Could Humanity Run On H2o?

    Pic: onixxino/ShutterstockA:Golden for you, cinque researchers in Italy wondered the like affair. According to their 2012 sketch promulgated in the scientific diary PLoS One, yes, world can run on pee—but lone below particular weather.On LandThe Basilisk lizard alias the Jesus Messiah lizard is one of the lonesome animals on World that run on piss. These lizards slapdash their feet against the pee gruelling plenty to make a pocket-size pocket that can hold them directionless for outstrip of almost 15 feet. The Italian researchers figured out how a 5-foot-7, 145 lb humming Read more [...]
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15 women were expelled from the house armed robber collective prayer

Armed and masked men who tried to rob a group of women who had a party on Friday night in Lake City, probably got more than he bargained for.The police say that 24-year-old Derek Lee got into the house on Lakeview Avenue, where the owner of the house and her friends had a party of 14. According to the cops on the head with Lee was a dark ski cap, his face hidden bandana. As stated by the woman, he showed them his gun and ordered to give their money and phones.One of the women, who felt that the appearance of the robber - is part of the entertainment program of the party, pushed aside the man's Read more [...]
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What do we really know about Jesus?

In September, Harvard professor Karen King (Karen King) found a fragment of the Gospel, which she called "the Gospel of the wife of Jesus." This piece of papyrus, made a lot of noise, and once again raised the question of what we know about the historical Jesus of Nazareth, as well as to whether the gospel, not included in the New Testament, is a source of valuable information. It is difficult to find a more suitable time issues, as there comes a time when we celebrate the Nativity of Christ.This fragment is just a small piece of papyrus - the size of a credit card - and its inscription Read more [...]
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Christ was not born in Bethlehem, Israeli scientists

Israeli archaeologists believe that Jesus Christ was not born in Bethlehem in the West Bank of the Jordan River, and in the small village of Bethlehem of Galilee in northern Israel, wrote on Monday, the British newspaper "Daily Telegraph"."Bethlehem of Galilee was inhabited by Jews in Jesus' time, and what other Bethlehem? There is no evidence that at that time there lived people" - the newspaper quoted an Israeli archaeologist Aviram Oshri.According A.Oshri, he found evidence that at the time of the Savior's birth in Bethlehem of Galilee Jewish rituals were performed. Read more [...]
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Benedict XVI found a bug in the calendar. Scientists have long debated about when Christ was born

Pope Benedict XVI believes in the Christian calendar mistake, in which the Pope blames monk Dionysius the Little, who lived in the VI century, writes the Daily Mail. In their calculations the age of Jesus Christ that was mistaken for a few years, says the Pope. Their observations Benedict XVI wrote in his book about the life of Christ, which on Wednesday published in 50 countries. He believed that Christ was born a few years earlier, the newspaper said. Scientists have long debated about the birth date of Jesus Christ. Some believe that it happened between 6 and 4 BCE Surprisingly, Benedict Read more [...]
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Mormons (Church of Jesus — Saints last time)

The word "Mormons "Derives from the name of" The Book of Mormon. " But they call themselves "The Church of Jesus of Latter-time." The founder of this sect is an American Joseph Smith (born 23/12/1805, in Zharone, Vermont). His family often changed their place of residence. Joseph Smith did not receive systematic education and school education. From his ancestors, he inherited a predisposition to the fantastic dreams, visions, etc. In 14 years, he had the first vision. In this case, it was revealed that he is in no way joined the existing church (religion). In Read more [...]
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Jesus Statue Volition Halt Atop Ski Hangout

On Tuesday, the U.S. Afforest Servicing annouced that it bequeath reincarnate the tolerate for a 60-year-old Jesus statue atop Whitefish Flock Hangout. The Timberland Serve agreed with the Montana Country Historical Saving Position that the life-sized statue, nicknamed "Big Deal Jesus," is eligible for a post in the Home Read of Historical Places. The Kalispell Knights of Columbus erected the statue in 1955 as a repository to soldiers in the Tenth Deal Sectionalisation who fought in Humans War II. Members of the Tenth Hatful Partitioning are credited with establishing leastways 60 ski Read more [...]
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Would You Ilk Jesus Wassail with That?

When Christians indicate that Jesus is incessantly with us, they're not speechmaking literally—but batch of mass quieten incur the prophesier in their nutrient. Ten geezerhood ago, a charwoman sold her broiled cheeseflower sandwich carriage an simulacrum of the Virtuous Mary for $28,000 on eBay. And although we mightiness rib our friends who see renowned faces in everything from Cheetos to clouds, University of Toronto researchers now say this phenomenon is "utterly convention."The discipline, promulgated in the new matter of Pallium, classifies these apparitions as "brass Read more [...]
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