Singletrack: Advent to a Highschool Dear You

High sports deliver farseeing rotated about football, hoops, baseball, and raceway and battlefield. If it’s capable the Home Interschool Cycling Affiliation (NICA), an constitution push for cycling in highschool schools, you power shortly be as probably to be clangorous cowbells at the cultivation contrast of your kid’s slipstream as mounting into the football bleachers. Founded in 2009 with good the Norcal Highschool Conference, NICA has expanded to octad states with 9 leagues and virtually 2,000 participants, and they aim to land their programs nationally by Twenty. “The programme Read more [...]
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Yakov Litvinov and Sons

Jacob Litvinova rightfully should be put first in a series pervoosvoiteley Ural bowels. Because it involves the emergence of a new Russian state and very important for the country's industries - non-ferrous metallurgy. It was he who first pointed out the deposit, which was soon put the firstborn of the domestic industry mednoobrabatyvayuschey - Pyskorsky copper smelter. Who is he, Jacob Litvinov? Remained very little information about its origin, the path that led him to the Urals. One can only assume that, judging by the name, Jacob was the son of a Lithuanian - "Litvin". Probably because of those Read more [...]
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Yakov Kokovin

Yakov Kokovin was born and raised in the kingdom of stone. From the cradle he was surrounded by people who knew, understood and loved the stone. The marble was still working his grandfather Efstafy Kokovin. With sixteen years went «kamenotesnym pupil» on Gornoschitsky marble works and the father of Jacob Basil Efstafevich. Within a few years it «on knowledge of lapidary arts» transferred to Yekaterinburg Lapidary Works. Here Basil Kokovin became an apprentice and then master. With him in the early years of the XIX century «kamenodelnoe Art was presented at the factory Read more [...]
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Erect a monument prospectors

In the beginning of February (new style) 1697 Verkhotursky Governor Dmitry Protas reported to their lord Peter I, that "stone magnet syskal Verkhoturye county Krasnopolie settlement of the village of Russian people Tereshka Fadeev (village Fateevo) and from the river Tagil two miles in the mountain» Voguls Jacob Savin. "Magnetic Mountain, he writes further, yasashnyh estates up Tagil Tagil parish down the river on the left side of the mountain over the length-nick 300 yards, across the 30" yards "in height from the river Tagil 70 yards, the other side of the identity, and among the mountains Read more [...]
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The story of one jasper vases

Every art form has its own specifics, their secrets. Do stonecutter and Stoneshaper is a special feeling, a special understanding of the stone. There is little to be a good draftsman and sculptor. We should also feel the hidden possibilities of the stone, its «character» and whims. And only then will merge fantasy and taste of the artist with imagination and beauty of natural stone. And where you can find close to the stone as not in the Urals? It was here that childhood Jacob Kokovin adopt the experience of their ancestors. Russian «culture stone» started from the XVIII Read more [...]
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Tidings on Colton Harris Moore

    Exposure: Example by Jacob ThomasColton Harris-MooreFor the modish tidings on Colton Harris-Moore, cheque Bob Friel's blog at Read more [...]
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President of South Africa in a leopard skin sacrificed 12 cows

South African President Jacob Zuma (Jacob Zuma) addressed to the ancestors for help in the upcoming elections of the ruling party, "the African National Congress' (ANC), writes BBC News. On Sunday, November 25, he went to his native village, where the prayers offered up ancestors 12 cows. During the ceremony, Zuma, dressed in leopard skin, gave a spear and shield, which should protect it from enemies in the elections. At the end of the president's son told the police and security guards to remove journalists, writes The Mercury.Party Conference will be held in December, and Zuma's Read more [...]
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