Specialists of the Russian Federation for 9 months showed no signs of radioactive contamination of fish off the coast of Japan

Moscow. Interfax - Specialists "TINRO Center" (Pacific Fisheries Research Center) showed no signs of contamination of fish and other biological resources off the coast of Japan.According to "Interfax" Head of public relations center Rosrybolovstva Alexander Savelyev, the center summarized the monitoring of radiation safety of aquatic biological resources for infection of radionuclides following the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1"Which was held from March."Immediately after the accident, experts of the center, based on the accumulated knowledge Read more [...]
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Katana — a symbol of Japan

More recently become acquainted with Japanese culture and philosophy, the Western world, first stood in amazement, feeling invaluable thousand-year tradition, then rushed headlong into them, hoping to get closer to its moral media.Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK More recently become acquainted with Japanese culture and philosophy, the Western world, first stood in amazement, feeling invaluable thousand-year tradition, then rushed headlong into them, hoping to get closer to its moral media.Natural disaster, which occurred on March 11 in Japan, has become the most severe test of spiritual fortitude Read more [...]
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Mt. Fuji to be Humanity Inheritance Website

UNESCO has recommended the iconic Wax Fuji for ethnical Earth Inheritance condition, a determination that many Japanese citizens suffer been push for more 20 age. It is expected to be officially accepted in June, when the Reality Inheritance Commission meets in Cambodia. The 3,776-meter eyeshade is Japan’s tallest lot, an alive vent, and habitation to local shrines, waterfalls, and cinque major lakes. Humans Inheritance condition would beggarly a hike in touristry and an prescribed consignment to preserving Mt. Fuji and its circumferent sites.That comes as eve meliorate intelligence Read more [...]
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Mt. Fuji to be Humans Inheritance Locate

UNESCO has recommended the iconic Rise Fuji for ethnical Humanity Inheritance condition, a conclusion that many Japanese citizens deliver been push for more 20 eld. It is expected to be officially accepted in June, when the Humankind Inheritance Commission meets in Cambodia. The 3,776-meter summit is Japan’s tallest batch, an dynamic vent, and house to local shrines, waterfalls, and phoebe major lakes. Humankind Inheritance condition would beggarly a supercharge in touristry and an functionary committal to preserving Mt. Fuji and its circumferent sites.That comes as eve bettor newsworthiness Read more [...]
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Stately WAR (documentary) [2]

Any series of cycle knows about one of the more important steps Stately Rossiiskii war, beginning with the invasion of the German troops in the area of the USSR and to the Victory Day on 9 may 1945 and the war with Japan. In the movie used a three-dimensional computer graphics , staged scenes documentary footage. The shooting took place largely in the Crimea, Kiev and Volgograd. 10. From the Dnieper river to the Oder 11. Operation "Bagration"12. The battle for air 13. The war at sea 14. Partisans15. HUMINT16. The battle for Germany 17. The battle for Berlin 18. The war with JapanStately War - Read more [...]
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Easterly Rising

Hokkaido, Japan: Hirafu and Backing Yotei, dwelling of the Niseko Haunt. Via Shutterstock     Exposure: VideowokartIn the wake of the monolithic seism that hit Japan in 2011, touristry dropped as practically as 60 pct. Now, one yr after, Japan is secure—as farsighted as you’re more 15 miles from the Fukushima powerhouse—and travelers are reverting. To put the peril in view, the intermediate radioactivity battery-acid in Tokyo is less than that of New York Metropolis, Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Seoul. And median hotel rates in Tokyo and former areas are 10 Read more [...]
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Radioactive H2o Leaking At Fukushima

Japan’s atomic way proclaimed tod that it bequeath acclivity the rigor grade of the new radioactive pee escape at Fukushima, expression the toxic puddles circumferent the locate may be more serious than initially reported.The extremely radioactive h2o, base leaking into the primer from a tank Monday, was offset classified as a degree one incidental on the Outside Atomic and Radiological Consequence Surmount, but volition now be upgraded to a stratum tercet happening.The Fukushima implant was discredited in the 2011 seism and subsequent tsunami. When the quiver stunned the chilling systems, Read more [...]
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Japan finishes heat waves

July 17, 2013. Heat over the past week in Japan claimed the lives of 16 people, from the beginning of July with heat stroke were hospitalized more than 13.6 thousand people, such data are released in Japan Fire Department, in charge of the ambulance service. In just the first half of July from the heat died 19 people. According to the data released earlier in June, with heat stroke in the hospital received more than 4.2 thousand people. It is more than 2 times higher than in June last year. In June, the average temperature in the country was 30 degrees. However, the come July brought record Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred in southern Japan

Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 occurred on Monday near the Pacific coast of the peninsula in the south Osumi Kyushu, according to the Bureau of Meteorology website Japan. The epicenter of the earthquake recorded at 16.15 local time (10.15 MSK), located at a depth of 50 kilometers, is located 75 kilometers from the city of Kagoshima. According to the Bureau, significant tremors felt urban residents Nitinan, Kagoshima and Miyazaki. Information on casualties or damage have been reported yet, there is no tsunami threat. Source: RIA Novosti. Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Japan near the Ryukyu Islands

An earthquake measuring 6.4 magnitude recorded next to a group of islands in the East China Sea, which belong to Japan. The epicenter was at a depth of 16.5 km. Information about the damage and no casualties. Coordinates: 23.472 ° N, 123.713 ° E Source: USGS Read more [...]
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A major earthquake near Japan

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred on Friday in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, said in a statement posted on the USGS site. The epicenter of the quake occurred at 23:31 Moscow time, was located 85 kilometers east of the city of Naha in Okinawa at a depth of about ten kilometers. In response to the earthquake in Japan, it was announced a tsunami warning. Japan Meteorological Agency has specified that the warning applies to the islands of Okinawa Prefecture. It is expected that the tsunami waves will not cause any damage. Source: RIA Novosti, Tape Read more [...]
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The record high temperature in Japan

Record high temperature for February was recorded in 73 cities in Japan on Wednesday, reported the country's meteorological office. Almost half of the country was recorded temperature is above 15 °, on the southern island of Kyushu, in the south of the main Japanese island of Honshu, the thermometer rose above 20 °. It was on this site and concentrated city pobivshie record temperature.So, in Nagasaki daily temperature was 22,6 °, and was beaten by the temperature record of 120 years ago this time of year. In Osaka, the thermometer rose to 21,2 °, in Tokyo, the temperature was 16,6 Read more [...]
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Japan — 13 earthquakes

February 26 was recorded major earthquake off the coast of Japan. After that happened 12 more So for 4 days, from February 26 to March 1, in the same place 13 earthquakes. It should be noted that then kolosalnaya seismic activity emerged near Chile. Magnitude: 7.2 Time: February 26, 20: 31: 27.0 UTC Depth: 20 feet Coordinates: 25.92 N 128.49 E Source: EMSC Previous News: · A major earthquake near Japan Read more [...]
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The sandstorm rages in Japan

Sandstorm has covered Japan Over the areas between the islands of Kyushu and Hokkaido raged cyclone. Strong winds, sometimes reaching more than 36 meters per second, rip off billboards and breaks trees, people get hurt. Authorities are asking the locals as much as possible not to leave their homes. Victim of sand-dust storm has already become one person, injured 46. Because of the dusty veil and squally wind in Japan canceled more than 100 domestic flights stopped traffic on some highways, suspended train ... In the cities of Osaka, Fukuoka and Takamatsu giant cloud of sand dust shrouded streets Read more [...]
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Victor Starukhin living legend

     This person was last seen by native Tagil, when he was three years old. The October Revolution, the Civil voynaSemya was forced to flee the city, first in Siberia, and then further abroad in Japan.     I am sure few of tagilchan anything says the name Victor Starukhina. Did not know anything about him and I, as long as the spring of 2003 at my house is not the phone rang. Called from Moscow Natalia Goryachev translator and coordinator of the crew Japan Television Workshop Co. Ltd. She handed the request of the Japanese side to find historical information Read more [...]
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Unusually cold weather in Japan

Unusually cold weather for mid-April to almost the entire territory of Japan, said Friday mmo country. The strongest cooling due to the extension of the low pressure is observed on the Pacific coast of Japan. In most areas, the temperature does not exceed 10 ?. In Osaka, the thermometer dropped to the level of 7.9 ?. In the capital of Japan, the temperature was only 5.5 degrees. In neighboring Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture temperature did not exceed 4.2 degrees. The average is 4 ... 8 degrees below average standards. This temperature is characteristic for the middle of winter. In the north and in the Read more [...]
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Gun charge to shoot.

Now I had a conversation about the watered-cultural state in the world. Mood and desire fell skedaddle jumped into the woods with renewed vigor. I want to place here one statyu.Dovolno pessimistic. Maybe someone read it on other sites, and who can and will read the first time. Gun charge to shoot. Recently amers officially supported Japan's claims to the Southern Kuriles.Our internet thinkers were quick to say that all this is a provocation for PR, with no consequences.It is clear that people want to believe that nothing bad will happen and will be no war.However, is it true? Not so.Let Read more [...]
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An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 in Japan

An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred on Monday near the eastern coast of the Japanese island of Honshu, the website of the main meteorological control of Japan. According to seismologists, the epicenter of the quake, recorded on Monday at 06.56 local time (01.56 MSK), located off the coast of Iwate Prefecture, 500 kilometers north of Tokyo. The earthquake was at a depth of 30 kilometers. About the victims, the destruction and the threat of a tsunami is not reported. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Heatwave killed three people in Japan

August 10, 2013. Three people died in Japan because of the strong heat that prevails in most parts of the country. At least 1729 people were hospitalized with heat strokes, eight of them in serious condition. According to the Central fire control Japan, which performs the functions of the MOE, in three prefectures of the country the thermometer for the first time in the last six years has risen above 40 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature of 40.7 degrees was recorded in the city of Shimanto in the Prefecture of Kochi. In Tokyo, the figure was more than 37 degrees.In total, since the beginning Read more [...]
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More than 20 people suffered from the heat in Japan

Monday, July 19, was the hottest day this year in Japan, from heat stroke in the country were injured and sent to hospital 23 persons, 19 of them in Tokyo, further hospitalization is recommended seven, reported on Monday broadcaster NHK. Almost on the whole territory of the country the temperature rose above 30 degrees. In many areas the temperature rose above 35 degrees. The hot weather has been established in Kyushu Prefecture Oita - 36.8 degrees in the shade. In Central Tokyo in the afternoon the temperature reached 36.4 degrees. A sudden heat was a surprise after the relatively Read more [...]
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