New Zealander Attempts to Hiking Northwards Korean Compass

A one-time cop hopes to be the commencement mortal in forward-looking remembering to hiking the Korean peninsula's 870-mile chain, the Baekdudaegan, which runs from Northwards Korea's edge with Chinaware south Korean seashore. According to an clause in the New York Multiplication, Roger Sheepman, from New Zealand, is the commencement outlander to tramp in the distant mountains of Northward Korea since the partitioning of Northerly and Southward Korea. The 47-year-old plans to comeback to N Korea in Grand in hopes that the two countries bequeath let him hybridizing the dmz.Mr. Sheepman's dream draws Read more [...]
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Northwards Korea Ski Recur Opens This Workweek

N Korean leader Kim Jong Un's commencement "first" ski repair, Masik Fling, is expected to be partly afford this Thursday to record the 86th aniversary of the Korean Workers Company.Spell advance floundered this summertime due to torrential summertime rains and a severance with the Swiss concluded buying ski lifts and line cars, the Northwards Korean media claims that workers are complemental their quotas with reduplicate efficency. When ruined, the hangout volition bear ternary lifts, a hotel for foreigners and a hotel for Northerly Koreans."We can shuffle atomic weapons and rockets," Read more [...]
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In North and South Korea flood

On North Korea attacked powerful showers July 13, 2013. In the DPRK, as a result of flooding caused by heavy rains, killing two people. The highest rainfall - from 200 to 400 millimeters - occurred in the central regions of the country. Powerful showers hit the capital of North Korea, Suncheon city and Anju. As a result of the disaster, more than 700 people have lost their homes, 1.7 thousand hectares of farmland were under water. According to the forecasts of local weather forecasters, on Sunday, July 14 will be held in North Korea again, heavy rains, and on the east and west coasts of the country Read more [...]
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Discipline Says Skiers Happier Than Snowboarders

Researchers from Southward Korea unknowingly supplied skiers with more ammo in the ideologic war betwixt which is amend: skiing or snowboarding.According to the bailiwick promulgated in the daybook Applied Search in Calibre of Living, skiers receive more delight from a day on the slopes than snowboarders. Among the 279 player survey, skiers showed higher levels of delight and affaire in their mutation than snowboarders did.In the sampling, 126 participants skied, 112 snowboarded and 41 did both. Respondents worn-out an mean of four-spot and a one-half years at a tercet hangout in Southward Korea. Read more [...]
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Flooding in North Korea

In the DPRK, the victims of the floods began 8 people July 23, 2013. In North Korea, a series of floods, which have claimed eight people. This is with reference to local media reports ITAR-TASS. Hardest-hit province Pyongan-do-do and Pyongan. 4,5 thousands of homes destroyed, 17.7 thousand people were evacuated. Floods caused by the rainy season. Last year at this time, killing more than 300 people. Source:,  Flood victims in North Korea began to 8 people July 23, 2013. As a result of severe flooding caused by heavy rains, from 20 to 22 July in North Korea killed eight Read more [...]
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The book is about the youth of the people

Korean literature is more and more attracts attention and sympathy of the Russian reader. We are already familiar with the novel "Earth", written by famous Korean writer Lee Ki-Yong, with verses Chu Won Song, Xie Man Irina, Han Yong-ho and, in the end, with violent and combative, filled with a profound love for the country verses prematurely deceased poet Those Ki Chsna. And only recently appeared on the Russian language novel "Twilight" written by one of the pioneers of the Korean proletarian literature Khan Ser I, whose name is clear to the Russian reader to such works as "Friend", "On Guard", Read more [...]
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Pyongyang threw a military exercise to combat flooding

August 4, 2013. North Korea's leadership had to cut summer military training program to redeploy troops to fight the effects of the devastating floods. This is with reference to South Korean media reports Agence France-Presse. Flooding caused by strong rains, has already led to the deaths of 33 people, the destruction of homes and farmland. In response to floods to military units stationed in the west and south-west of North Korea, ordered to reduce teaching to a minimum and do the restoration work. Summer teaching North Korean troops were to be held in parallel with the joint exercise of the Read more [...]
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In North Korea flood

Severe flooding occurred in the area of the North Korean town of Sinuiju, located in Pyongan province North Korea on the border with China. As reported by the KCNA news Agency, were under the water for private homes and public buildings, large areas of agricultural land. The disaster was caused by the exit from the banks of the river Amnok after a powerful heavy rains that hit the area tonight. In the aftermath of floods include military personnel of the Korean people's army and the population of the province. About the victims not reported. Earlier this month, the red cross Society of Read more [...]
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The North Korean authorities announced that we are entering a "state of war" with South Korea. About it day on Saturday, March 30, Reuters reports with reference to the North Korean Central news Agency (KCNA).According to Agence France-Presse, in a statement all municipal bodies and institutions of the DPRK, says that from this moment on "all issues between the 2 Koreas will be handled according to wartime conditions".The statement also reported that any provocation on the border of the 2 countries would lead to "a full-scale conflict and a nuclear war".At the technical level, Read more [...]
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South Korea was struck by a tropical Typhoon

The seventh in this year's tropical Typhoon «Compass» hit South Korea and caused serious damage to several parts of the country. This was announced today Hydrometeorological RK. For the capital he was the most powerful in the last 15 years. Caused to Seoul damage has led to the most serious in recent decades a transport collapse, ITAR-TASS reported. The storm led to failures in the operation of railway transport and almost all terrestrial areas of the Seoul subway. In the Western parts of the country violated the supply. On the West coast of the province of Chungcheong-namdo were Read more [...]
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Typhoon Kompasu\» was for North Korea is worse than UN sanctions

North Korea. Landslides in the port city of Wonsan North Korea's KCNA news Agency on Wednesday reported that a tropical Typhoon Kompasu\", which hit Korea in early September, claimed the lives of several dozen people and caused serious economic damage. Strong and prolonged heavy rains led to frequent landslides and the destruction of 3 thousand homes. About 8 thousand families were left homeless or lost property. 30 thousand hectares of farmland were flooded, more than 170 of the road sections and 250 m, railway tracks were completely destroyed. 65 thousand km of Railways were under threat of Read more [...]
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Due to the floods in South Korea for more than 11 thousand people were left homeless

SEOUL, September 22. The capital of South Korea was hit by the strongest rainfall, the correspondent of \"Rosbalt\". On the eve of the three-day celebration of mid-autumn streets of Seoul, subway and buildings were flooded by torrential rains. According to local management against natural disasters, floods, two fishermen are missing and 11800 people were left without a roof over your head. At the same time in the southern province of Guangdong China fell more 548,5 mm of rainfall, as a result of Typhoon \"Fnapi\" and torrential rains killed more than 20 people and about 34 are missing. Economic Read more [...]
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South Korea, Japan and China have been hit by storm sandy

China and South Korea covered sandstormIn China and South Korea residents are urged not to leave the house and wear a gauze bandage. The only way to escape from the sand storms. Visibility on the roads has decreased several times.It is rare for November, but the cyclones stir up strong North-westerly winds, spray the region of yellow sand from the Mongolian desert; people storing respirators and masks that protect against air pollution. Dust Plume over the Sea of Japan 12.11.2010 @ NASA image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC. Caption by Michon Scott. In Read more [...]
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In South Korea was an outbreak of FMD. Video. Updated

In South Korea broke out the worst in recent years, the epidemic of foot and mouth disease. Infected with a dangerous disease millions of animals on farms in the country. The government, meanwhile, refused vaccination, which will cost $ 60 million. Instead, potential carriers of FMD decided to simply destroy. More than a million pigs had already been buried alive. Among the killed animals were, as experts say, and healthy. In the queue for slaughter cattle. To the protests of farmers and environmentalists Korean authorities do not listen. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Record cold in Seoul

Covering South Korea, the cold reached its lowest for the last 10 years the temperature minimum. In Seoul was registered temperature of 17.8 degrees below zero, which is slightly below the temperature record, January 15, 2001, when the thermometer dropped to minus 18.6 degrees. The most severe frosts — minus 24.3 degrees — was recorded in the area of town Chorwon (Gangwon-do province) near the border with North Korea. Has not escaped the cold and the southern island resort, Jeju-do, where he was registered a temperature of minus 3.3 degrees. According to the forecasts Read more [...]
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In South Korea the most snowfall in 100 years

East coast of South Korea suffered from severe over the last hundred years of snowfall. In some cities since last Friday fell by more than 110 inches of precipitation. Due to the snow drifts blocked the main highway. Source: LeadHeavy snowfalls in Korea To the East of South Korea's heavy snowfalls destroy the house. A powerful snowstorm that hit the coast of South Korea, led to the destruction of hundreds of buildings. The South Korean government sent thousands of soldiers to help local residents. From harsh weather conditions of the most affected province, Quando. Forecasters give a disappointing Read more [...]
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Southward Korea to Innkeeper 2018 Games

The Southward Korean metropolis of Pyeongchang bequeath boniface the 2018 Overwinter Olympic games, whipping Munich, Germany and Annecy, France in an Outside Olympic Commission ballot originally this cockcrow. It was Pyeongchang's one-third bid for the overwinter Olympic games, having antecedently confused to Vancouver for 2010 and Russia for 2014. Munich, which hosted the 1972 summertime games, had hoped to get the low metropolis to horde both the summertime and wintertime Olympics. Pyeongchang interpreter Theresa Seung Yun Rah aforesaid hosting the Olympics in Southward Korea wil growth concern Read more [...]
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U.S. Sprinter Arrested for ID Thievery

Law in Denver arrested American sprinter Jeremy Dodson this hebdomad, charging the University of Colorado postgraduate with ennead counts of indistinguishability thievery and throwing into question his scheduled show at future workweek's humans raceway and discipline championships in Daegu, Southward Korea. Dodson, 23, dependant for the U.S. squad to Daegu with a 3rd berth goal at June's U.S. championships and would suffer travelled to S Korea on Monday. A four-time all-American for the University of Arkansas and late Colorado, Dodson was a storm modifier in June for the U.S. squad. Dodson, now Read more [...]
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N. Korea Women Prohibited from Humankind Cup

FIFA has prohibited the Northwards Korean women’s squad from active in the 2015 Humans Cup later five-spot players well-tried convinced for prohibited substances. FIFA tried the total squad later two defenders came up convinced in a pregame baulk during the 2011 Women's Humanity Cup, held this summertime in Germany. Abaft the tourney, an extra tercet players were caught with a typewrite of steroid extracted from musk cervid glands. Quadruplet of the Northerly Koreans standard an 18-month ban from any soccer-related action, and the one-fifth was prohibited for 14 months. FIFA prohibited the Read more [...]
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South Korea is poured rain, there are victims

South Korea is covered by heavy rains, which does not end with last Friday. Floods and landslides caused destruction and became the cause of death. National Agency for emergency situations of the Republic of Korea reported on 11 July that the victims of the disaster was at least 9 people, mostly — elderly people. One 72-year-old woman went missing. More than 350 people in the affected areas have been evacuated. According to the Agency \"Yonhap\"Friday dropped at least 40 inches of precipitation. Tens of thousands of hectares of farmland were under water, the flood destroyed more Read more [...]
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