Joker Clears Kestrel of Espial For Israel

A kestrel detained by Turkish villagers on misgiving of existence a non-human Israeli spy has been clear of any error and released dorsum into the barbaric.Residents in the hamlet of Altinavya observed the shuttlecock with a alloy tintinnabulation round its leg, stamped with the speech “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel.” Fearing the raspberry could be a spy, they sour the kestrel ended to local regime. Aesculapian force at Elazig’s Firat University initially identified the boo as an “Israeli Spy” in their readjustment documents. Withal, a serial of intensifier aesculapian Read more [...]
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Dudes, High!

Israeli kids besiege Kelly Woodlouse and Makua Rothman on Tel Aviv's Herzliya Beach     Kelly Woodlouse: Surfboarding the Midsection EastwardKelly Woodlouse in Chocolate Beach, FLorida, November 2007 Kelly Woodlouse: Surfboarding the Center EastwardSurfboarding for Pacification beginner Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz on Tel Aviv's Hilton Beach Kelly Woodlouse: Surfboarding the Halfway EastwardWoodlouse rocks the Surfriding for Repose found company. Kelly Woodlouse: Surfriding the Eye EWoodlouse in the kiddie card Kelly Woodlouse: Surfriding the Midsection Read more [...]
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Israel by the U.S. is building a secret underground base Object 911

U.S. forces will be engaged in engineering construction supervision for the five-level underground complex IDF Air Force Base, near Tel Aviv. Military base, which the Pentagon called "Object 911", estimated at $ 100 million for its construction will take about two years.It is reported that on the first floor of the underground facility will be in classrooms on the third - a lecture hall and various laboratories. Rooms will be equipped with impact-resistant doors and special protection against non-ionizing radiation, and other security measures, according to Washington Post. "Collecting Read more [...]
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Israeli Air Force attacked RT Office in Gaza

Office channel RT in Arabic ("Rusia al-Yaum") was shelled by the Israeli Air Force in the Gaza Strip on the night of November 18, at about 01:30 local time. Its employees are not affected, since left the building about an hour before the attack. TV News bureau located at the last, the eleventh floor of the building where the offices are concentrated in many international media, including Sky News and ITV, as well as Palestinian news agencies. Premise channel "Rusia al-Yaum" (the Arabic-language version of RT), located in the Gaza Strip, was destroyed in the shelling Read more [...]
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Israeli aircraft bombed a suburb of Damascus

The Syrian government has accused Israel of bombing of the research center, near Damascus. Spread the message about this state news agency SANA. It is reported that at dawn on January 30, Israeli warplanes violated Syrian airspace and bombed Institute in Damascus Jamri province. As a result of an air attack two people were killed and five were wounded. The building of the center and one of the neighboring buildings were completely destroyed. Earlier battles for research center led government forces and the opposition, RBC reports. The fact that the bombing of Syria Israeli military confirmed Read more [...]
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U.S. says: target Israeli airstrike in Syria was a convoy of arms

News began excuse Israeli aggression against Syria. U.S. administration officials who wished to remain anonymous, said that on Wednesday, Israeli aircraft attacked Syrian territory, according to The New York Times. "Americans believe that the target of an air raid that took place in the vicinity of Damascus, was the convoy, which was carrying the ultramodern air defense system, designed for the Shiite militant group" Hezbollah "in Lebanon" - journalists write Isabel Kershner and Michael Gordon.According to these U.S. officials, Israel informed the United States ahead of the Read more [...]
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100 fighters work out in Israel Syrian scenario

01/08/2013 According to the second channel of the Israeli TV, in Israel are major air exercise of different countries of the world.The pilots and their machines arrived in Israel a few days ago. They will explore all possible scenarios in Syria, including actions against the Syrian chemical arsenal.Israel reports that any of the pilots involved in the preparation. Last week, Israeli TV reported that the exercises will be practiced bombing and air combat techniques.mignews.comCategory: Political Factors Read more [...]
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Israel recognized the existence of a Prisoner X

Jerusalem acknowledged that the Israeli prison actually contained a "Prisoner X", who had dual Israeli-Australian citizen who committed suicide in 2010, according to The Jerusalem Post.Israeli Justice Ministry explained that the personal data that prisoner hiding for security reasons, says BBC News. His family was notified of the investigation, arrest, was approved by the court, and the rights of the prisoner followed.The fact that a man found in secrecy in an Israeli prison Ayalon, became known in 2010. The media reported that he was sitting in solitary confinement and has no contact Read more [...]
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Lukashenko frightened Israel to supply Iran with S-300

The possibility of supply from Belarus to Iran advanced anti-S-300 is a major concern on the Israeli side. In Israel, the deal was soon nicknamed the "axis of evil." At the same time Russia in the recent past, according to the UN resolution to terminate the contract under which Iran was to provide a range of weapons. Meanwhile, the leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has followed a number of Tehran, as suggested by the public, and it is ready to supply the Islamic Republic has to be her arms, not to miss the opportunity to capitalize on this, says "Market Leader". The Read more [...]
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Israeli soldiers attacked the Reuters staff

Reuters has accused Israeli soldiers in an attack on two of its operators. According to the report the agency released on the night of Friday, December 14 attack was carried out on Wednesday night in the center of Hebron. According to Reuters, the Israeli soldiers hit operators butts and forced them to undress in the street, as well as tear gas, resulting in one of the agency's employees were hospitalized.The Israeli military has promised to take the ministry to the message about the incident with the utmost seriousness, but no explanation was forthcoming.According to the victims, Yusri al-Jamal Read more [...]
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Israel is on the verge of war with Lebanon

Senior Israeli officials said they are preparing for war with Lebanon. This was informed source close to the government. Reportedly, Israel launched a missile defense system in the north of the country and ordered all civilian aircraft to leave the airport Haifa. According to The Washington Free Beacon, authorities have warned of an impending conflict, meeting behind closed doors in Washington. "The world must be ready for another war with Lebanon," - said one of the military advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting of representatives of the Fund Defense of Democracies Read more [...]
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Israeli politicians, From Gaza to proceed as the U.S. in Hiroshima

While in Cairo continues complex diplomatic negotiations in order to stop the Israeli-Palestinian bloodshed, Israel high-ranking officials, politicians, religious leaders and prominent journalists call to raze to the ground the Gaza Strip. Interior Minister Eli Yishai said on Monday that the operation "a pillar of cloud," which killed about 100 people, "should be continued and expanded." Obviously, the interior minister was referring to the need for intervention in the Palestinian enclave of heavy equipment, as well as the elite units of paratroopers and infantry. Until now, Read more [...]
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The operation in Gaza will end on Tuesday, said the president of Egypt

Last week, the Mursi told reporters that his government is in contact with both sides of the conflict is the "some reason to hope for a quick cease-fire." '' The aggression against Gaza will end today. Without concessions and capitulations'' '- quoted President Edition'' Masri Al-Yawm. " Word of the Egyptian leader to stop operation of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip were made at the funeral of his sister, who had died the day before. No other details about the end of combat operations in the enclave Mursi did not mention. Israel November 14, spends Read more [...]
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Christ was not born in Bethlehem, Israeli scientists

Israeli archaeologists believe that Jesus Christ was not born in Bethlehem in the West Bank of the Jordan River, and in the small village of Bethlehem of Galilee in northern Israel, wrote on Monday, the British newspaper "Daily Telegraph"."Bethlehem of Galilee was inhabited by Jews in Jesus' time, and what other Bethlehem? There is no evidence that at that time there lived people" - the newspaper quoted an Israeli archaeologist Aviram Oshri.According A.Oshri, he found evidence that at the time of the Savior's birth in Bethlehem of Galilee Jewish rituals were performed. Read more [...]
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A truce between Israel and Hamas postponed

"Until now, a final agreement on a cease-fire in Gaza is not reached. So we have to wait until tomorrow" - reports "Al Arabia" statement by Hamas.The representative of the Israeli government, Mark Regev, for his part, told CNN: "The ball is still in play." "Israel calls for a complete cessation of not only fire, but also smuggling, which is fraught with the remilitarization of Gaza. At the moment we are giving time to reach an agreement, but we are ready to any measures of self-defense," - he said. It was reported earlier that the armistice agreement will Read more [...]
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Just compare — rocket missiles Israel vs Palestine

Two videos. Consequences of a fall on the same homemade rockets Palestinians in another place of the Israeli aviation.

Israeli strike

Palestinians blow
Category: War
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Israeli special forces entered the Gaza Strip

Hamas rejected the Israeli offer for a cease-fire, at least, it says the president of the Jewish state, Shimon Peres. He stressed that the Tel Aviv appreciates Egypt's efforts to achieve a cease-fire, but "Hamas does not listen to their Arab brothers." Israel, according to Perez, has no plans to occupy Gaza, but only protected from attacks. "This is a strange war, we in it do not set ourselves any targets conquest. We do not want to fight with anyone, including Hamas. We are not going to change the status of Gaza. Anyway, do not want to shoot. But ... we just no other choice, Read more [...]
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Israel has proposed a 36-hour ultimatum

Israel has demanded that Hamas 36 hours to surrender, threatening otherwise to expand the scope of the military operation in the Gaza Strip. This was reported by local media, referring to the command of the IDF. "We are at a crossroads: either we reach a truce, or seriously expand the operation, including the full solution to the problem," - Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz. Israeli forces in six days of military operations "pillar of cloud" in the Gaza Strip were hit 1350 targets in the Palestinian enclave. During this time, with the sector was released almost a thousand Read more [...]
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RT office in Gaza destroyed by an Israeli air strike

RT channel office in Gaza, is located in the business center "Al-Shawa," destroyed by Israeli missiles hit. TV crew suffered.Office channel RT Arabic - "Rusia al-Yaum" - was shelled by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip on the night of November 18, about 01-30 local time. Corresponding Said Al-matching and operator Mustafa al-Bajada not suffer because left the building about an hour before the attack.TV News bureau located at the last, the eleventh floor of the building where the offices are concentrated many media companies from several countries, including Sky News, ITV and Read more [...]
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Hamas militants attacked an Israeli vehicle and shot down a helicopter

On Sunday, the Islamic militants of Hamas rocket hit the Israeli navy ship in the Bay of Gaza, the same helicopter was shot down, the Iranian satellite channel "Al-Alam". Israeli military command of this information has not been confirmed. During the Israeli raid on the block Hi-Nasr killed a family of 11 people, including five children. Three more children were victims of point missile strikes on Al Breydzhu and Beit Hanoun, and three died in hospital from his injuries. Only in the evening, 29 Palestinians were killed, according to ITAR-TASS. "Brigades İzzeddin al-Qassam" Read more [...]
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