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Thai Marines fought off the attack of Islamists to their base

Thai marines repelled February 13 night attack Islamists to their base in the southern part of the country, reports the Associated Press. As a result of the battle, which lasted more than an hour, at least 16 attackers were killed, dozens were injured. Defenders of the base of more than a hundred people were injured, but no one died.According to the command of the armed forces of Thailand, made a raid on the base at least 30 people. They were all dressed in uniforms and body armor, and well armed: on the battlefield were grenades and assault rifles with laser sights.Repulse the attack relatively Read more [...]
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French legionnaires landed in Mali

In Mali, landed the first division of French Foreign Legion. France again after the events of the 20th century marked the military presence in North Africa. At this time the reason was "correcting Libyan mistakes." In Paris, realized that as a result of NATO's support Libyan opposition, the influence of "Al Qaeda" and other Islamic organizations in the region, it is too large. So much so that the government of Mali itself requested the foreign military intervention to get rid of "Al Qaeda", which now controls most of the territory. On arrival in Mali Foreign Read more [...]
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Observers: Islamists rig the results of the referendum in Egypt

16/12/2012 Six non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to monitor the first phase of the constitutional referendum in Egypt, demanded an expression of the will again. According to observers, the vote was in the worst traditions of former dictator Hosni Mubarak. NGOs on the government to declare the Islamists of the first stage of the referendum invalid.Among the violations recorded by non-governmental organizations - insufficient number of judges who were to observe the referendum, the presence of members of the ruling party "Freedom and Justice" at the polls. In addition, it is argued Read more [...]
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The French and the Malians retakes airport Islamists Timbuktu, Islamists burned the library of the ancient city

French army soldiers and fighters of Malian units dislodged Muslim extremists from Airport Timbuktu. Radicals in panic leaving the city and burn priceless manuscripts of Islamic scholars. "We control the airport Timbuktu. We did not encounter any serious resistance. Capture of the city poses no problem, "- said the representative of the Malian army correspondent of the French newspaper Le Monde. Capturing Timbuktu airport and blocking a major city in the north of Mali was one more step in the operation "Serval" that the French soldiers carried out together with the Malian Read more [...]
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French troops launched a ground operation against militants in Mali

A column of armored vehicles of French special forces moved north of the capital Bamako. Fighting the Islamists may begin at any time. "The militants left their fortified positions in northern Mali after blows air force, and now we have a rather advantageous position to attack," - said the Minister of Defence of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian. According to Le Drian, French paratroopers will be supported by the army of Mali, African military also contract to the north. "Military operations will continue as long as necessary", - the Minister added. Chief of Staff of the French Read more [...]
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