In Kemerovo -40 °

Classes in local schools canceled, postponed flights suburban and intercity buses. Pupils first to eighth grades do not learn in Kemerovo on Wednesday because of the impact the 40-degree cold. Wednesday, December 23, became the most frosty day for the area since the beginning of the autumn-winter season. In "the coolest spots" field today recorded minus 40-43 degrees in the "warmest" - minus 34 °. Transporters canceled due to cold weather a number of inter-regional, inter-city and suburban bus lines. "Because of the cold weather on Wednesday in Kemerovo canceled classes the first shift of the Read more [...]
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Abnormal weather in the south of Western Siberia

The average daily temperature in the southern West Sibirica east of Omsk is already at 5-7 ° below normal for the beginning of February. But nature will continue to experience the Siberians to frost. In the coming days, Siberian frosts from Novosibirsk to Kemerovo will become even stronger as the neighborhood - in the central areas and in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where the negative temperature anomaly is -10 ... -12 °. In the Krasnoyarsk last night the temperature has dropped to -40 °. After a day or two such abnormally low night-time temperature can be observed in the Novosibirsk Read more [...]
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Kemerovo road collapsed three meters

A huge hole appeared in the middle of the road in the Kemerovo Yesterday, the capital of Kuzbass motorists were surprised to see that part of the road on the street went to the two-core depth. In the literal sense of the word. In the middle of the roadway was formed about the size of the failure of two meters wide and five in length, and a depth of about three meters. By happy coincidence, the pit is located on only one of the four-lanes of the road, and because of its appearance, and although a little difficult to move, but not to block it. Now, the state of emergency work roadster. The details Read more [...]
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Under the Kemerovo newly bloomed flowers

Imagine I have in my garden, the flowers blossomed like spring! — shared with the editors of \"Komsomolskaya Pravda\" constant reader Alexey Dobronravov, resident Nutcrackers. — Just in may! And primrose, lupine... but still so beautiful! And recently went to the forest — and they are my favorite flowers — wisps. I hadn't even thought of until next summer to see. Many have noticed that in the second round beginning to blossom willow. Somewhere in the vicinity of the Kemerovo bloomed rose: right on the same branch can be seen and flowers, and ripe Read more [...]
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In Kuzbass happened mysterious earthquake of magnitude 4

In the European Mediterranean seismological Centre there is evidence of an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 points Aftershocks of magnitude 4 points recorded in Novokuznetsk district, Kemerovo region, said on Monday, the press service of the administration of the city of Novokuznetsk with reference to the Kemerovo regional center for monitoring and forecasting of emergency situations. The message says that the aftershocks were registered in 13:32 local time. Causes tremors are investigated. Data on casualties or damage has not yet been reported, reports «Interfax». At the same time on Read more [...]
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30-degree weather in Siberia will change to snow and rain

After nearly a 30-degree heat which was established in Western Siberia, is expected to be very cold and even snow. In the Kemerovo region already declared a storm warning in connection with the strengthening wind. Now in Siberia was established almost summer weather. Heat in Kuzbass hits 40-year-old records: southern region the air is heated to 28 degrees, write «Melbourne Herald sun». To the highest since 1972 mark was only a few divisions of the scale of the thermometer. Then on the territory of Kemerovo region was 35 degrees Celsius. See also: Forecast: rainy weather leaves the Read more [...]
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In the Kemerovo region in October flowered daisies

on 15 October. Kemerovo region, M-53. The month of October, and in Siberia the weather is warm. Blooming daisies! Isn't it a miracle!? Source: Mobile reporter Read more [...]
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In Cubase appeared ramson

Photo: Dmitry MARININ on October 28. Sellers kalbi (ramson) at the end of October appeared immediately and in the South and in the North region. In Mountain Shoria sell it on the road in Central village, 35 kilometers from Tashtagol, and in the North of sellers kalby can be found on the route Kemerovo — Anzhero-Sudzhensk: cornering in the village Scout and the village of Sosnovka. And if winter trade calboy — an amazing phenomenon, but understandable (\"KP\" wrote about the \"taiga hotbeds\"where the wild garlic, covered with foil, grows all winter), but now its appearance Read more [...]
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Tremors in Kemerovo

on October 26. According to rumors, yesterday(25 October) about 15:00, right in the centre of Kemerovo, namely in the building at the address: Ave Soviet, 60 case B, the townspeople felt the tremors. \"Everything points to the earthquake: shaking table and hanging objects, for example, a mobile phone lanyard, and the building shook a little, — told MK in Kuzbass\" a witness to the scene. - I always feel the earthquake in your life, therefore, I presume, power — 2-3 points was. Victims and destructions. Sound waves don't be afraid, the nature of shocks is not exactly explosive. Read more [...]
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The Kuzbass residents scared tremors

on November 25. Complaints tremors registered online services Kemerovo and Yurga in the last day, the Agency said «Interfax-Siberia» the press service of Ministry of civil DEFENSE and emergencies of Kemerovo. «Calls from residents of predominantly upper floors of high-rise buildings began to come yesterday around 15:30 local time. According to operational duty dispatching service Yurga city, fluctuations could be caused by a sweep of explosive ordnance on military training», — said the representative of the office. In turn, the geophysical survey of the Siberian Read more [...]
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In the Kemerovo region recorded quake a magnitude of 2.4

6 January. In the Kemerovo region on Friday recorded quake a magnitude of 2.4. Seismologists have qualified him as an earthquake, and gave it an energy class of 8.3.

The epicenter of the earthquake is 141 km East from the town of Belovo and 35 km North of Mezhdurechensk, information about the nature of earthquakes and the devastating effects have been reported.

Source: Arguments of the week

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In Siberia continues powerful explosions of unknown nature

on February 17. As we reported a few days ago - February 9 and February 12, 2012 in the area of Kuzbass, Kemerovo region, Russia has experienced two powerful explosions of unknown nature, with a magnitude of 3.6 and 2.6 points on the Richter scale in the same place, and not Russian scientists managed to calm down, as a new explosion with a magnitude of 3.7 points on the Richter scale occurred on 15 February 2012 a few hundred kilometers to the East from the site of the explosions, which occurred on 9 February and 12 February 2012.The reason for the new explosion of the Geophysical service of Read more [...]
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Western Siberia: in the South of abnormally warm

3 April. In most southern regions of Western Siberia for a long time held the abnormally warm weather. Average daily air temperature of 6-8 degrees higher than normal. April 2, in Kemerovo set a new record maximum temperature of +11.6 degrees. Very warm air enters the region from Kazakhstan. In terms of the anticyclone, is additional warming. In the record-breaking temperatures. Abnormally warm weather continues and 4 April. In the Novosibirsk region in the afternoon the air warms up to +10+11, Kemerovo to +12+13 degrees. And on April 5, after the passage of a cold front, temperatures will Read more [...]
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The water level in the Kuzbass rivers falling rapidly because of the heat

on 6 June. The municipalities and the Ministry of emergencies in Kuzbass will deliver water to communities that are located away from water, because of declining water level in the water arteries of the region because of the heat wave, said in the press-service of administration of the Kemerovo region. «Due to hot weather in the Kuzbass region has experienced a rapid drop in water level in rivers, boreholes and wells. Thus, the level of Tom at the village of Krapivina falls by 10 centimeters per day, at the village Polomoshnoe Ascensao district — 15 centimeters per day», — Read more [...]
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Flying to Novosibirsk aircraft due to heavy frost got in Kemerovo

Passenger plane "Airbus", "Ural Airlines" carrying out flight Moscow - Novosibirsk, went to the alternate Kemerovo because of abnormally low temperatures in Novosibirsk. This was announced by the airline at the Novosibirsk airport "Tolmachevo" Andriy Demchenko."The commander decided to go to the alternate airport in Kemerovo in view of the fact that according to the standards of this type of landing is possible with ground-based air temperature of minus 40 degrees, and the" Tolmachevo "the temperature dropped to minus 41", - told reporters Demchenko. Read more [...]
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Four Russians robbed a truck with food to prepare for the Apocalypse

In Russia, four Kuzbass Residents aged 18 to 25 years old robbed a truck with food. How to tell the police officers, the attackers told his action approximation of the Apocalypse and the need to stock up in connection with this product."While the truckers slept four criminals broke the seal, opened the door of the trailer and got inside" - the official website of the Interior Ministry in the Kemerovo region.It is noted that the truck was stolen stew, peas, oil and other products. The total amount stolen exceeded 30 thousand.Truck driver reported the incident to the police, Read more [...]
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Siberians instead of walking the sidewalks of snow tunnels

In southern Siberia extends the period of intense snow accumulation. Utopaniya process in the snow is so rapid that the situation could get as a regional problem.© Bogdan Cristel | ReutersAccording to the monitoring, in the Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions, Khakassia, Altai region and in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the past 35 days of November fell to 73 mm snowfall. In mountainous areas, meteorologists say from 90 to 122 mm. At the weather station "Rainy" in Khakassia? 146 mm. For comparison, the average rate in November in the area is 30 º 35 mm.© Read more [...]
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A photographic survey of the impact of hail in the Kemerovo region

Read more [...]
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Hit the Kuzbass hail was difficult to predict — forecasters

on August 16. Kemerovo weather forecasters believe that struck on Tuesday night at southern Kuzbass large hail was difficult to predict, and it's not talking about the incompetence of the employees of the service, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti head of the Department of hydrometeorological services industries Kemerovo meteorologist Raisa electrification buzunova. «To predict it (hail) is quite difficult in the mountains. Here played the role exactly the ridges of Mountain Shoria. Mountain side — it is always a mountain side. Shed rain or Shine. Engage or not engage (cyclone). Here Read more [...]
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Abnormal thaw in the middle of the Siberian winter

Usually at the end of January have culmination Siberian winter, when the temperature is lowest in the annual cycle values. But this year, instead? 40 thermometer 3. During the two-day weekend in the big cities of South Siberia (Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo) registered five temperature records and a few close values for records, when to repeat the absolute maximum is not enough less degree.On Saturday, January 26, noted in Krasnoyarsk 3.4, Kemerovo? +3,3, Novosibirsk? 1.9. Passage of an active cyclone accompanied by heavy snow and blowing snow with winds sustained to 23 m Read more [...]
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