some time, it was in his heart. Historical chronicles convey to us that factory workers occupied unlike many plants, aggressive side of Pugachev and for a long time successfully repelled the attackers attack the plant. It was only in January 1774 Beloretsk plant was captured by Pugachev. During the uprising plant suffered severe losses. Human loss amounted to 776 people. The plant was rebuilt two years after the suppression of the uprising in 1777 and Read more [...]
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BELORETSK Mining District

BELORETSK Mining District one of the largest foundries in the host-D, was in Verhneuralsk y. Orenbah. lips. Its DOS. were two iron-smelting and iron- s da -Beloretsky and Tirlyansky. Total Sq. factory cottages env. was (according to 1859), 179 thousand. dec. In the cottages were deposits of yellow. ore, including Magnetic richest deposit of magnetic iron ore, gold and others. minerals. Env. formed in end of the XVIII beg. XIX century. as a result of section possessions I.B.Tverdysheva I.S.Myasnikova and between their heirs, with a rum-Naib. close Beloretskij zd in 1783 went to the daughter of Read more [...]
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BELORETSK iron-smelting factory and ironworks

BELORETSK Iron-smelting, iron and steel PLANTS incl. Beloretskij and Tirlyansky iron-smelting, iron and steel enterprise, founded. I.B.Tverdyshevym and I.S.Myasnikovym in 1767 and 1803 Annual Mfr. iron was communication. 110 thousand. Pounds., Yellow. 137 thousand. Pounds. All work was done by serfs cross. Relocated from Nizhny Novgorod, Penza and Ryazan province. In the second floor. XIX century. s-dy reduced Mfr. met. and had large debts. In 1874, at the request of creditors s-dy with land sold bargaining. home Vogau and K, to-ing their reconstructed. Beloretsk s de built new blast and open-hearth Read more [...]
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BARANCHINSKII ELECTROMECHANICAL PLANT built by the Treasury in 1747-49 originally as iron and steel on the R. of Baranca (North Ntail). From the 1790s began production. weapons and architectural cast iron, which was intensively developed in the first floor. Nineteenth century nationalized In 1918, in the 1920s on its base is created on the first U. almostinstantly C-d Volts. During the second world war for the development and production of new equipment for the front C-d awarded hordes. Lenin. In the postwar period C-d pioneered the production of cocaine. small synchronous machines, induction Read more [...]
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Asha STEEL WORKS Regular. in 1896 a merchant Balashev in Asha Minyar district near the station. Vavilov Samara-Zlatoust railway consisted of a blast furnace and auxiliary shops. Ore base was Bakal deposit, fuelwood supplied rafting, pig iron fed to Zlatoust met. zd for further processing. In 1906-12 started up a second blast furnace and two open-hearth furnaces, which allowed Mfr. a soft metal of high quality. In 1913, 34.9 thousand smelted. Tons of pig iron, 48.8 thousand. Tons of steel. In the years. roar. and civil. War zd reduced Mfr. and by 1927 only reached the 1913 level of steel production Read more [...]
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Alapaevskih STEEL WORKS

Alapaevskih STEEL WORKS Regular. in 1704 on the river. Neiva, now Alapaevsk Sverdl. region. In the early years. it Mfr. iron bloomery iron, copper; in the XIX century. leaving only the domain and puddling Mfr. In 1759 the plant was on a possessional ownership passed to Major A.Gurevu seconds, and in 1767 it was purchased by S.S.Yakovlev heirs-cerned owned company until 1907, nationalized in 1918. Zd has long worked out the high quality roofing (Yakovlevskoye) iron. In the beginning. XX century. at a factory had 3 blast furnace, March 3, 1 bloomery furnace, puddling, welding, Molotov, rolling Read more [...]
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Akinfiy Demidov. Part 1

Dry line of official documents and folk tales have brought to the descendants of the story of the wayward vigorous breeder, the founder of the huge mining and metallurgical complex Nikita Demidov. With a lack of sources of information about his first steps in business is usually judged by the numerous stories of the legendary character (how Peter I met with the Tula blacksmith). That's one of the legends.     Peter I, being in Tula, put Demidov for repairing foreign gun. He performed the work and giving the king gun, said:     Well, maybe we'll stand suprotiv German.     Read more [...]
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