Borok in July

July and August – vacation time, long-distance travel. If memory serves, the Rybinsk reservoir in these months I did not have to happen. Therefore, in deciding to go on three days in my favorite Borok, internally I was ready to fail.At first, my pessimistic forecast was justified, albeit with reservations. Outcome Saturday – Two pike-perch and perch one for two. It seems little, but elegant left ear. On Sunday, before lunch – sudachok bigger one. Still weak, but it turned out svezhezazharenny fantastically well. «The program is at least»Certainly Read more [...]
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Moscow compensates game, which consume large quantities Europeans

In Italy, France, Spain and Greece shoot 80% of the European production of woodcock in Russia - only 5%, but in the suburban reserve it nests 2-3 times a year.Experts terraced Oka Reserve analyzed the reasons for the unusual behavior of birds, REGNUM was informed at the press service of the reserve, located in the Serpukhov district of Moscow region.Recall, July 16, ornithologists observed the draft woodcock, which usually lasts from April to May: after sunset male flew several times in the middle of the nature reserve with a characteristic sound. «With such an unusual phenomenon in the middle Read more [...]
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July Exit Videos

In the July issuance of Exterior, we took a barbaric rag fine-tune the freed Colorado River and let Clint Dempsey ardor soccer balls at us in an enclosed studio. And we brought our cameras on too. Junket your eyes.What happens when you let America's trump hitter ahead of a camera with a soccer nut? Around awesome footwork. And lots of dousing:The 2014 Colorado River Pulsation Flowing gave a rabble aggroup of Exterior reporters and environmentalists the bump to waddle where no man has paddled ahead —or leastways in a really age. Pete McBride takes us on for the drive: Read more [...]
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Savage Heatwave Smothers the Westward

The Westward is baking nether vivid warmth, with the temperature at Las Vegas-McCarran Outside drome ligature the functionary gamey of 117 degrees Friday. Meantime, more 30 citizenry were hospitalized for heat-related injuries and malady Friday at a medicine fete in Las Vegas, Nevada. "It's jolly acute," aforementioned Clark County spokesman Eric Daddy. "We're secondhand to summertime temperatures of 100, 105. But we're bey 100. It's a screamer."The temperature in Last Vale, California, may top 130 this weekend, inching nigh the humankind book high-pitched of 134 set thither Read more [...]
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What Tailgating Cogwheel Do I Pauperization for the Fourthly of July?

Roughly mass comparable to lionize the 4th of July quiet. Others go all out. Hey, it's a release nation.     Exposure: Courtesy of Chubbies BoxershortsAfterwards adopting the Annunciation of Independency that foreboding July day, our Innovation Fathers open their saddleback bags and started boot binding ice-cold pints of ale. Piece Ben Franklin sliced summertime tunes on his methamphetamine armonica, Thomas Jefferson challenged Alexander Hamilton to a gage of maize hollow.Hey, it could deliver happened, redress?And eve if it didn’t, thither’s no reasonableness you shouldn’t Read more [...]
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Passion Curl Batters Chinaware

The whip oestrus curl in 140 geezerhood is baking parts of Chinaware, departure piles numb and push the hydrargyrum supra 104 degrees in leastways 40 cities. Temperatures are so hot that mass birth been broiling prawn on manhole covers. A highway hoarding has too cryptically caught ardour and egg are crosshatch without incubators.The utmost estrus began in betimes July and is expected to clutches often of Chinaware done Lordly. Impress set its immortalize heat of 105 degrees on July 26 and Thursday pronounced the metropolis's Xxviii day supra 95 degrees. Leastways 10 masses birth died from hotness Read more [...]
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N Dakota Hits Commemorate Boring

Northward Dakota set immortalise highs in oil and gas yield for the month of July, according to submit imagination officials. A immortalise figure of wells, 9,322, were too in product in July, another all-time gamy.According to Lynn Helms, manager of Northerly Dakota’s Industrial Comission, the billow in output came from a the windup and energizing of 149 wells o'er the month of June. The NDIC located July oil and gas output at 108,258 barrels per day, and 970 1000000 three-dimensional feet per day, severally.N Dakota is presently arcsecond arse Texas in born imagination yield in the Joined Read more [...]
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Dozens of people were affected by the typhoon «Solik» on the island of Taiwan

July 13, 2013. At least one person was killed and 31 wounded in a typhoon that struck the island of Taiwan. Hundreds of thousands of homes were left without electricity, more than 8,000 people evacuated. Hurricane is also accompanied by heavy rains. After passing through Taiwan, "Solik" headed towards the provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian in the east of China. Source: RT  Red danger: China and Japan are waiting for the 9-meter tsunami July 12, 2013. In China and Japan are waiting for typhoon «Soulik»Which could trigger a tsunami height of nine meters. Due to the impending Read more [...]
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Aurora before sunrise

Queenstown, New Zelendiya, July 10, 2013 © Minoru Yoneto | July 14, 2013. Usually the aurora observed late at night. But sometimes nature presents a surprise in the form of colorful yellow-orange glow of the atmosphere just before sunrise. "I did not expect to see such a bright southern lights after such a weak CME" - said Minoru Yoneto from Queenstown, New Zelendiya. Although the charged particles strike was very weak, not only in New Zealand, but also in the United States and Canada, the aurora was observed up to the sunrise on 11 June. Auroras occur as a result of the bombardment Read more [...]
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Vladivostok is coming strong tropical cyclone

July 16, 2013. Typhoon Soulik, raged in the past two days in Taiwan and south-east coast of China, is coming to Vladivostok. On the way to us, he weakened and became a tropical cyclone, but will bring in Primorye heavy rain and wind. As REGNUM in the United duty dispatching service and the management of the Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Vladivostok, July 16 in Vladivostok expected heavy rain. He will start the morning with a gradual increase in the evening and in the night of July 17. Precipitation is predicted to 45 mm in 12 hours or less, which may exceed the rate fortnightly. Read more [...]
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Damage from soil drought in Udmurtia exceeded 4 billion rubles

July 15, 2013. Soil drought in Udmurtia can cause significant shortage of juicy, coarse and concentrated feed, in May and July of this year she suffered from 36% acreage in the region, the head of the presidential administration and the government of the republic Alexander Goryainov. «According to the Hydrometeorological Center, across the country observed soil drought, which affected 36% of the area of ​​agricultural crops, and the amount of damage is more than 4 billion rubles»- Said Gorjainov. In turn, the President of Udmurtia Alexander Volkov told reporters that the country Read more [...]
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Japan finishes heat waves

July 17, 2013. Heat over the past week in Japan claimed the lives of 16 people, from the beginning of July with heat stroke were hospitalized more than 13.6 thousand people, such data are released in Japan Fire Department, in charge of the ambulance service. In just the first half of July from the heat died 19 people. According to the data released earlier in June, with heat stroke in the hospital received more than 4.2 thousand people. It is more than 2 times higher than in June last year. In June, the average temperature in the country was 30 degrees. However, the come July brought record Read more [...]
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Snowfall and blizzard in the middle of summer surprised residents of Finland

July 16, 2013. On Monday night, in some parts of Lapland, the temperature suddenly dropped below zero, it began to snow and sleet. In recent days, the snow has fallen in some places in the townships and Enontekiö Kittilä. Even blizzard began, reports YLE Lappi. Snow in July - is not uncommon in Lapland. Snow cover is thicker than 20 centimeters, according to meteorologist, the last time was in Lapland in the 1970s and 1980s. Source: Delfi  Snow fell in northern FinlandJuly 16, 2013. Last Sunday July 14, the tourists, vacationers in the north-eastern Lapland, were surprised Read more [...]
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In the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia continues to flood

July 16, 2013. As reported by a trusted source of the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, located in the north-east of China, the number of victims has spread to several kilometers flooding has reached 26 people. Flooding of vast areas was the result does not stop a few days of heavy rains, attacked the region in four passes. According to statistics from the Service Control floods and droughts, the whole of July in Inner Mongolia, the amount of precipitation greatly exceeds the norm, so that the flood is a logical consequence of waterlogged soil. A particularly difficult situation in the north-eastern Read more [...]
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What habiliment apparatus would you urge for Rainier?

Supernal FTX     Pic: courtesy, Lot HarwearAerial FTXA:It all depends on the season. And the conditions that especial day. And around a billion former factors. If you enter July or Lordly, and the figure is full, so you mightiness really motivation a middling minimum apparatus. But if the farting picks up, or a presence moves done, so you demand to be appareled as if it were January. Thither's scarce no apprisal. I finis climbed Rainier this yesteryear July (winds of 60 to 70 mph swarm us binding at 14,000 feet). My canonical apparatus for that tripper, as for respective others Read more [...]
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Noctilucent clouds season is not going to be completed

Syktyvkar, Russia, July 17, 2013 © Pavel S | July 20, 2013. Owing to the change of astronomical and atmospheric factors noctilucent clouds season is nearing completion. Still glowing gossamer thin continues to delight his fans in different parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Night of the 14th of July in the twilight of the Moscow sky again appeared gently glowing clouds. Even those who previously had never seen such a phenomenon, immediately realized that this noctilucent clouds.Indeed, with noctilucent clouds is difficult to make a mistake. Either they have it or they do Read more [...]
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France: The collapse of the cliff near Le Havre

July 19, 2013. In The Maritime Seine, where erosion processes occur periodically, on Monday (July 15) struck a piece of rock. Almost 30 000 tons of rock collapsed on the beach Saint-Jouin-Bryuneval. Motions of the earth began at night, and the culmination was resolved at noon. And although this has become rare since the collapse occur more often in the winter because of the cold, the authorities took the opportunity to remind travelers that walk at the foot of the cliffs are dangerous. Place collapse is relatively far from the "recreation area" and access is still open for curiosity. Translation: Read more [...]
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Flooding in North Korea

In the DPRK, the victims of the floods began 8 people July 23, 2013. In North Korea, a series of floods, which have claimed eight people. This is with reference to local media reports ITAR-TASS. Hardest-hit province Pyongan-do-do and Pyongan. 4,5 thousands of homes destroyed, 17.7 thousand people were evacuated. Floods caused by the rainy season. Last year at this time, killing more than 300 people. Source:,  Flood victims in North Korea began to 8 people July 23, 2013. As a result of severe flooding caused by heavy rains, from 20 to 22 July in North Korea killed eight Read more [...]
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TIPS representative bodies of state. power in 1917-1993. Feb. January 1917. 1918 Tips slave. and Soldiers. Dept. .; January. December 1918. 1936 Tips slave., Cross. and Red Army depots .; December. October 1936. 1977 Tips dep. workers; October. October 1977. 1993 Tips cum. dep. Are based on the experience of the Council 1905-1907. Russia's first S. Alapaevsky (Alapaevsky Council). According to the Constitution of the RSFSR in 1918, the Constitution of the USSR in 1924, 1936 all power in the u. and in the field belonged to the Soviets. The USSR Constitution of 1977 and the Constitution of the RSFSR Read more [...]
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SIBERIAN WHITE ARMY, military compound

SIBERIAN WHITE ARMY, military compound 1) Formation came in late May to June 1918 Novonikolayevsk rebel neg. and garrisons mountains. and w / d art. on the initiative of zap. Siberian Commissariat Bp. Siberian Prospect Island. Were organized zap.-Siberian and Siberian military Vost. env. In command of the first regiment entered May 28. A.N.Grishin-Diamonds, the second regiment. A.V.Ellerts-Usov. Consolidation of power in the first went ahead. By Order dated May 28, Grishin-Diamonds announced that proceeds to a workforce Siberian volunteer arm. Beg. the formation of two buildings, confirmed by Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).