The «Russian» Israel

Photos Kevin Bryant, DMD / FLICKR.COM When I go to the Mediterranean Sea, the boat on its periodic leave parking in the marina of the city of Ashdod, the capital «Russian Israel», Where the Russian-speaking majority. And in the sea, five kilometers from the coast, is the world's only open-sea fish farms. When it storms cages lowered from the surface below the waves. Other farms are located in the bay.The farm bred species of dorado — sea ​​bream, which is complete and on the shelves of Russia, it is brought from Turkey and the same Israel. Once I earned half Read more [...]
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Joker Clears Kestrel of Espial For Israel

A kestrel detained by Turkish villagers on misgiving of existence a non-human Israeli spy has been clear of any error and released dorsum into the barbaric.Residents in the hamlet of Altinavya observed the shuttlecock with a alloy tintinnabulation round its leg, stamped with the speech “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel.” Fearing the raspberry could be a spy, they sour the kestrel ended to local regime. Aesculapian force at Elazig’s Firat University initially identified the boo as an “Israeli Spy” in their readjustment documents. Withal, a serial of intensifier aesculapian Read more [...]
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Floods in southern Israel

Torrential rains have caused severe flooding in southern Israel. There are deaths and injuries, a few people still unaccounted for. Under water were dozens of settlements. In some cities, flooded the first floors of buildings. Evacuated hundreds of residents. Rescuers work in emergency mode on the phone lines every minute emergency services received dozens of calls asking for help. No better situation in the Palestinian territories. Moreover, local authorities blamed it on Israel. In the press reported that the soldiers of this country have opened one of the dams, resulting in the streets of Read more [...]
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Winter in Israel. Photo and Video

Israel has finally come winter. Looked like this road in southern Israel today. As a result of heavy rains, one person was killed and another was missing after trying to cross a jeep track, flooded with water. It is noted that the jeep blew water on Jordanian territory, and searches are conducted in coordination with the government of Jordan. Reports Photo clickable.Source: Read more [...]
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Since I try not to write about politics, but once the siren and buzzing in my city, it is an occasion to tell you what life is under attack and in general what’s going on as they say firsthand.

Shoot at us Hamasniki crude rockets quality is quite caught up industrial past 3 days was fired from Gaza about 700 + missiles. All mostly in the South, but lemengi of the Hamas leadership in the center of Israel and take aim ...Where it all started so suddenly ... with the fact that terrorists from Islamic Jihad bummed antitank missile at Joop who patrols the border with Gaza. Israel retaliated by objects Jihadists. What we do know where they have that explained simply for the money they sell home mom. Their mothers do not interest us.Well then Hamas was like as an excuse for Israel to Read more [...]
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Israel covers the dust storm and haze

The Ministry of Environment has warned that tomorrow, March 9, Israel will cover dust storm and haze. It is reported by the radio station "Kol Yisrael". Cause of bad weather and dirty air will be the storm that is coming to Israel from North Africa. Haze begin at noon and will last until the end of the day. Ministry for the Environment advises pregnant women, children and people with asthma and other respiratory diseases to try not to go out in the evening. Source: Cursor Info Read more [...]
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In Israel, the heat escaping in shopping centers and in the sea

Suffer from the heat and in Israel. Even for a country where 100 days per year plus 30 degrees, this summer was too hot. All Israelis strongly recommend going into the street, to bring drinking water. She is now the weight of gold. Therefore, in the fountains do not bathe. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Dangerous-whether in Israel

Americans know that Israel can not go - it is dangerous.Israelis know that in fact Israel is not dangerous, dangerous only in Jerusalem. Jerusalemites know that all this nonsense, really dangerous only in Gilo - shoot there.Gilo residents believe that it is dangerous only in the street, "Ha-Anath."On the street Ha Anath all know that it is dangerous only at number 15, which can be caught in the shelling.The whole house is number 15 in the know that a dangerous apartment - it's 36, but she is on the firing line.The apartment has 36 any moron would understand that it is dangerous Read more [...]
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In Israel thermometers showed more than 50 degrees Celsius

It's hard to believe, but the temperature in Israel has not yet reached its peak, although August 2010 is already being hailed as the hottest summer in history. On Wednesday, August 18, the temperature in some regions of Israel had crossed the mark 50 degrees Celsius, according to the website of the 2nd channel ITV. So for example, thermometers in Haifa showed 52 degrees Celsius, in Tiberias and Spele - 50 degrees Celsiana better case in other cities of Israel, be'er Sheva — 47 degrees in tel Aviv 44 C... Easier, all while «escaped» Jerusalem — there were Read more [...]
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August 2010: the brutal heat in the history of Israel

Last August was the hottest month in the history of the state of Israel. In several places broken temperature records: near Safed temperature reached 40.6 degrees Celsius, in Kfar Blum 45.4 degrees, in Jerusalem -41 degrees. Meteorological service of Israel reports that August was the hottest month in the history of the state since the start of observation. In addition, the average temperature in August was much higher than the average temperature this month during 1981—2010. The August night was 3-4 degrees hotter than usual. Daytime average temperatures exceeded the normal by 2-4 Read more [...]
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now in the world..

Nikita TEMNOZORPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the United States to begin to bomb Iran. How to convince a politician, an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities will not give sufficient effect, and why it is military intervention the Yankees. .htmlThe Israeli air force struck the suburbs of Damascus. About it reports the television Arab Republic. The target aircraft was a military research center, located South-East of the capital. On preliminary data, two people were killed, injured. With all of this, laboratories caused significant harm. Explanations Read more [...]
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Israel preparing for evacuation: Crimea, Birobidzhan or Altai? (Part 2)

Israel secretly conquer Russia. All over seriously, because beyond military action ... Confirmed plans for a large-scale settlement of Altai (Altay and not only) and from the other side. Israeli media do not hide the fact of presence in their country whole mass youth movement "zaselentsev secret" that do not just plan and acquire real skills secret visit to Russia. Here, for instance, writes Israeli site '' about the movement: In Israel, was born and rapidly spreading new youth movement, in which the romantic ideology of early Zionism intricately intertwined with the fervor of a Read more [...]
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The water crisis in Israel

The head of the water resources of Israel URI Shani said that in 2012, Israel will suffer serious water crisis for all time of existence of the state. He claims, is the aquifer of the sea of Galilee is almost exhausted due to the ongoing seven-year drought. He said that the level of the largest freshwater reservoir Israel will fall below the so-called \"black\" mark. Shani has warned that by the end of 2012, the total water resources in Israel will be reduced to 240 million cubic meters of natural sources and another 300 million cubic meters, which will be obtained by desalination of sea water. Read more [...]
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Tremors in the North of Israel

For the current month in the North of Israel there have been several aftershocks, power from 3.5 to 4.5 points on the Richter scale. Last, at the moment, the registration was made on 25 November. As with previous shocks, have not resulted in damage and affected by the earthquake there. However, increased seismic activity in the North of Israel confirms the experts ' predictions about the possibility of a major earthquake in Israel in the next decade. In recent years the Israeli government has adopted a series of measures for the prevention of serious consequences of the earthquake and the Read more [...]
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Drought hits record, in Israel, gardens bloom

November is coming to an end, and the level of the sea of Galilee continues to fall with frightening speed by half a centimeter a day. The area of freshwater Israeli sea during the last six years has decreased by 6 square kilometers, according to the Management of water resources. According to forecasters, the current November broke all records of drought since 1927 Kinneret never received this month so little water. And nothing comforting meteorologists promise may not: until the beginning of December in Israel will be the same dry and warm winter weather. On Sunday in tel Aviv and in the Read more [...]
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Fire on Northern Israel: there are dead and injured

Israel cannot put out a forest fire is one of the largest in the history of the state. He has already claimed the lives of 40 people, hundreds of people evacuated. It is known that the city of Haifa in the area of fire hit the bus with the prison guards who were going to help in the rescue operation. All bus passengers were killed. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the fire a national disaster and appealed for help to foreign countries. Greece and Cyprus have already promised to send to Israel a few of their helicopters. Assistance in fighting the fire will have and Russia. Source: Read more [...]
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Sand storm in Israel

Na throughout Israel was established stormy weather. The wind force reaches 55-110 km/h of Wind tore the trees and damaged power lines in Jerusalem, acre, Kiryat Shmona, bene Beraq and Eilat. In the Negev, according to Radio the IDF, «raging sand storm of unprecedented power». Because up in the air with clouds of sand deteriorated visibility on the roads. At the entrance to Beersheva happened «chain accident» where are faced seven cars. The storm will peak on the night of December 12. Throughout Israel's heavy rains, flooding in Carmel, in the Negev and the coastal strip. In Read more [...]
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Experts fear the devastating earthquake in Israel

In the event of an earthquake in Israel will perish 16 thousand people. Another 86 thousand people will get injuries of varying severity, and 377 have thousands to evacuate from their homes. Such a statement, but rather caution do experts, whose duty is to prepare for a natural disaster, reported by today, December 11, the Agency NRG. Experts point to the fact that the fires in Israel nobody had prepared, and this has led to a terrible tragedy in Carmel. You should open your eyes, and try to prevent the next disaster, they argue. It was specifically noted that in preparation for the earthquake Read more [...]
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Military: Israel threatens the earthquake, more destructive than war

October 14, 2013. Israel threatens earthquake, potentially more destructive than any war in history, told RIA Novosti senior official of the home front command - Israeli military structures in charge of civil defense. Calling natural disaster «a matter of time» he recalled that in Israel, located in the area of the Syrian-African rift, the tremors of a magnitude not less than 7 happen, according to statistics, every 80-90 years. The last such earthquake occurred in 1927 and killed 300 people.«This would happen. Earthquake, potentially more destructive than any war, is a matter Read more [...]
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Israel survived 5 earthquakes in six days

October 24, 2013. Earthquake in Israel began to occur with amazing frequency that the Prime Minister was forced to collect urgent advice on checking the readiness of the Israeli rescue services in case they have to act after the potential of a powerful impetus and to eliminate its consequences. The most recent impetus, the fifth in the last six days, had an epicenter near lake Tiberias. Its magnitude was small, only 3.3 points that did not cause any significant damage and not injured local residents. Two days earlier in the North of Israel happened two more earthquakes, the magnitude of both was Read more [...]
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