Part of Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan recognized sake of world significance

Ili River Delta and the southern part of Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan recognized as wetlands of international importance, said on the eve of the feast of swamps World Wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia.World Wetlands Day, designed to draw the attention of the public and governments around the world on the value of wetlands to maintain the sustainable development of our planet, is celebrated on February 2. On this day in 1971 in Ramsar (Iran) signed the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance as Waterfowl Habitat, called the Ramsar. The day it was signed in 1997 has been declared the World Read more [...]
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Geese in Kazakhstan

     The well-known publisher of hunting literature Leonid Palko rasskazyvaetob autumn hunting geese in northern Kazakhstan.- Leonid Leonidovich, how did you get goose hunting in Kazakhstan?- On the hunt I was invited to my friends from Kazakhstan Boris Stepanovich Luzin and Yakov Janzen - are also avid hunters. I gratefully accepted the invitation, because they knew what an incredible amount of bird accumulates in those places during the flight.- And before that, you have not been to Kazakhstan?- No, I first went to this country. But the stories of Boris Stepanovich, who lives and constantly Read more [...]
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Hunting for geese in Kazakhstan

"All happy families are happy alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way," Leo Tolstoy. The words of the famous classic is the best suited to the goose hunt.Kazakhstan in the Eurasian region on the possibilities of hunting goose leader without competition, well, no, of course, and a goose flying through Russia and Ukraine is in Europe, but not in such quantities and superior quality. The Chinese have long days and nights fed, almost selective rice ducks, so that they come to the parameters " Peking duck" . In our country, we carried out the development "virgin and fallow" Read more [...]
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Spring opening of the pen in Kazakhstan

Usually the opening of the spring hunting of waterfowl here in Almaty region takes place in the week of March 20's on holiday with pagan roots - Nauryz (the spring equinox, symbolizing the Turki beginning of the year). Therefore, this hunt I always felt like the first of the new season.And the attitude to it is particularly anxious. This year, thanks to the initiative of competent hunters and thoughtful position of the National Audit Office, the opening of hunting was dismissed March 14 and users of hunting grounds (hunting farms) granted the right to set the opening date, depending on the real Read more [...]
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In Kazakhstan, the -25 ° C

Bad weather in Kazakhstan. In the west of the country expect a sharp cooling and strong wind. Declared a storm warning. The temperature is forecast to drop to -25 °. All services are listed on high alert. "All this time, day and night temperatures do not fall below zero degrees. Now, however, the temperature drops - from -15 to -25 °. For Kazakhstan it will be an unpleasant surprise, "- said the director of the Center for hydrometeorological monitoring Kazakhstan Lyudmila Chuntova. In Astana continued heavy snowfall. It began in the capital yesterday. "Snow fell from 4 to 8 mm. November was Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the East Kazakhstan region

In the East Kazakhstan region, an earthquake, the agency reports citing the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) RK. According to the Institute of Seismology of the MES, "December 6, at 18:33 in the territory of the shores of Lake Alakol in the East Kazakhstan region, an earthquake with an energy class K = 11.1. The epicenter was located 542 kilometers north-east of the city of Almaty. " "Tremors were felt: in the village Koktal Urdzharsky area, near Bukhtarma Reservoir, in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk: 2-3 points," - confirmed in a statement to the press service. According Read more [...]
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Heavy snow had stopped Kazakhstan

Monthly precipitation fell for one day in Kazakhstan, particularly affected the eastern regions of the country. Some houses are literally buried in snow — drifts close the windows of the first floor. Residents can not get out of the apartment. The utility with the amount of snow can not cope. Clearing the main road, to the streets and entrances to the houses are not an issue.

Source: Russia 24

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URAL INDUSTRIAL ACADEMY OF KAZAKHSTAN opened in September. In 1930 as a branch of Moscow. prom. Acad. In June 1931 received the status of an independent. It functioned piano black and you non-ferrous metallurgy, mining ind., p., forest prom., chemistry, and heavy machinery. When Acad. Preparatory work fin. In 1934, in the Acad. entered Irkutsk gold: platinum Acad., which led to the discovery of specialty gold prom. In 1939 Acad. was transferred to the Narkomtsveta and renamed the All-Union prom. Acad. non-ferrous metallurgy. When Acad. worked courses nominees and red deer. In November. 1940 eliminated. Read more [...]
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In Kazakhstan -60 °

Abnormally snowy and frosty weather prevails in East Kazakhstan, the air temperature drops to minus 60 degrees. According to "Russia 24", a harsh winter can not remember even the local old-timers. The temperature drops to minus 60 degrees. Cold is accompanied by a blizzard and strong winds knock down passers-by. In just a few months of winter snow cover up to two and a half meters, which is almost three times higher than the usual values ​​for these latitudes. Road services are struggling to cope with the low temperatures of the fossilized layers, buses can not withstand extreme temperatures. Directions Read more [...]
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Kugushev Georgy

Kugushev Georgy (02 (14) .03.1896, of St. Petersburg. 11.05. 1971 Sverdl.), An actor and director. Nar. Art. RSFSR (1960). Rod. in a noble family. Graduated from drama school S.A.Naydenova (Yalta). Since 1919, Art. dramatic and musical theater. comedy Yu Russia and Ukraine. 1935-37 Ch. dir. Sverdl. theater music. comedy. In 1938 he was arrested under Art. 193-34 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR and deported to Kazakhstan for 5 years. In 1939, art. Pavlodar Philharmonic, 1940-43 Art. and dir. North Kazakhstan Drama (Petropavlovsk). 1943-61 -gl. dir. and thin. hands. Sverdl. Theater of Musical Read more [...]
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Hun-Sarmatian MONUMENTS

Hun-Sarmatian MONUMENTS on the South. D belong to a special syncretic culture us. US-Kazakhstan steppes in the middle. II-IV centuries. BC She was at the Sauromates Sarmatian (Sauromates Sarmatian community) ethno-cultural basis in the first centuries. BC Its formation took place on the territory. steppe, forest-steppe zones partially South. Trans-Urals and North steppes. Kazakhstan. Folding process of culture reflects two trends migration Hun us. on ter. South. Zauralye: Kazakhstan and yuzh.-Siberian. Burial H.-SP presented oval ground mounds or structures in the form of rounded or podkvadratnyh Read more [...]
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The evacuation of thousands of people due to floods in Kazakhstan

Floods in Kazakhstan claimed the lives of dozens of people and forced authorities to evacuate thousands of people from their homes. According to the latest Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic, the number of deaths as a result of dam reservoir "Kyzylagash" in Almaty region on March 12 has reached 40 people. Another eight, including three children, are considered to be missing, according to ITAR-TASS. The village Kyzylagash which lived 2000 240 people, destroyed water flows 80 percent of the 465 households, and the rest damaged. At the moment here in search and rescue and liquidation Read more [...]
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Eastern Kazakhstan swept by a devastating hurricane

Eastern Kazakhstan swept by a devastating hurricane. Several areas were hit by heavy rains, gusty winds, and storms. In addition, in some areas was large hail. In Balkanarama he was the size of a chicken egg. Suffered regional center — Ust-Kamenogorsk. Within minutes the streets were flooded, and many trees have fallen, were left without electricity for about 7,000 people. To eliminate the consequences of the storm began early in the morning. Along with public services, street cleaning connected citizens. But most of all was the power: total area was almost 12 thousand Read more [...]
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In many regions of Kazakhstan are expected dust storms

On Thursday the far North and South-East of Kazakhstan will be in the area of atmospheric frontal sections, the rest of the territory of the Republic — under the influence of the anticyclone, reports the Ministry of emergency situations of RK with reference to the forecasters. In East Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, day in Almaty oblasts places expected increase of wind up to 15-20 m/s, dust storm. In Zhambyl, South-Kazakhstan, Mangistau, Atyrau, West-Kazakhstan, Pavlodar regions is expected wind power 15-23 m/S. In Kyzylorda, Mangistau, Atyrau, East Kazakhstan, places in South Kazakhstan, Read more [...]
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In Kazakhstan there may be a shortage of water

Serious water shortages may occur in Kazakhstan by 2020, said the Chairman of the Committee on water resources of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic Anarbek Ormanov in an interview published Friday in the newspaper «Kazakhstanskaya Pravda». «Assessment of the mean annual values of river runoff in Kazakhstan in the last 30 years has decreased by 25.3 cubic kilometers per year. This corresponds to the long-term prediction of climate change. Given the expected reduction of transboundary flow by 2020 will reduce water resources of the Republic to 86 cubic kilometers Read more [...]
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Kazakhstan fires again threaten Altai Krai

© RIA Novosti. Alexander Latkin Fires on the territory of Kazakhstan once again threaten the Altay region, — according to satellite monitoring, in Kazakhstan there are more than 40 foci steppe fires, 19 of which are in close proximity to the border, said on Monday the regional forest Management. The report notes that land Tretyakov Deposit areas of the Altai territory in present-present threat of fire, which is 9 kilometres from the border. According to the Department, Altai management specialists are in constant communication with the duty of forest inspection Kazakhstan, which Read more [...]
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About 3 thousands of antelopes were killed in the North and in Central Kazakhstan

September 7, 2013. About 3 thousand Betpak-Dala saiga population died in Akmola and Karaganda regions (Central and Northern Kazakhstan)reported on Saturday, the press service of the Ministry of environmental protection (MEP) of the Republic. «About 1.5 thousand individuals found on the southern, Western and Northern shores of lake Tengiz. Fallen antelopes are found on the plains steppe areas»- said in the message. The Ministry assured that the fact of death of animals notified all interested state and local agencies. «Currently subordinate services Committee of forestry and Read more [...]
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Kazakhstan is prepared to Libyan scenario

I mention Kazakhstan under bokom.Chestno thought.
CUT function will try to learn soon.
PSEto dobavleniek my publication «To this could mean»
To anything … Just do not call us with border nimi.A next year want to make a single economic space.
This is my opinion … plus or minus does not bother me …

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In the South of Kazakhstan gardens flower and lilac

ASTANA, November 5 . Residents of the South Kazakhstan witnessed unusual for this time of autumn phenomena — here blossomed Apple and pear orchards and backyards blossomed lilac. According to local media, meteorologists attribute this phenomenon with an unusually warm fall, and has already dubbed it abnormal. The daytime temperature here rises to 30 degrees. The last time this autumn in these parts was in 1963, but nothing good this has not been followed. Please Gila flowering gardens, nature unleashed on the region's unusually harsh winter with frosts and winds. As for the lilac, Read more [...]
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In mid-October in the South of Kazakhstan bloomed lilacs. Photo

Lilac blossoms. Shymkent, October 20, 2010. Residents of Shymkent these days witnessed the miraculous phenomena of nature. The trees were dissolved buds blossomed Apple trees and lilacs. According to experts, the last time such a hot fall was in this area in 1936. In the courtyard the resident of Shymkent love Diorditsa bloomed lilacs. Usually, this plant blooms once a year in may. Although this phenomenon of nature in the middle of autumn and surprised everyone, Love diorditsa thinks this is a bad sign. She says that late blooming flowers \"priznaiot cold winter\". - Last autumn lilac bloomed Read more [...]
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