Confused in the Thousand Canon

Kaitlin Kenney, ahead rafting Anchorite Speedy on her birthday, January 6, 2013.     Exposure: Sophie DanisonOn Marchland 29, Linnea and Brian Kenney standard the word that every rear dreads. That day, they well-educated that a personify ascertained in the K Canon a workweek earliest was that of their 21-year-old girl, Kaitlin Kenney, who had asleep absent on January 11, during what was to be a 29-day, 277-mile self-supported flock slip polish the Colorado River.Kaitlin and a aggroup of beau students from the University of Montana had launched from Lee's Ferrying on December 26 for Read more [...]
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The M Canon: Be Compromising With Your Permission Escort

    Picture: Anton Foltin/Shutterstock.comYour odds growth dramatically if you are volition to contract a actuate international of the May done September crown flavour. Patch the independent drawing is in February, thither are reexamination lotteries passim the twelvemonth that offer deal of December and January found dates that citizenry from the master drawing did not issue. It is significant to cultivate yourself on what a Thousand misstep testament expression wish in January. Study: shorter years and more specialised equipment ilk a dry courting and droppings boots. Read more [...]
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A Jungle Mutilate Enigma Heats Up

Bathroom and Ann inspecting route price later a landslip.     Photograph: Courtesy of the Patton septDearest and Rabidness In the Jungle  Interpret the good account.Ann Carousal, the multi-millionaire accused of kill her conserve in their straggling Rib Rican deepen in January 2010, bequeath again expression tribulation for the hit. Conclusion January, Ann Booze-up was acquitted of the offense. (Ned Zeman wrote around the crimein our June 2013 publication.) But a three-judge venire in Rib Rica latterly upset the acquittal, career for a retrial.Ann and Lav Carouse had Read more [...]
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27 January in Russia is celebrated on the Day of military glory of Russia - Day siege of the town of Leningrad. This year, exactly 70 years of Heroic Resistance of our People and the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad, which survived in the struggle against fascism. 900 days and nights, almost 3 years , cold and hunger, diseases and deaths.Date is marked on the basis of the Federal law "On the days of military glory and memorable dates of Russia" on March 13, 1995The coming of the Nazi troops in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), the capture of which the German command was assigned the principal Read more [...]
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Anomalously cold in the Trans-Baikal

Abnormally cold weather set from Monday to Chita, frosts down to minus 45-50 degrees will hold in the Trans-Baikal region until 4 January. "From December 28 to January 4 in Chita and the edge is expected abnormally cold weather with an average temperature below normal by 7-15 degrees. In some places severe frosts with temperatures -45 -50 ° », - he said. According to him, in the night from Sunday to Monday in Chita registered temperature -41,1 °. The temperature in the -49 ° registered in certain areas in the central part of the province, in the south and south-east, in the northern municipalities. «C Read more [...]
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Authorities of the Region are asked to save electricity

Governor of Trans-Baikal Territory on Tuesday appealed to the people of the region in the period of abnormally cold temperatures expected until January 4, economical use of electricity and to refrain from extensive use of high-power electrical appliances. From December 28 to January 4 in the Trans-Baikal region is expected to abnormally cold weather with an average temperature below the norm by 7-15 °. In some places severe frosts with temperatures -45 -50 °. In the night from Sunday to Monday in Chita registered temperature -41,1 °, in other areas of the province, the thermometer fell to -49 Read more [...]
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Niseko Is Japan’s Mythic Pulverize Nirvana

Sean Pettit in Hokkaido, Japan.     Exposure: Mattias FredrikssonAft leash gay years, Niseko is eventually acquiring backrest to rule. It's snowing.I'm with a twelve members of a snowboard golf-club from Tokyo, and unitedly we zip polish a curt run covered in faerie rubble, so bait the rhytidoplasty binding to the top of the batch, lone to key that, in the ten proceedings we exhausted on the moderate, a overbold winnowing of gabardine has wholly filled in our tracks."The run readjust," says Mucchan, a penis of the nine.We crossbeam into a clearing of snow-pasted birken—what Read more [...]
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Storm warning in the Crimea and the Novosibirsk region

Emergency Management in the Novosibirsk region on Tuesday issued a storm warning due to expected strong frosts. "On the territory of the Novosibirsk Region 6 to January 10, most likely in the north, northeast, set the minimum temperature of minus 35-40 degrees," - said in a statement. Currently in Novosibirsk about 25 ° below zero. MOE warns that due to the cold snap may increase the number of fires, burns and frostbite. Residents of the region are advised not to leave the premises without the need for warm and motorists as possible, refrain from long-distance travel. Residents of the private Read more [...]
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Weather in the world. Photo

Girl hiding from the heavy snow under an umbrella with a flag of the United Kingdom passed by the Houses of Parliament in London on January 6th. Due to the heavy snowfall had closed airports, major roads, as well as hundreds of schools, besides shooting was suspended soap opera «Coronation Street». (AP / Alastair Grant) The first week of the new year was surprisingly frosty worldwide. In Britain, a strong frost, snow and ice disrupted airports and schools. In Spain, due to the heavy rains and snowfall in the south-west of the country were flooded roads and houses. In the United States, farmers Read more [...]
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Cross Weekly

Our German hoster bent on January 12, since it was exactly a week and for such a long time there have been no catastrophic events that rake the world until now. We will try to run on the news, which we have overlooked. Well, run)January 12 On the sun restored southern belt of activity The active area of ​​the northern (1038 and 1035), and Southern (1036), zones of solar activity at the junction of 2009-2010. Image obtained by MDI instrument on the SOHO satellite December 22, 2009. A significant increase in the activity of the southern hemisphere of the Sun recorded currently numerous Read more [...]
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Frozen Florida. Photo

Dead frozen iguana lies on the treadmill after a fall from a tree. Florida, January 10, 2010. Low temperatures are the reason that some wild tropical animals froze or went into hibernation. REUTERS / Hans Deryk Even heat-loving Florida could not stay away cold weather. See and draw conclusions. Last post about the events here in Florida.Icicles hang from an orange tree after spraying water to keep it from cold weather Plent City, Florida, January 6, 2010. Temperatures below zero are not observed in some parts of South Florida over 30 years. REUTERS / Scott Audette Walking near a tourist Read more [...]
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Another earthquake measuring 4.4 points occurred in Haiti

Earthquake of magnitude 4.4 occurred in Haiti on Friday, details about the victims have not yet been reported, according to the USGS website. As a result, the devastating earthquake of January 12 in the country killed at least 100,000 people, of which, according to local officials, 75,000 have already been buried in mass graves, and affected up to 3 million people. New tremors were recorded in 12.54 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time on, 15.54 MSK). The epicenter was located at a depth of about 10 kilometers, 25 kilometers north of the capital, Port-au-Prince. In the last days of the Haiti Read more [...]
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Here in Poland, an earthquake measuring 4.42 points

Today, January 22, in the central part of Poland, an earthquake measuring 4.42 points. According to local media reports, tremors were recorded at 05.05 (6:05 in Kiev) local time in the vicinity of Bełchatów and Pajęczno, near Lodz. According to preliminary data, no victims and destructions. «The emergency services do not have information from residents about damage or statics of buildings associated with the earthquake», — said a spokesman for the local fire guards Arkadiusz Makovsky. According to geophysicists, for the area where the earthquake occurred, the tremors Read more [...]
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Rampant floods in the United States. Photo

Rainbow over the flooded area of ​​the city in the same state of Arizona January 22, 2010. (David Kadlubowski / Arizona Republic via AP) We already told you about the bad weather here in California (video) and here (photo), and yet here, but the rampant disaster affected not only the "Sunny" state, and walked around the south-west of the country. Arizona desert covered with a blanket of snow in Las Vegas fell to 4 cm. Precipitation. Floods, snow drifts and icy roads have caused the death of about a dozen Americans.Left the car at the railway station on Friday, 22 January 2010 in Arizona. Read more [...]
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Black Sea coast of -20 °

Black Sea coast of Russia on Tuesday night was attacked cold anticyclone, the temperature in the subtropical zone of the resort dropped to 17-19 degrees below zero, only lucky Sochi, where the temperature was slightly, but higher than zero. "In the Krasnodar Territory in the morning on January 26 seats frost firmed to minus -20 ... -22 °, on the Black Sea coast to -17 ... -19 °, only in the Greater Sochi air temperature remained weakly positive Forecasters promised "stormy weather" in the last week of January in the Southern and North Caucasus federal districts - "with ice, complex deposits, Read more [...]
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Earthquake off the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands - an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of 19 islands and 107 rocks and alluvial areas. Earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 and 5.1 occurred on Friday, a thousand kilometers to the west of the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean located in the Galapagos Islands, information on casualties or damage were reported, according to the USGS site. Tremors were recorded at 20:47 on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, 23:47 MSK). Their epicenter was located 300 kilometers north of Port Villamil on Isabela Island at a depth of 30 kilometers. Source: RIA Novosti, USGS 1.979 ° N, 90.303 Read more [...]
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Earthquake in South America

In the last two weeks seismic activity in Argentina increased. In particular, since January 17, there were more than five earthquakes with magnitudes higher than 5.0. Comment: Increased activity is not in Argentina and the South American continent, if only to them restricted.Argentina and Chile Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 occurred on Friday in the north-west Argentina near the city of Salta, according to the USGS. The epicenter of the quake, recorded at 11:24 local time (17:24 MSK), located at a depth of 166.7 kilometers per 135 kilometers to the northeast of Salta. Currently information Read more [...]
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Photos from the

A man with his grandson in his arms standing in front of his house, destroyed by an earthquake in 5.2 points in Suininge, Sichuan Province, China. (AP Photo / Xinhua, Jiang Hongjing) Some photos have recently occurred disasters and their consequences.People walk through a flooded street in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since January 1, more than 100 people were killed by landslides and floods caused by persistent rains in Brazil. (Nelson Antoine / Associated Press) Woman makes cookies out of the mud for sale in Cité Soleil in Port-au-Prince. Cookies made from dirt, salt and vegetable fat. This is - Read more [...]
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Haiti — a month later. Photo

The man put his hand on a fence during a food distribution in Port-au-Prince January 30, 2010. (REUTERS / Carlos Barria) It has been almost a month after the Haiti earthquake struck, and "tent city" is not empty for a single day, despite the fact that the factories in Port-au-Prince are slowly beginning to open up. Most of the humanitarian aid has already arrived, and the problems with the distribution of food began to gradually subside. The World Food Programme has launched a new delivery system of rice for 10,000 Haitians a day - now the food will be distributed only to women, as men for products Read more [...]
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UAZ fell through the ice in Lake Pskov near the mouth of the River Great

Happy January 27, 2013 inhabitant of the Pskov region UAZ went fishing expectation towards Amenities Fri Korla Pskov region. At the appointed time the fisherman did not return home. Concerned relatives contacted the police for help. January 28 report about what happened from OMVD RF Pskov region came to the Center for Crisis Management of Russia's EMERCOM in the Pskov region. For the next day duty group Pskov search and rescue team rescue service left to the venue of prospecting. During the test, the waters of Lake Pskov near the mouth of the river and the majestic island Semitic rescuers found Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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