The gadget is a warrior

When seven years ago, Nissan launched Qashqai, few thought that this machine will be a bestseller, with sales exceed 2 million and provoke crossover boom. And now it's time to step on the stage of the second generation Nissan Qashqai.Outside view of the new machines was exactly this which implies a modern cliché «Urban Crossover». Following the Japanese, I remember, a market niche of compact crossovers caught «spud» most of the world avtoproizvoiteley. TO At this point, some people had not only to create, but and update their models competing with Qashqai. Read more [...]
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In our newspaper ("EGR"), and the Internet often published addresses, appeals and other appeals to the parties to proceedings on behalf of the "Hunting".- Let's change the law! - Let we modify by-law!- Let's behave themselves!- Let's call on others to behave…- let's… let's… let's!!!Go ahead, but I'll start with the observation that there is! Unvarnished regard to superior posts and opinion.Spring hunting waterfowlOnly in the spring when I had been shot bustard, swan, hare hare. Are those that «fell»And which fired, but they flew away, run away, we do not believe. Read more [...]
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Elektroudochniki and the end of the world

The noisy campaign about the end of the world December 21, 2012 has finally ended. It is clear that the hype was initiated by producers of goods and hucksters. It is also clear that the media picked up this topic were also interested in submitting ugly and painful, intriguing. And the merchants of the box office liking this conjunctural theme. New subjects, the ability to tickle the layman and, of course, make money. The result: sales of weapons, underground bunkers, unsold goods, hastily kinodokumentalnoy Products catchy captioned articles on the theme of the Apocalypse. And – increased Read more [...]
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Hunting — a way of life

Hunting - as inviting, agonizing desire is the word as it is disturbing, how sweet intoxicate.The first skill in shooting the first lessons, teaching the elder brother. 1958 I remember as a child was - even though, at that time, and certainly not very child - celebrated ten years - his father took hunting. My God, what a joy it was! To issue me a single-barreled gun, caliber 32go with cracked butt, rewind copper wire and two cartridges. Oh, it was a pity that we were leaving the village for the dark - friends do not see, that's a pity!But the swamp - so how can anything be Read more [...]
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Tea from the needles and berries

In extreme situations need to focus on what matters most, in that it allows to survive, balancing on the thin line. Water, food, rest… How boring. But sometimes, it is enough to show a little ingenuity to a severe test to introduce some unexpected solutions to raise energy levels, mood etc. Why just water? Why raw frogs for lunch? You need to improvise. Somewhere a little more heat, but to cook something. Bake or grill fish, instead of eaten raw. Even if a bummer to kindle a fire to cook or warm up – still kindle! This will really lift your mood, and instinctively charged primal energy Read more [...]
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Readiness!!! Readiness – this is one of the key components of manpower. If a person is ready to everything or at least to much – this is a very strong person. To be ready for any emergency situation, we must prepare. Now we will explain how to prepare for extreme situations of the future: a global catastrophe, crisis, war and revolution. We touch on aspects of psychological training, physical training and physical facilities. Let's get started. You looked out the window and there were crowds of people in masks with slogans break through the cordon of police, throwing stones and setting Read more [...]
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Despite the fact that this phenomenon is still not completely understood physics, do not treat it as something extremely unusual, especially as to the supernatural. This phenomenon has not been studied, but is actively studied. To date, it is clear that the fireball - just colorful atmospheric phenomenon, a manifestation of atmospheric electricity, and to explain it not require the involvement of any radically new physical concepts.Learn fireball very easily, despite the diversity of its species. Usually it has, as you can easily guess, ball shape, glowing like a bulb on 60-100 watts. Much less Read more [...]
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Shahada: double ignoramuses

At first - internal strength of materials, are not allowed to book a few months later - a non-stop reading (day), which led, in fact, to the appearance of the text, which does not make sense to refer to the review, there is no point in fact referred to as "full-fledged" diary of what names "Diary of suicide bombers" creator of the novel, entered in the fall of 2011 in the long list of "The Nose". In order to prevent unnecessary "why", bypassing the so-called phase critical retreat, move on to the actual style, more precisely, its textural component - in fact it was she, not the plot, no matter Read more [...]
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Spine Inzer rack-wheel

Map Inzer rack-wheel: View Ridge Inzer rack-wheel. in a larger map Inzer rack-wheel (Bashkiria) stretches from SW to NE in the upper left bank of the river. Tirlyan. Inzer rack-wheel ridge really small, its length from north to south, just 8 km away. The highest point of the ridge Inzer rack-wheel - anonymous tip in the central part of the range 1161 m. Attractions ridge Inzer rack-wheel. Spine Inzer rack-wheel is a lot of enthusiasm for lovers of unusual colorful landscapes. This rock bastions, cliffs and unusual crests. Ridge deserves to roam and climb on the rocks a rafting day long. And he Read more [...]
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What’s your job with accumbent bikes?

    A:Really, quite few accumbent riders chimed in on this one, many of them winning subject with me in the life of sizable fence but just describing me as an "unlettered chump." Surely, I acknowledge sufficiency astir accumbent bikes to recognize just how to get multitude such as yourself annoyed up, which naturally was my purpose. Anyhow, recover and translate the pillar again. I offered plentifulness of reasons why recumbents study wellspring. And naturally I live that recumbents clutches hurrying records that can't be matched by uprights. But, those are in nonpareil Read more [...]
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The contemporary enterprise

    In June 2010 Nizhny Tagil metallurgical plant get up to 70 years. Age is undoubtedly respectable. The fate of thousands, of lives closely intertwined with this company, the name of which someone's label submission-forming.     One of those about whom we tell today, the contemporary enterprise. As NTMK, he can say, the day will turn 70 years. And his career from plant inseparable, although the last few years it working on another public company in Nizhny Tagil Institute of metal testing head of construction and repair units.     So, allow me to introduce. Yury Read more [...]
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Psychiatric thriller

Yasutaka Tsutsui - recognizable Japanese science fiction writer, which account for more than 30 novels. Although he writes in the genre of science fiction, he finds such a style that has permitted to cooperate pure genre fiction with the problems of severe literature. Apparently, this task has been successfully executed them, as Tsutsui was awarded the "big" awards named after Tanizaki and Kawabata, also became a knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of France. Western critics refer to Tsutsui writers postmodernists that including work in the genre metaliteratury. The novel "Paprika" - is the Read more [...]
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Ostanina, as usual, the ball was not in vain: but last least a day or three sharpened her husband, and a part of the father. Father scolded her for what she doesn't know how to keep yourself, others that she had a sad face and t, D., atrocities were listed in more abstract form, but Boris Petrovich hastened to reward yourself with a surplus and began with individuals, specifically that Maria Kirillovna deliberately avoided always Ekaterina Petrovna, to annoy him, Boris Petrovich, and put him in an awkward position before all, and especially before uncle. Then Boris Petrovich on its own wont clear Read more [...]
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Small poems

*** Think, that is happiness - like North, the weather to zero, I like this weather, I intricacies't like it. I heart the fields and groves, naked, without any tricks, and rhymes should be ordinarie, North and potoczna. *** I was destroyed envy no small axe, and no longer touch paper I the pen. I am not a writer, I just Tran area-grass, I now companion, saseline bit. *** The separation of our bitter sorrow what enlighten sad picture: Dedikov strip overshadow Dahl, and between the trees dries network, and wet autumn bushes standing in the forest, drenched with tears, and in heaven, which is empty, we Read more [...]
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Out-of-door Cartridge, Sep 2004

Aron Ralston     Pic: Kurt MarkusF E A T U R E S GODZONE Seeking Why is New Zealand a traveller's heaven paragon? Peradventure it's the civilization. Perhaps it's the first wine-colored. Peradventure it's a illusion landscape complete for high-adrenaline fun. Or peradventure it's all of the supra. By Stephanie Pearson OM Saboteur Musclebuilder Cock Seamans, a.k.a. the Fe Yogi, has stepped onto the mucilaginous mat with a pugnacious, yobbo body-bending subprogram he's marketing to the Bray Fittingness crew. What the heck's occurrence to yoga? By Eric Hansen AN Unsufferable Read more [...]
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Something about the split

That Nevyansky Plant even when the first was Demidovs «schismatic Nest»Has long been known. It was mentioned in a variety of publications. But for a long time it seemed to me that the split in the empire at the Leaning Akinfiev Demidov just a special branch to the main trunk. Or even so: they are two different tree that grow near and almost touching, much less intertwined with each other. It seemed that these are two different topics. But here's the story lines that previously seemed parallel, crossed again and again More Wow! But too early to rejoice. While these intersections and Read more [...]
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Stories do not need registry

     Our engineering section of the Soviet national association of historians of science and technology for many decades has kept in touch with the public employees in Nizhny Tagil historical revolutionary museum and other organizations. Not so long ago the magazine "Questions of History of Science and Technology" (Moscow) noted a valuable find Nizhny Tagil Museum drawing first locomotive Cherepanovs. The more upset we publish in the newspaper "For the victory!" on September 17, 1987 totally incompetent, grossly erroneous articles ethnographer V. Sintsova Read more [...]
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Irina Denezhkina. Gimme! (Song for Lovers) — St. Petersburg, «Limbus Press», 2002.

Aspiring writer Ira Denezhkina Yekaterinburg, as you know, almost gave - Prize "National Bestseller", at the end of which our young countrywoman lost on penalties Prokhanov himself and only just him, beating, say, Slavnikova and Oleg Pavlov. The result of the incident began to fall down on your head student-journalist notoriety, reputation first generation writer twenties and now this book under review, published in the prestigious St Petersburg publishing house. Until that moment, the greatest success of the writer, published on the website for scribblers was deployment of the 1st story Read more [...]
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From the new book

*** Beads peals on the carpet snow-white, finds his fistula, escaped from unskilful hands. It all came out in the wilderness. The wind was blowing, circled zaveval (It means long winter) he carried the beads oval - this is not one such lump. Sad eyes dreamed my eye, cute haircuts essay expensive - this is me my beloved diamond, so similar to another other. *** TK Colorful, languid lilac, as if busy mineral. Rain takes its oblique dashes crying as resentful seraglio. Yes, there is and sobs. And flowers blurred, just like fluorite. And then wiped the glass you for which your life is burning. *** Read more [...]
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For two perevalamie. Part of the 4th

The train rumbled. Specifically, yes, the sound of a passing train proceeded. But there was something. Something such that forces indulge in some quiet confusion when the train passes. Or felt tremors underfoot, or something like that ... And the air. Burnt oil flavor, which stoked locomotives in recent decades, when these places have found oil, it was not. Surprisingly it all was. Over the mountain taiga again came interrupted squeaky horn locomotive, there is already the bottom, where he went. And here, on the left the station was quiet and solitude. Only very close to the hot greyish haze, inverted Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).