In Islamic countries there were book-benefit battered women

In Muslim countries began to come out of the book on "Islamic etiquette", in which, among other things said, how and under what circumstances, men should beat their wives, according to Esquire.Thus, the author of the book "Women in Islam" Mohamed Kamal Mustafa believes that a woman is beaten with a switch (not too thick), as the strikes have to bring it in the first place, "not physical, but spiritual suffering." The author recommends that men "to strike the sensitive parts of the body: face, chest, abdomen, head, and so on," reports "Vesti.Ru."However, Read more [...]
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Muslims doomsday predictions. Islam is about 2012

In many religions of the world are closely intertwined teaching about the end of the world. The scenario is almost the same everywhere, and it differs only by some subtleties. So, if you know your Bible, you can easily see the coincidence of certain points of view on the apocalypse in the Christian and Muslim faiths. Islam, just like Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and other religions, does not deny the offensive end of the world, and says that the end will affect not only our planet, but the entire universe in general. The universe must undergo significant changes, only the Read more [...]
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In early VIIIv. territory of modern Morocco was conquered by the Arabs and the part of the Arab Caliphate. Berber tribes readily embraced Islam. Before the arrival of the Arabs Berbers professed Christianity and Judaism believe in the Carthaginian gods, in various local idols. Simple rituals of Islam came a way of life of local people. However, in addition to orthodox Islam, here, as elsewhere in North Africa, have spread the Sufi (or dervish) Order - religious brotherhoods, suggesting its own special way of "saving", although in line with Islam, but with significant deviations from Read more [...]
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The struggle against the orthodox, orthodox Sunni supporters were the other main areas - Shiism . Shiism emerged in the 2nd half of the VII century. Its origin is the name of Ali b. Abi Talib (killed in Kufa, 661, 21 January) - the fourth "righteous" Caliph, the cousin and son in law of the Prophet Muhammad. Shiite tradition draws Ali very pious, honest, brave warrior, selflessly devoted to Muhammad and to the cause of Islam. These qualities of Ali, one of the first to convert to Islam, as well as his relationship with the Prophet served as the basis for his followers to ascribe to Read more [...]
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Sect of Islam

Islam  (Arabic, literally. - Submission), or Islam - one of the most widespread religions that emerged at the beginning of VII century. in Arabia. In the early centuries of the Islamic faith of a Muslim state was a certain amount of religious and legal regulations and statutes that regulated the relationship between people in society. Most interested in the question in this case law and foreign rituals. As in Christianity, theology in Islam there was much later than the religion itself appeared. Development and interpretation of the tenets of faith did not belong to the caliph, not a state Read more [...]
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