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August snowfall in Karaganda

August 15, 2013. August snowfall. That night the residents of Karaganda witnessed unusual precipitation. According to witnesses, from the sky fell the snow, however, the pink color. MICHAEL PRIVALOV, journalist: \" I've been photographed. Here the highlights are. It's snow, snow. When the rain, glare there are none. I put on \"Facebook\" time, temperature. Here was 12 degrees. Eyewitnesses said that the snowfall in Karaganda started after 10 PM. Deposits covered rooftops. However, meteorologists snow is not recorded. On this day, forecasters predicted rain, and the news was skeptical. However, Read more [...]
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About 3 thousands of antelopes were killed in the North and in Central Kazakhstan

September 7, 2013. About 3 thousand Betpak-Dala saiga population died in Akmola and Karaganda regions (Central and Northern Kazakhstan)reported on Saturday, the press service of the Ministry of environmental protection (MEP) of the Republic. «About 1.5 thousand individuals found on the southern, Western and Northern shores of lake Tengiz. Fallen antelopes are found on the plains steppe areas»- said in the message. The Ministry assured that the fact of death of animals notified all interested state and local agencies. «Currently subordinate services Committee of forestry and Read more [...]
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Residents of the Karaganda region have witnessed the emergence of three suns

Unusual natural phenomenon observed residents Shet district of Karaganda region. Just three of the sun appeared over the horizon village of Aksu Ayuly. Optical phenomenon "sun dog" is described in the works of Aristotle, "Meteorologika." Unusual natural phenomenon caused by the refraction and reflection of light by ice crystals in cirrostratus clouds, at an altitude of 6 km. Often this phenomenon is accompanied by a circle around a light, which is called a halo. Traditional signs of false sun is associated with increased cold.Category: Atmosphere Read more [...]
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Shooting vtemirtau

.. .July-August 1959 Karaganda, in the steppe (Central Kazakhstan) was unusually hot and Contrast to 37 degrees Celsius in the shade, at night the temperature dropped to plus five. In the vast tent city in Temir-Tau, which was built in 1940 near the mines and quarries for the extraction of coal, iron ore, non-ferrous metals and mercury were mass disease. The leaders of the same objects hushed problem, not paying attention to the complaints and demands, threatening to "punish the instigators." But the threat of action had no effect. The main focus of the uprising was the eastern edge Read more [...]
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Chalybeate waters (group D)

Zhosalinskaya open mineral water, 160 km from the city of Karaganda in the central Kazakh hills. The first investigated the therapeutic effect of the water district physician S. Yarotskii in 1830. Scientific justification for its use is given Karaganda Medical Institute (PP Pospelov), etc. The composition is calcium sulfate, iron-sodium acidic water (mineralization of 0.93 g / L). Used for drinking, bathing, showers, etc. Operates departmental sanatorium-dispensary (180 beds), located in birch-aspen forest. Projected construction of sanatorium for 500 seats for the treatment of patients with Read more [...]
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