Munich 2006

The artist always puts into his work makes more sense than it myself guess. For his film about the tragic events at the Olympic Games in 1972, Steven Spielberg chose the artless name - "Munich" - and hardly thought about his possible implication. But in the politicized public consciousness Munich - this is not primarily Munich-72-Munich 38. Delivery of the Western powers in the hope of Czechoslovakia to buy off Hitler. Today, when Israel has failed in most of its history under the fire of war * hypocritical criticism of the "world of progressive public opinion" and the "Al-Jazeera" Read more [...]
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Brown spider web under the Star of David

As mentioned, the "Mossad" like self-promotion, so to him, and ~ its shares and those of its agents, who "came back in from the cold", that is out of the game, the subject of many articles and books written (in the West!) clearly on the instructions of their leaders. For the purpose of self-promotion in Tel Aviv was built even gigantic monument, the walls of which are written the names of the agents "Mossad", the dead, as they say, "in the performance." This distinctive monument built on the initiative of General Meir Amit (Slutsky), who headed the Israeli Read more [...]
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The wounded were finished off with knives

One of the elements of "Irgun tsvey Leumi 'surrounded at dawn April 10, 1948 a small Arab village, located just west of Jerusalem. The village was known for its inhabitants to maintain good relations with the Jewish residents of the neighboring villages and took no part in the Arab-Jewish clashes. Thugs of the "Irgun" was well known that among the four residents of Deir Yassin was not a single armed man. However, residents of the speakers were ordered to surrender their weapons, and within fifteen minutes from their homes. A little more than a hundred people had time to execute Read more [...]
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Lavon Affair

"Name" Mossad "was tainted shame operations, poorly conceived, poorly equipped and poorly implemented." It's sad all the recognition we read the same book, Dennis Eisenberg, Uri Dan, and Eli Landau, and it applies to one of the most scandalous failure of Israeli intelligence services in the Middle East - namely, in Egypt. The literature on these services, the scandal in question is called "fraud Lavon" - named Pinhas Lavon, the former defense minister of Israel from 1952 to 1954 and one of the leaders of the ruling Mapai. However, it can be assumed that the pin-Khas Read more [...]
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Blackmail and threats

June 2, 1984 in the Beirut district of Burj el-Barazhneh Shiite organization in the office "Amal" held an unusual press conference. Foreign and local journalists were presented two killers. They were recruited by Israeli intelligence services to deal with Sheikh Rajab Harbaugh, the imam of the village yuzhnolivanskoy Dzhibshit, a prominent opponent of the Israeli occupation. Unfortunately, the killers failed mission of the owners. But after a few weeks, they were captured and taken to the patriots of West Beirut, where they had to give an account of his crime. ...At the table, laden Read more [...]
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Irangate: the Israeli trace

1986 is unlikely to ever be commemorated rulers of Tel Aviv with good words, because it was probably the most intense year of scandals in the history of the Zionist state. It began with a scandal over the final exposure of Israeli intelligence agent Jonathan Pollard, arrived in the U.S. in the act. Then the scandal with theft by Israeli agents of the American technology of cluster bombs. Scandal exposing the brutal murder of the Israeli secret service agents "Shin Bet" of two Palestinian youths, committed with the approval of the most senior ranks of the security forces and Prime Minister Read more [...]
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Operation Moses

...Woman in Israeli military uniforms squatted before dark skinned boy, shooting from the knee of the American M-16 rifles for plywood silhouette of a man. On the right and left of them - a chain of children, aiming their rifles at a target, as a dark-skinned boy ... Wire grid, and her two black kid. Outside, in the zoo, they are looking blonde child. Afro-old man in a knitted ski cap and sports jacket, which is a patronizing pat on the shoulder, unshaven man in a cowboy hat and company shifted to the back ... I see pictures, I cut out of foreign newspapers and magazines - telling the story of Read more [...]
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Path to fuhrers

In front of me revealed folder. In it - the famous Lebanese cartoonist Mahmoud Khalil, from 1978 to 1981 year - Excerpts from Beirut newspapers and magazines, in which he had worked. And I opened the folder to Mahmoud Khalil helped me write about Menachem Begin, who headed at that time the Zionist government of Israel. Why am I asked for help from the works of cartoonist? Because the master cartoons, like no other, are able to see with amazing accuracy the main features of the nature of the object of his satire, highlight them and depict with uncompromising harshness. So I was flipping through Read more [...]
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Of the third world: the United States against Iran

  Fortunately, now we no not directly threatened. Territorial disputes "frozen" hostile frontier of the Republic does not have the necessary military capabilities, reduced activity of terrorist organizations. However, near the Russian borders rather conflict zones in which war could break out tomorrow, to develop into the world. Most likely, Russia will not be able to stay away from such a war, and we must now determine their attitude to these conflicts, clearly stating their position and not trying to have it both ways at once. "Clash of Civilizations", about Read more [...]
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Diane wants to steal planes …

This phrase is taken from the diary of former Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett, and up to January 1955, when the Zionist rulers of Israel had already begun practicing terrorism on the international scene. Israeli intelligence service can without doubt be considered "pioneers" in this infamous case, as air piracy. But began aviarazboy they did on earth, and where could act with impunity. In December 1968, Israeli commandos, using helicopters, boldly crossed the Lebanese air space and landed at Beirut International Airport, then a peaceful country, tourism brochures called "the Read more [...]
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Interrogation under torture

- You - a Communist? Confess! We all know! Again Strikes - heels, iron rods, sticks and fists ... This nightmare began for Khalil Hijazi, a resident of the city of Nablus, in the occupied Zionists West Bank, late at night, when his house was raided by Israeli Gestapo. Khalil and his family, they were dragged out of their beds and put a face to the wall. Themselves are set to search. Break all. Broke furniture. Broke the dishes. I. .. did not find anything! - Nothing, we find - Khalil heard angry outburst older gangster. - You - communist. We know that. You start talking with us and show Read more [...]
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Spies, spies, spies …

However, the scandalous revelations were literally rock hanging over the intelligence services of Israel, and especially once the scandal broke out in late autumn 1985, to last for many months. It was implicated another spy couple - Specialist Navy U.S. Jonathan Pollard and his wife, Anne Henderson-Pollard. They are accused of selling Israeli secret documents and information relating to the defense of the United States, and spying for the Zionist state. ...It all started with the fact that on the morning November 21, 1985 on the quiet streets of Washington raced at breakneck speed "Mustang" Read more [...]
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Israel expects the severe drought

While the Jewish people pray for rain, meteorologists portend an unprecedented drought.Winter 2009-2010 s not a particularly rainy, but still compares favorably to the previous six dry years. Summer 2011 year, however, promises to break all records for heat.Winter this year will begin very late and very little precipitation falls.Israeli water management, hearing bad news immediately launched a campaign to raise the price of water. Prices, there is no doubt increase, but the shortage of water price increases will not solve.In 2001, when there was a similar situation, the government decided to Read more [...]
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Warming will wash the Middle East conflict from the Earth

Canadian "International Management Institute of Development" published a report on the prospects of global warming in the Middle Vostoke.Doklad said: "Rising temperatures, increased tension: The risk of conflict in the Middle East."The report examines the consequences that global warming will result in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Lebanon.The report states that Near East now is the region with the greatest water scarcity in the world. In most countries, the demand for water exceeds the available reserves.Rising temperatures and changing (shortening) the rainy Read more [...]
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Drought hits record in Israel blooming gardens

November is going to end, and the level of Lake Kinneret continues to fall with frightening speed - by half a centimeter a day. Israeli freshwater sea area for the last six years has decreased by 6 square kilometers, according to Department of Water Resources.According to forecasters, the current November broke records drought - since 1927 Kinneret never received this month so little water. And nothing reassuring meteorologists promise not: till the beginning of December, Israel will be the same dry and warm in winter weather.On Sunday in Tel Aviv and Gush Dan again expected to 29 degrees Celsius. Read more [...]
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The water crisis in Israel

The head of the water resources of Israel Uri Shani said that in 2012, Israel will suffer a very serious water crisis during the existence of the state. He alleged that the aquifer Kinneret will almost exhausted because of the ongoing seven-year drought. He said that the level of Israel's largest freshwater reservoir falls below the so-called "black" mark.Shani warned that the end of 2012, the total water resources in Israel will be reduced to 240 million cubic meters of natural sources and 300 million cubic meters, which will be obtained through the desalination of sea water. In Read more [...]
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Experts fear the devastating earthquake in Israel

In the case of the earthquake in Israel 16 thousand people will die. Another 86,000 people will receive different wounds, and 377,000 will have to be evacuated from their homes.Such a statement, but rather a warning do experts, whose duty is to prepare for natural disasters, reports today, 11 December, the agency NRG.Experts point to the fact that the fires in Israel no one seriously prepared, and that led to a terrible tragedy in the Carmel. It should open your eyes, and try to prevent the next cataclysm, they say.It specifies that the preparation for an earthquake in Israel money from the state Read more [...]
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Tremors in northern Israel

For the current month in the north Israel been reported several aftershocks, power from 3.5 to 4.5 on the Richter scale.Last, for the moment, the registration was made on November 25. As with previous shocks, also led to the destruction and victims of the earthquake there.However, the increased seismological activity in the north Israel confirms the predictions of experts on the possibility of a major earthquake in the Israel in the next decade.In recent years, the government Israel taken a number of measures to prevent the possible serious consequences of the earthquake and the preparation of Read more [...]
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Winter in Israel. Photos and Videos

In Israel last winter has come. Look something like the road to the south of Israel today. As a result of heavy rains, one person died and another was missing after trying to cross a jeep track, flooded with water. It is noted that the jeep blew water on Jordanian territory, and searches are conducted in coordination with the government of Jordan. Reports clickable. Source: Read more [...]
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In Israel, the rain

Completely unexpectedly, not only for the people of Ashdod and Ashkelon, but forecasters, in southern Israel began to rain.Strong rain took over the coastal strip Ashkelon Thursday morning. "Piece" of a rain cloud went nearby Ashdod, where the duration of amazing for this time of year, the phenomenon has been reduced to five minutes.In the north, also reported rainfall. So the residents of the prestigious village of Kfar Vradim told that they came on Thursday morning rain. "I was awakened by the sound of rain. About half past five in the morning or later chet. It was fine, "- Read more [...]
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