War and children

    War and children. Is it possible to find anything more incompatible than these two concepts?     Yes, children play war. But War never plays with the kids.     On a refractory manufacturing kindergarten appeared a little less than 70 years ago. Under He was given one-story barracks. Brought up there are about 70 children. It was at its utility two cows, agriculture, garden.     Led garden Ermakova Evdokia Samson. She was at that time 7 good education classes, and she had economic vein, was attentive to the children. And was able to Read more [...]
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The Kemin district of Kyrgyzstan strong wind blew the roof of the kindergarten

In the village of Boralday Kemin rayon, Chui oblast yesterday, October 13, a strong wind blew 364 sheet of slate from the roof of the kindergarten \»Kelechek\».

This reports the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations CU.

According to her, gusty winds also tore down the slate from the roof of the two houses. \»Three buildings, in General, spoiled 411 sheets of roofing\», — noted the press service.

Source: IA \»24.kg\»

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The element is rampant in the Stavropol region

4 March,This weekend hurricane raged in the centre and North-West of Stavropol Krav Svetlograd element tore the covering from the roof of one of the clinics. The damaged area exceeding 400 square meters. Fortunately, there were no injuries. In the same Petrovsky district, only Swedena, strong wind knocked 30-foot pipe at the boiler. Now, the rehabilitation works. The wind also partially tore the roof of the kindergarten. As reported STRC «Stavropol» in rural administration, because of problems with heating schoolchildren and kindergarten dismissed to their homes. In the Abundant Read more [...]
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In Krasnodar Territory hurricane rips the roof closed ferry

In the Azov Yeisk storm tore part of the roof from the kindergarten "Star". "The wind would be so strong that the roof was thrown into the road way," - said today corr. ITAR-TASS in the city administration. At the time of the occurrence of children in kindergarten were not. Parents reported that the facility will be closed until the completion of the repair work. Closed due to hurricane winds ferry "Caucasus-Crimea". Last ferry to Ukraine went last night with great difficulty: the height of the waves in the Kerch Strait to within three meters. According to weather Read more [...]
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In Kyrgyzstan, the Kemin district high winds demolished the roof of a kindergarten

The village Boroldoy Kemin district, Chui region yesterday, 13 October, high winds demolished 364 sheets of slate from the roof of a kindergarten "Kelechek."

The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to her, strong wind also blew with slate roofs of two houses. "The three buildings are generally spoiled 411 roofing sheets ", — the press-service.

Source: IA «24.kg»

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Contact between the family and the children's garden-2

We agreed that in the kindergarten to Kate first time will be very lenient, will be less of her, prohibit only what is really unacceptable, not noticing minor violations of the regime, that is, try to get the girl and the conflicts between workers kindergarten occurred less often. We agreed that while the mother will take Katya daily home for the night, learning about its behavior in kindergarten. If the girl was acting reasonably, without gross violations of intolerant, her mother every time praised, caressed, reward anything, in case of serious violations, when Kate is not subject to the requirements Read more [...]
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The contact between the family and the kindergarten-1

Punish a child in kindergarten and family better in the absence of other children, not fixing their attention on the fact that the guilty are worse than they are not developing their malevolence. If you do need to punish the child in front of other children, and they and the offending should be told that it is a punishment to redeem himself and is now a full member of the team. Do not punish a child in a fit of temper. Even just punishment in this case is not perceived by the child as a ransom, but only as an expression of "anger" adult. If a child has done something illicit and it Read more [...]
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Contact between the family and the children's garden

In addition to everything described in this chapter, we would like to dwell on the importance of contact between parents and teachers and its implications for neuro-psychological health of the child. In all the previous chapters discussed in detail about what a huge role in the formation of neuro-psychiatric is thoughtful, purposeful education. The life of a preschooler is usually in the home and in kindergarten. Therefore, it goes without saying how important a single line of education, a close relationship between home and kindergarten. This contact for a number of aspects of the life of the Read more [...]
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Medical sister-3

In the nursery, kindergarten work nurseries sisters, nurse or child care (see Child garden, nursery, nursery-garden). Sister should visit the family of the child to be put in nursery (child garden), to avoid infectious diseases among members of the family and of living together in one apartment. Every morning when taking children to the nursery (child garden) sister has a close look of the mouth and throat, the baby's skin, to measure the temperature. Queries the mother whether infectious diseases in the family apartment. For suspected infection of the child immediately sent home or isolated Read more [...]
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How is the flu in children

What happens after the flu virus enters the body? From infection to onset of the disease usually takes 1-2 days, sometimes a few hours. Incubation (latent) period for the flu short. The disease often begins suddenly headache, some - dizziness, may be vomiting. Almost always there is a general "weakness", aching joints. Kids act up, eat bad, restless sleep. Sometimes there are convulsions, loss of consciousness, delirium, especially frightens parents. Some children no less formidable symptoms are severe abdominal pain. This often requires surgical consultation to distinguish flu Read more [...]
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