Jupiter again saved the Earth from a large asteroid

Footprint size of the explosion is only slightly inferior to the world Lucky - in a professional sense - an amateur astronomer from the American city of Dallas (Texas) George Hal (George Hall, from Dallas). His telescope, equipped with a video camera, captured September 10, 2012 collision with a huge asteroid of Jupiter. What Jord learned browsing record. It was visible a powerful flash in the atmosphere of a giant planet, comparing the size of our Earth. Lovers of luck for the second time. In 2009, the asteroid on Jupiter watched Australian Anthony Wesley (Anthony Wesley). His data later confirmed Read more [...]
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Great parade of planets 6-7 August 2010

In the near future, namely 6-7 August 2010 will be quite interesting astronomical phenomenon. Six of the planets - Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus will form almost a straight line (within 5 degrees) (perfectly straight lines with the participation of such a large number of planets naturally not the case, so the position of the planets within a few degrees is considered to be one line). The earth will be in the middle between Jupiter and Uranus on one side and Venus, Mars and Saturn on the other.From the Earth it will look like this:This parade is notable for the fact Read more [...]
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What gearing do I motive for cross-country skiing?

Fischer Jupiter skis     Photograph: courtesy, L.L. AtticFischer Jupiter skisFischer Jupiter skisA:Can do. Cross-country skiing is a big variation?marvellous employment, scenic, and not frightfully gear-intensive, unless one gets into the amphetamine reaches of telemark and randonee skiing.The master break demarcation is betwixt rail and backcountry skiing. You?re no doubtfulness companion with the large-minded outlines of this (amicable) disunite: In cartroad (or, groomed) skiing, the skier sets off on a groomed class that may be anything from a fourth mil to ten miles or more in Read more [...]
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Next week Jupiter will be closer to Earth at closest distance

photo: PRAVDA.Ru Next week earthlings will be able to see in the night sky Jupiter, which will approach as close as possible to the Ground. As reported on Friday at NASA, on the night of Monday to Tuesday Jupiter will be just 558,8 million miles from our planet. According to scientists, this happens once in about 50 years. Last time it was in 1963, and the next is expected in 2022. The biggest planet in the Solar system in the case of good weather at night will be visible from Earth with the naked eye, experts say. And Shine Jupiter is brighter than all other stars. And a telescope or binoculars Read more [...]
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Astronomer: on Jupiter there is something strange

In the news last week Jupiter appeared repeatedly. The fact that the planet came to Earth very close by cosmic standards, the distance of \"only\" 559 million kilometers. And although astronomers interpret this phenomenon as usual, the telescope giant planet tried to address many. But something interesting on Jupiter's really happening, told Вестям.Ru employee astronomical Institute Sternberg Vladimir Surdin. Not so long ago on the planet suddenly disappeared belt of dark clouds, which is adjacent to the famous Great Red spot. (Approx. - The great Red spot - cloud structure, similar Read more [...]
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Spaceport America

"Citizens departing flight" Earth - Jupiter ", please proceed to land ..." This phrase has long wandered from one naive fantasy novel in the other. Is that the name has changed the point of arrival, say, instead of Jupiter - Saturn or any Alpha Centauri.That aliens are not lost View of the top of the spaceportEvery year more and more inventions of science fiction into reality. Turn came, and space travel. Not those in which only specially trained conquerors of the universe, and ordinary - for ordinary people willing to pay for the pleasure of a ride on the space shuttle Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Kazakhstan, Almaty, January 28, 2013. Analysis, prediction.

Under the action of cosmological factors on the spread of Jupiter in direct motion, in Kazakhstan, Almaty January 28, 2013 - 6.1 magnitude earthquake - 6.3 at a depth of about 10 km. Seismic activity in the region continues.Data.MagnitudeMw 6.1RegionEASTERN KAZAKHSTANDate time2013-01-28 16:38:53.0 UTCLocation42.64 N; 79.76 EDepth10 kmDistances243 km E Almaty (pop 1,204,762; local time 22:38:53.6 2013-01-28)171 km NW Aksu (pop 340,020; local time 00:38:53.6 2013-01-29)114 km E Karakol (pop 70,171; local time 22:38:53.6 2013-01-28)51 km S Koshkar (pop 311; local time 22:38:53.6 2013-01-28)Coglasno Read more [...]
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How planets affect the weather

One of the oldest areas of astrology - astrometeorology. It is a system of knowledge that are used to predict the weather, with the position of the planets, their interactions and the strength of their influence in different geographical areas. Now astrological weather forecasting methods are not popular. Normal weather without the "astro" inspires people more confidence. After all, it is based on observations of objects let capricious and not always predictable, such as the movement of atmospheric fronts, but still quite tangible and more reachable. In contrast to many questionable Read more [...]
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Sun burn can not — it's not wood

God - not Chernomyrdin and Chubais. Therefore, to say that God has collected a huge amount of gas, and gave him a demonstration in the burning sun on a great joy to humanity, such as serious. A write to the Great Soviet Encyclopedia of continuous decrease of the mass of the sun (of course, if something is burning, it burns something) even more fun. Campfire on a cosmic scale. Only from firewood? Nearby forest, then to be seen. And the gas fields Gazprom did not report ... 2. Obviously, the sun does not burn, is growing, increasing the mass, and, finally, it has a solid surface. All of these Read more [...]
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Life and asteroids belt for Life

It seems that the existence of life on Earth would not be possible without ... the asteroid belt, which is located far beyond the orbit of Mars.Three possible options for the evolution of the asteroid belt. Above - the planet the size of Jupiter migrates through it, scattering asteroids and suppressing the possibility of life on the inner planets. In the middle - the real situation: Jupiter slightly violates stability asteroid belt. Below - the planet does not migrate, remaining in its distant orbit, leading to the emergence of particularly massive and dense asteroid belt. Asteroids with him Read more [...]
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Comet rain could bring life in the vicinity of Jupiter

Disintegrated into dust, asteroids and comets are scattered around the material, rich in carbon compounds. Perhaps some of it has settled on the satellites of the gas giant.Disintegrating comet dust could to place on the moons of Jupiter the seeds of life. Including in Europe, under the icy shell of which, hopefully, is hidden ocean.Jupiter's moons are divided into two types: large spherical satellites and less lumpy body with eccentric orbits. Chemical analysis of the past suggests that they are made from a material of asteroids and comets. In other words, they most likely are rich carbon Read more [...]
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January 21 lands were powerful radio emissions from Jupiter

The planet Jupiter is a powerful source of short bursts of radio signals. They come from the polar magnetosphere giant planet when Jupiter sweep past Earth. January 21, when Jupiter and Moon were met in the sky - the radio series of laser beams hit Jupiter Earth. Amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft recorded the sounds coming from the speaker of his short-wave radio telescope in New Mexico. "On Sunday, Jupiter made a few minutes of strong radio waves. When I was out of my observatory, looking at Jupiter, I heard the sound wave on my radio speakers, and realized that my own body, at that Read more [...]
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Jupiter's moon Europa attracts scientists stronger than Mars

American astronomers who are searching for life in the solar system, believe that Europe, one of the moons of Jupiter, the surface of the ocean where there is a much more attractive target for new expeditions than desert Mars, now riveted the attention of the U.S. government.Europe has become a tempting target for the search of life on it, because it has a fairly thin crust of ice, which is hidden under the ocean. Also in Europe contains chemicals-oxidants, say planetary scientists.At the request of NASA has been recently revised new mission to Europe in order to reduce the project cost, and the Read more [...]
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Moon and Jupiter

Captured on camera astrophotographer Rafael Defavari of Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, this video shows the moon passing in front of Jupiter during the event, called the Jupiter moon surface, which occurred December 25, 2012 Video is played with five-time speed. Although it seems that Jupiter is "close to the Moon" on Christmas Eve for an observer on Earth, but in reality, the two space objects separated by a distance of about 625 million kilometers. Moon obscured view of the giant planet for one hour and 10 minutes. Jupiter - the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet Read more [...]
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Astronomical events in January 2013

Variety of planetary encounters. As always tells Jane Houston Jones from NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in Pasadena, California. Very easy and fun to look for planets if they are close to the moon. January 5 Saturn will be visible at dawn in the south-eastern edge of the sky near the bright white star in the constellation Virgo - Spica, and next to the moon. 6th he would be left of the moon. January 10, Venus will be visible next to the crescent moon before dawn. In the sunset sky near the horizon look Mars. You will find it on the left of the thin crescent moon around 17:30 on Read more [...]
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Calendar observer at January 2013

Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON), open Vitali Nevsky and Artem Novichonok will pass perihelion (29 November 2013) and is estimated to reach gloss 10m! This is the first so bright comet discovered by our countrymen! MonthMajor astronomical events of the month are: January 1 - Comet LINEAR (C/2012 K5) in the best conditions of visibility in 2013 January 2 - Earth at perihelion on January 4 - a maximum of the Quadrantids meteor shower January 5 - Ceres approaches the star Elnat to 2.4 ° January 16 - End of visibility of Venus with the naked eye in the middle latitudes January 18 - Mercury in superior Read more [...]
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Jupiter and the Moon

Marcelo Dominguez from Brazil on Christmas Eve, took a picture of the convergence of the moon and Jupiter.
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The moon will pass close to Jupiter December 25 — 26

Moon and Jupiter will converge on a celestial show in the sky - December 25, 2012. There is a telescope? Something extra-ordinary happens on Jupiter, which makes it extra interesting target for telescopic observations, reports NASA. December 25 Moon at apogee. Distance to our satellite will be 406,000 km, the angular size of the moon - 29.4?.Holders of binoculars and telescopes will be able to see the planet Jupiter, the bright yellow glow of the planet, up to 4 weak stars, arranged as if in a straight line passing through the center of the disk of the planet. This is the largest and brightest Read more [...]
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Opinion: Jupiter bent?

Video appeared on YouTube in which the authors argue that the alleged Jupiter and Saturn changed slope (as seen in the rings and moons location) with respect to the plane of the ecliptic.And also, the day was observed slope, computer online surveillance program have him. However, after 12 hours, the image allegedly "made right." The only possibility to check the validity of this information myself to look through the telescope. When present.The Internet has reference materials - how to observe Jupiter with a telescope. For example, on http://www.realsky.ru/book/59-whatobserve/166-jupiter Read more [...]
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Jupiter shot from the Canary Islands

12/14/2012 Quite straight from the tin image of Jupiter was made yesterday in the Canary Islands with an automated telescope SLOOH and Camera 2 High Mag.SLOOH - an online astronomy platform, which allows for free "rent" to anyone wanting a telescope and watch the interesting space objects, including those to do their photos. This virtual telescope is based on data obtained from ground-based telescopes. located in Chile.Virtual telescope SLOOH was established in 2002. It became available to the public in 2004.So, the photo of Jupiter taken with a virtual telescope SLOOHIn Read more [...]
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