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Scientists Act Chocolate Into Intoxicant

The age of chemistry is upon us. Scientists bear figured out a way to bit exploited java yard into drink intoxicant. In the daybook LWT - Nutrient Skill and Engineering, the squad of Spanish and Portugese researchers described how they created the liveliness from fagged reason java. The fluent isn't as tasty as roughly umber liqueurs, but the scientists account the drinkable as beingness pleasant with the predilection and smelling of umber.The squad started with desiccated umber yard, interracial the real in irrigate at 325 degrees for 45 proceedings, detached the liquidness, and added gelt earlier Read more [...]
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Landslide in Indonesia, there are victims

Rescuers recovered the bodies of victims from under the rocks and mud. Photo: AP Under tons of rocks and mud are dozens more victims. The number of victims of a powerful landslide Tuesday at a tea plantation in the Indonesian province of West Java, on Thursday morning rose to 19 people, said the national news agency Antara official representative of local authorities Kusnadi (Kusnadi)."Immediately after the identification of family members found the body buried in the village cemetery," - he said. According to various estimates, under many tons of rocks and mud are dozens more victims Read more [...]
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New landslide in Indonesia. Three people died

Three people were killed last night in a landslide in Indonesia's Central Java province, said on Monday the national news agency Antara. A spokesperson for the district authorities Agus Purnomo Vonosobo (Agus Purnomo), descended from the mountains as a result of heavy rains landslide wiped out a house in the village of Dusun-Ngemplak. Killed a local resident and his two children. The thickness of the layer of dirt on the site of the tragedy reaches four meters, he added. Meanwhile, the number of victims of landslide on February 23 by a tea plantation in Indonesia's West Java province, reached Read more [...]
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Almost 70,000 Indonesians affected by the flooding on the island of Java

More than 66 thousand inhabitants of the Indonesian province of West Java have suffered in the last week of the flood Chitarum after heavy rains, according to Friday's national news agency Antara. According to the head of a social service district Karavang Banuary Nadeaka (Banuara Nadeak), there is only flooded about 16,000 housing units and is currently homeless have lost about 30 thousand people. Residents waiting for the recession of the water level, are placed in markets, mosques, schools and buildings leased by the authorities, are dependent on food aid. Every year, millions of Indonesians Read more [...]
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How can I merged the sumptuosity of hot coffee into my light-hiking bit?

Gaz Turbo Range     Photograph: courtesy, REIGaz Turbo RangeGaz Turbo RangeA:Now, let me get this consecutive. You deprivation to go tramp. You wishing to get a cup of hot chocolate at the turnround head. All identical perceivable. But if I translate your enquiry right, you wishing the dog to express the java equipment! Do I interpret this right?Luckily, it appears the arrow has the amphetamine mitt and has hitherto discomfited your connive. So the enquiry becomes: What are YOU expiration to bear so you let hot umber? Advantageously, thither?s invariably an insulated Thermos-type Read more [...]
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The eruption of the volcano on the island of Java may cause air to collapse

The eruption of the volcano on the island of Java may cause air to collapse. Indonesian airlines have already started to cancel and transfer flights taking place in the immediate vicinity of mount Merapi. While these measures have affected airports district of Yogyakarta and neighboring cities Solo. Another problem is posed by the wind — its direction in the last days that changes frequently. In the clouds of volcanic ash are moving unpredictably. Meanwhile, the very fire mountain again stepped up and threw a new cloud of glowing gas and magmatic rocks. The total number of victims Read more [...]
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The eruption of Merapi claimed over a hundred lives

The death toll on the island of Java exceeded 150 people, the fate of two hundred remains unknown. Today, local authorities reported official data about the victims of the recent eruption. One of the largest volcanoes in Indonesia woke up at the end of October. Although its activity is decreased, the crater continues to spew hot strip clubs. Scientists do not exclude and again, even more powerful series of emissions. Started and thousands of local residents have already evacuated to safe areas, and the remaining are threatened by possible mud slides. In Java, began the rainy season, when the Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.4 occurred off the coast of Java island

The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.4 occurred on Tuesday off the coast of the Indonesian island of Java, according to the website of the U.S. Geological survey. According to the service, the earthquake occurred at 14.03 local time (10.03 GMT). The earthquake at a depth of 75.6 km. The epicenter of the tremors was located 95 kilometres South-West of Yogyakarta, located just 30 kilometers from the crater of Merapi volcano, the eruption of which, according to the latest data, has killed more than 150 people in the Central part of Java island. Source:  RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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After Merapi off the coast of Java is activated, the Son of Krakatau\»

Volcanoes took Indonesia in the \"ring of fire\"How long will be the eruption of the Indonesian volcano Krakatau, seismologists cannot predict. The volcano he's pretty young — it is only 130 years old, but zealous. Now the pillars of ash reaching tens of kilometers in height. Indonesia — world record holder in the number of active volcanoes. Here they numbered about six hundred. The archipelago is in the so-called «A ring of fire». Source: LeadAfter Merapi, the emissions of which three days ago claimed the lives of 33 inhabitants of the Indonesian island Read more [...]
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Sumatra erupts a volcano dormant for four centuries. Video

Source: Lead The eruption of a volcano that has not been active for 400 years, occurred on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, reports on Sunday Reuters with reference to the Indonesian centre for monitoring volcanoes. Lava from a volcano, Cinnabun located on the mountain of the same name in the North of the island, began to break out around midnight local time. Over the mountain up a column of smoke height of 1.5 km, rescue services evacuated people from nearby villages. At the moment information about the victim or not. Experts declared \"red\", the most dangerous level of volcanic warnings. Read more [...]
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Indonesia is bursting at the seams

on February 24. Indonesia is bursting at the seams: in 6 districts of East Java was audible hum; almost collapsed bridges in Marunda etc. Strong cotton and vibration soil, which was felt by residents in two districts in Nganjuk, were the predecessors noticeable aftershocks. The surface soil on the slopes of mount Wilis - the area where we heard the great roar and felt the vibration was covered with cracks with a length of about 2 kmSource: detikcom In 6 districts of East Java sounds were heard, and felt the vibration from the shock Surabaya, loud the explosive sound and vibrations Read more [...]
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Indonesia reflects the invasion of poisonous caterpillars of butterflies valenok

Outbreaks of butterflies valenok, the larvae of which can cause allergies in humans, recorded in the Indonesian archipelago, reported on Thursday Indonesian national media. In the world there are several dozen species of medium to large butterflies valenok (family Lymantriidae) with a wingspan of up to 8 inches. Caterpillars of valenok have poisonous hairs, during outbreaks cause in humans and animals acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, eyes and skin. The caterpillars of these butterflies cause serious damage to forests, gardens and plantations. According to media reports, the Read more [...]
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The island of Java has suffered several tornadoes

October 24, 2013. In two districts on the Indonesian island of Java, Bandung of West Java, and Pandeglang from the province of Banten, there were a few tornadoes. From the air tornadoes injured at least seven people; with fractures of the extremities and other parts of the body they are delivered in hospitals.Tornado that raged on acting Java in the middle of the week, destroyed nearly 350 homes and other buildings, but the locals believe that the damage is actually much more. Especially bad had quarters Bandung called Cipari and Jiminian. A resident of one of the data blocks received dangerous Read more [...]
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Severe flooding in East Java

3 February. In several areas of the County Bojonegoro, East Java, has experienced a catastrophic flood caused by flood the river Solo, and landslides. Under the impact of the disaster hit hundreds of hectares of rice fields in four districts. People living in the countryside near a river, in a panic, prepare for evacuation. The day before the flood were destroyed 12 villages. The most affected areas are Kalitede, Truck, Gender and the city of Bojonegoro. The highest water level was recorded on Thursday, 13:00 local time in the village Wetan municipal district of Bojonegoro. The water reached 13,35 Read more [...]
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Floods in Indonesia covered 10 areas

2 January. Floods swept at least 10 different areas around the Indonesian archipelago on the first day of 2012. The national Agency for the elimination of consequences of natural disasters (BNPB), the representative of Sutopo Peruo Nugroho on Monday said that Surakarta, Sragen, Sleman, Yogyakarta city, Ketene, Brebes, Nganjuk, Pasuruan, Bungo and Banjar were flooded with Sunday evening. He said that heavy rains in Surakarta, Central Java, has caused the overflow of the river Bengawan Solo, as well as several other rivers Sragen, creating floods in the path of the main thoroughfares of Surakarta-Sragen-Surabaya Read more [...]
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Intensified the highest volcano on the island of Java

The national Park Bromo-Tanger-Semeru, East Java, Indonesia. 4 February. Alarm categories «Readiness» (above it only category «Beware!») declared the elimination of the consequences of volcanic and geological disasters (PVMBG) Indonesia on the slopes of the highest on the main island of the country - Java - volcano Semeru, said on Saturday the Jakarta Post newspaper. Fire mountain 3,676 thousand meters above sea level began to throw out clouds of hot ash to a height of 600 meters, said the head of service monitoring volcanoes PVMBG Muhamad Hendrasto (Muhamad Hendrasto).Semeru — Read more [...]
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Floods on the Indonesian island of Java

on 7 April. In the first week of April floods that submerged the main Indonesian island of Java during the transition from rainy season to dry season. Unusually heavy rains flooded the capital city of Jakarta, as well as the Western and the Eastern province of Java. On the Central island province hit by a tornado. River Pesanggrahan, Angke, Ciliwung and Cruchot in Jakarta were overflowing, flooding vast areas of the capital to 1.5 meters in height. Victims are not detected, but the residents of many hundreds of houses had to be evacuated. According to the Center for meteorology, climatology Read more [...]
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On the island of Java has a strong earthquake

on 4 June. A strong earthquake of magnitude of 6.1 happened today on the Indonesian island of Java. This was reported by the USGS. Information about the victims and destruction has not yet been reported, according to ITAR-TASS. The last strong earthquake happened in the Indonesian archipelago in the middle of April. The epicenter of numerous aftershocks - the magnitude of the most powerful of which was 8.9 - was in the sea near the island of Sumatra. As a result of natural disasters killed five people. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The Art of Tail Coffee

Remote cartridge, July 1996The Art of Train Coffee "Don't stint on big java in the post where you hardly may demand it near," demands Flagpole river falsify Blake Spalding. "Overcome beans and donkeywork them fair ahead your activate." When it's sentence to brewage, convey a pot of piddle to a roil then cut the range.Stream the primer chocolate into the water--two heaping teaspoons per cup, positive an redundant smattering permanently Read more [...]
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Hundreds of homes damaged in the earthquake on the island of Java

9 September. At least three people were injured and hundreds of homes damaged in the earthquake of a magnitude of 4.8 on the Richter scale, which occurred on Sunday in the Western part of the main Indonesian island of Java, pass the national media. As have informed RIA of news in the National administration of meteorology, climatology and Geophysics (OMCG) countries, the tremor's epicenter was located just 31 km South-West of Bogor — satellite city of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, and its center lies only ten kilometers beneath the surface of the island of Java.«Currently Read more [...]
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