Terai of Nepal

The conductor stopped abruptly, raised his hand and sat down: "Stop!" I immediately dropped to the ground moist. Bushes in front of small trembling. From there came some obscure noise.Animals safely hide in increasingly dense jungle. However, the very sense of the presence of wild animals— already excited. Then all was quiet. «What is it?» — My question remained unanswered. The conductor did not seem to notice me, eyes half closed, he sat intently listening to disturbing the silence of the jungle. A few minutes later jumped to feet, we Read more [...]
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In search of his Firebird

Dawn finds us in the wilderness. His orange bar highlights the graying horizon, giving rise to a new day. In the eyes of the air becomes bluish and transparent, revealing the amazing picture of the awakening of nature. The morning air is filled with delicious aromas of wormwood, feather grass and other steppe grasses. We go on three aleyuschy sunrise, knocking boots abundant dew. Red-haired dachshund named Bug, squealing excitedly, running ahead, shuffling funny short legs and pushing the nose of wet grass. In the distance are seen reeds, yellow mane standing out against a background Read more [...]
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Mormyshka in herbal jungle

 Photo by the author July – top summer. Hubbub subsides birds in coastal forests. Fishing entering a new phase. Fish is changing the usual parking place, moving away from the thermocline becomes lethargic and apathetic. Thickets of coastal and underwater vegetation in places like virgin tropical jungle, not only on the density of the flora and fauna diversity.For some it is a nursery and kindergarten, as well as other – posh resort where with minimal effort you can eat abundantly, half asleep bask in the sun, but more often in partial shade. Vegetarians are eating Read more [...]
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Orientation in the jungle

Orientation in the jungle it is a very difficult task. In order not to go astray in the humid Equatorial and tropical forests should be used very special orienteering techniques. We will discuss in the current article. The main problem for orientation in the jungle – the high canopy of trees called primary jungle and almost impassable, it is the same in all directions, thickets of secondary jungle. Completely unable to focus on the moss, as in the taiga and forests of the middle band, where it grows abundantly on the North side of tree trunks and stumps. In the jungle everything is just plastered Read more [...]
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Power in the jungle

Actually, jungle – it is one of the places most favorable in terms of food production. Flora and fauna of the jungle are extremely rich. Most species of plants and animals of the jungle is perfectly suited for food. Eating is always the most effective. Get the most useful and high-calorie food, but at the same time, spending on it a minimum of energy production. In the jungle it is best eat plant food, various tropical fruits, berries, edible succulent shoots. Hunting for small and medium-sized animals and snakes – business requires significant energy costs. A big-game hunting, also Read more [...]
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Shelter in the jungle

Overnight, camp in the jungle – the matter required, as in any other natural area. As in other regions, device refuge hut in the jungle It has its own characteristics. In this article we will examine exactly what features to consider when stopping for the night in the jungle. The peculiarity of the jungle is the almost complete absence of wind, high humidity, the abundance of mosquitoes and forest litter – soaked with moisture and infested with all sorts of unpleasant and dangerous insects and other animals. Based on the foregoing, tent or canopy in the jungle It must be securely protected Read more [...]
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Edible fruits of the jungle

The most effective in the jungle eating tropical fruits. They are tasty, nutritious. They can quickly eat and collecting them is not difficult. Fruits in the jungle – the most effective nutritional power ratio – energy consumption for the taking. In today's article we will look at the most popular fruit of the tropical forests, which are mostly in the diet of the traveler on the region of the planet. Coconuts. Coconut palms grow in abundance in the tropics. Especially a lot of them off the coast of the seas. Coconut milk (liquid inside the coconut) is rich in vitamins, nutritious and Read more [...]
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Getting the fire in the jungle

Production of fire in the equatorial and subtropical forests – the task is not simple. In the jungle, many opportunities for different ways to get the fire. And kindling and wood material is present in excess. But there is one problem – humidity. AT rainy season to make a fire very difficult. But also in other seasons, under the cover of crowns very humid jungle. Firewood may seem quite dry, but actually – they are impregnated with moisture like a sponge. The problem with high humidity in fact, very difficult to be solved. You either find enough dry kindling material: bark, thin Read more [...]
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Without a machete in the jungle or foot

Jungle, as well as wild taiga – dangerous, impenetrable forest. Taiga windbreaks can often be overcome, but avoiding them finding loopholes. Thickets in the jungle – several different matter. The traveler is faced with the so-called secondary jungle – thick bushes and thick tangle of vines. Go through the secondary jungle can only cut a path in front of him. To hack – need machete.Let's face it. Without a machete practically impossible to navigate through the secondary jungle. Thick brush and tangles of vines impassable. Search workarounds – inefficient, takes a Read more [...]
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Mosquitoes — King of the Jungle

Mosquitoes, gnats – a real scourge for those who found themselves face to face with the wet equatorial forests, jungles (and taiga men know that mosquitoes – this is a serious problem). Today we talk about the dangers that mosquitoes carry. The methods of how to protect themselves from the gnats. In ancient China, even had such a penalty: the condemned were tied to a tree in the jungle, and a horde of mosquitoes literally sucked all the blood during the night, left alone «cloth»And not a man. Barbara, of course, these Chinese. A mosquitoes, midges – it's really big, Read more [...]
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The dangers of the jungle

The jungle and tropical forests pose a lot of dangers. How to survive in the jungle and to protect itself from covert and overt threats, we will discuss today. In the jungle, very rich in flora and fauna. Many animals pose a serious threat to health and life. In the jungle inhabited by dangerous large predators such as jaguars, Panthers, black bears. Represent a serious threat to most of jungle of snakes: poisonous vipers, snakes, cobras, rattlesnakes, and Boas, snakes, the Anaconda.No less dangerous to man various small insects: ticks, mosquitoes, leeches, Scorpions, tarantulas. In addition Read more [...]
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Water extraction in the jungle

Water – the most important resource in any natural area. Jungle, despite the apparent abundance of water sources – no exception. Understand, where's to get water in the jungle. What are the sources of the most clean and safe, and from which water is not worth taking at all. In the jungle, generally quite a lot of open water: rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands. To find water, you have to go all the way down. First, we must find a ravine, through which the rain runs off rain water. Ravine will take you to a larger ravine, or have a source of water: a river or stream. Remember, never Read more [...]
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The Track Offset’s Pail Tilt

    Exposure: Courtesy of Jungle MarathonDisregardless how practically you bang big-city marathons, count cracks in the pavement volition ne'er rather qualify to racing done canyons and streams out in the wild. Thither's something astir functional in nature—the scene, the form of terrain—that scarce breeds comradery. Add in a acid of sizeable contender, and you deliver a formula for Zen. Perchance that's why engagement in track linear has surged o'er the retiring dec, delivery with it a mass of new events that run the gamut from the daily to the positively epos.We went Read more [...]
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The Tag Smuggler’s Bucketful Tilt

    Exposure: Courtesy of Jungle MarathonIrrespective how often you dear big-city marathons, count cracks in the pavement bequeath ne'er rather qualify to racing done canyons and streams out in the wild. Thither's something roughly functional in nature—the scene, the change of terrain—that good breeds comradery. Add in a acid of tidy rival, and you bear a formula for Zen. Mayhap that's why engagement in lead operative has surged complete the retiring declination, delivery with it a flock of new events that run the gamut from the daily to the positively epos.We went done Read more [...]
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The Train Contrabandist’s Pail Tilt: Jungle Marathon, Brazil

    Picture: Courtesy of Jungle MarathonHow do you piddle a marathon more acute? Try throwing in snake-infested swamps and heavy jungle swarming with mosquitoes. That’s what you’re in for at the Jungle Marathon in Brazil's Paratrooper nation, where prepping for the start gun requires various rubber briefings, “jungle-training” seminars, aesculapian checks, and acclimatisation runs. Competitors commence the marathon from a jungle stand clique approachable just by an nightlong sauceboat bait. From thither, they line logging trails and search paths done canopied Read more [...]
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Living a Shot in the Virago

    Photograph: Earth Marveller/FacebookDu Plessis in the clinic I persuasion, “You’re in the midsection of the jungle. Thither is no one else round demur the multitude shot at you, who are someplace concealed. This is where you are departure to die.” “As apiece billet in animation represents a gainsay to man and presents a trouble for him to clear, the head of the substance of spirit may really be transposed.”? Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Look for Import It was Saturday the 25 of Venerable, and up until mid-afternoon, I was having my outflank day on the river. I was Read more [...]
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The 5 Outflank Hammocks for Summertime

Purchasing new appurtenance is a committal, both financially and emotionally. Rather wish dating. Our theme of the hone appointment? Dangling in the trees with a coldness brewage and precarious cadre help. But that’s the gentle portion. Determinative what to persist is ninety-six more intriguing.We took these five-spot tenting hammocks into the woodland supra Santa Fe to scout the get-go wildfire of the flavour burning on the purview (it was identical wild-eyed). Now that we’re backbone on land, we can consecrate a elaborated roundup of our ducky nests. Pauperization a summertime spree? Read more [...]
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So what is the NAE?

So what is the NAE? Portable emergency, you is vital if you are middle of the night, lukewarm teleport out of bed in the Amazon jungle. But there you will need: 1. Cloak - blanket. Shelter from the rain and at night. 2. Water Filter. There are compact, so aspirated straight out of the puddle. 3. Machete - wade through the jungle. 4. Weapons, of the slaughter and common caliber ammunition + to him. 5. GPS. 6. Communication means. But if you simplify - then leave: 1. Means of communication (cell phone) 2. Blanket (last hope) 3. Water filter. This is the NAZ. Noticing no hooks or razor blades is not Read more [...]
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Passage of the jungle.

In the past year, I was about to visit a very wild place, not only in the summer heat of 40 + so still and humidity at 70-80%. A paradise for lovers of wet saunas. But our goal was to go wild canyon that begins on closed military range and passes through at least the seal nursery. Describe the beauty, I will not, but tell that it was a surprise for us and how we deal with it. Starting our route, from a small dry gully turned into a narrow gorge but not very deep, and we could get out of him. But the spirit of adventure told us to go forward, we first encountered with simple bamboo thickets, bamboo Read more [...]
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Underrated Caribbean Retreats: Jungle Bay Haunt, Dominica

Dominica is covered in beautiful ecotourism locales.     Picture: Sorin Colac/ShutterstockA:Sleepy-eyed, barely-discovered Dominica is kinda similar Rib Rica, fair on its own island—verdant, mountainous, and filled with tropic beaut. Domica attracts an outdoorsy set who favor zip-lining and tramp done volcano-carved jungles complete sunbathing. And the finest of the island’s diminished pick of eco-resorts is Jungle Bay. Its hardwood-framed cottages, graven into the plunge hillside on stilts—approximately that ask a 200-step raise from the briny course—omit Read more [...]
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