Krasnodar hunting supervision: experience

Ministry of Natural Resources of Krasnodar Region is the competent authority in the federal state hunting supervision and oversight of the federal state in the field of protection, reproduction and use of wildlife and their habitats in the Krasnodar Territory.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova For many years, dating back to the Soviet era, Krasnodar hunting supervision is one of the leaders of the main indicators of work. Particular attention is paid to the identification and suppression of crimes, the responsibility for which is provided by Article 258 of the Criminal Code «Illegal Read more [...]
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Host River Khostinsky near Sochi, Krasnodar Krai Black Sea

Host - The river basin of the Black Sea, flows in Khostinsky near Sochi, Krasnodar Territory. Host River originates at the confluence of Large Host and Small Hosta The farmer in the village of Sochi, Krasnodar Krai. Both inflows originate on the southern slope of the Great Caucasus. Flows into the Black Sea within the boundaries of the district town of Sochi Hosta near Cape prominent. Length of the river is 4.5 kilometers Hosts (shared with many host 21.5 kilometers), catchment area - 96.2 km2. The total drop of the river Hosts 39.4 meters, the slope of - 8.76 m / km. Tortuosity factor of 1.03. Localities. On Read more [...]
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river basin of the Black sea

River basin of the Black sea:  Agura – the river in the Khosta district of the town of Sochi in Krasnodar Krai. Dnepr - river in Eastern Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine). The Tributaries Of The Dnieper Berezina – right tributary of the Dnieper, Smolensk region Berezina – right tributary of the Dnieper, Belarus VAPI – right tributary of the Dnieper Vyazma – left tributary of the DnieperLight – a left tributary of the river VAPIGums – left tributary of the Dnieper The octave – left tributary Read more [...]
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Rivers Mzymta, Adium and Bacanga special attention in anticipation of the flood

In the Krasnodar region is a complex of measures to protect the population from possible flooding during the spring floods of 2013. Experts at the Head of EMERCOM of Russia for Krasnodar Krai prepare for further flooding. First, the monitoring of the state of the rivers considered the rate of melting snow in mountainous areas, precipitation. Developed a joint action plan professionals MES and the administration of Krasnodar region on the passage of flooding in river basins. Are shore protection, dredging and deepening of rivers, checked the readiness of waterworks. The total amount of money allocated Read more [...]
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the river Kawalerka right tributary of the Unit.

Kawalerka - river in Rostov region and Krasnodar territory, right tributary of the great UOM. Length 78 km, the catchment area of 695 km Originates in the Rostov region, near the village of Shahumyan, flows from East to West in the Krasnodar region where it flows into It between the pages Kislyakovskogo and Kushchevskaya. Precaut location Egorlykskogo district of Rostov region and Kudikamo and Krylov areas of the Krasnodar region. River steppe, for actually missing, the coast is very overgrown with reeds and other marsh vegetation. Of fish in the river is: white fish, pike and other Water salinity Read more [...]
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River Apchas left tributary of the Kuban.

Apchas (Pchas) - mountain river flowing in the Krasnodar Krai and the Republic of Adygea. Is a left tributary of the River Kuban. The river is about 120 km, basin area is approximately 550 km. Apchas river originates in the north-eastern slope of the kothi, north of the Great Caucasus near the top of the nameless. At altitudes below 400 m. Forward river flows for the Krasnodar Territory and flows into the Krasnodar Reservoir, 2 km from the village Necherezy. Prior to filling the Krasnodar Reservoir Apchas was left tributary of the River Marta. Earlier, the river was called Apchas Pchas. Tributaries Read more [...]
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By the rivers of Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tambov and Volgograd regions floodwaters destroy ice

And in the Krasnodar Territory in the rivers of water rises due to rain. The process of breaking the ice on the rivers began in Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tambov and Volgograd regions. Rise in water level was 0,5-2,4 meters. Due to ice jams more intense increase in the level of water was observed in the Lipetsk region Don the borough Zadonsk (6.5 meters) and the river near the town of Pine Elec (2.7 meters). Excess water level mark flooding floodplain 155 cm marked on Don Zadonsk the township, on the river Podgornaja in the Voronezh region near the town of Kalac - 80 cm. Forecasters expect March 19 continued Read more [...]
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In the Krasnodar region returned winter. Video

At least two people were killed and another seriously injured in the Krasnodar region. The southern and central regions of collapsed heavy snowfall and squally wind. Azov sea coast disappeared under snowdrifts. This rarely happens, even during the coldest winters. In the capital region hampered vehicular traffic. Visibility on the roads does not exceed a few meters, the wheels get bogged down in the sticky snow. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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In the Krasnodar region reduced population Shemaah

At the current time in the Krasnodar region shemaya is rare and is listed in the Red Book. Lowering the number of connected, first, with hydro, cutting fish in many rivers of the path to natural spawning grounds. Uncontrolled fishing catch without limitation measures and a ban on the spawning period also significantly undermined Shemaah supplies. Negative impact on the efficiency of natural reproduction have a reduction of spawning areas, significant fluctuations in the water level in rivers regulated hydraulic structures and anthropogenic pollution of water bodies. Reduced river flows has led Read more [...]
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Eruption of the volcano in the Krasnodar Territory

The eruption of the mud volcano started Hephaestus on Mount Rotten Temrjuksky area (Krasnodar region). Volcano wakes up every 5 years, mud gush to a height of 3 meters. According to "New Television of Kuban" for locals erupting mud volcano not a threat - to the nearest house more than 100 m. However, the volcano is a very strong smell of methane gas concentration is so great that it can catch fire, so light a fire near the volcano can not be . Hephaestus can erupt from several hours to several days. Total Taman Kuban volcano 62, 12 of them from time to time "wake up". Source: The South Previous Read more [...]
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Residents of Tuapse, afraid of earthquakes, sleep on the street

Tuapse district of the Krasnodar territory \"shakes\" for the second week. Last night the part of local residents, Wichita somewhere on the Internet that after the small tremors coming a terrible earthquake, poured out into the street. Took only the most necessary — documents, money, warm clothes. Rescue the rescuers, which has a flurry of calls, tried to calm the people. But could not. Experts still had to go to the place and talk to the frightened crowd to panic covered the entire city. — How to not be afraid, if we have a regular bed on the floor jump, dishes from the Read more [...]
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Unusual clouds hung over Krasnodar

Today, 21 July, 17:00 GMT in Krasnodar it was possible to observe the clouds, like the plumage of a huge bird. According to witnesses, residents of the capital of the Kuban, the sight they saw for the first time. Some of them believe that it is a sign, but who sent it to us earthlings, it is not yet clear.If you believe the folk signs, these are the kind of scary clouds - a harbinger of trouble. Or to be more precise, it is a sign that soon will start a storm, heavy rain with gusty winds, which can lead to a natural disaster. Meteorologists are not yet commented on this natural phenomenon.Source: Read more [...]
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In the Krasnodar region are blazing forest fires

In the Krasnodar region are blazing forest fires, there burns the grass and fallen leaves. In the elimination of nearly 700 people, to help out a fire helicopters. Just recorded a 20 fires. You can reach them on foot only, as they are located on high ground. Rescuers use backpack fire extinguishers, their work is prevented by strong smoke. Threats to settlements no reports NTV.Experts confidently say that the fire occurred after a long November weekend. Within four days the people actively visited forest, where he was left unquenched fires and threw the cigarette. Source: NTV broadcasting Read more [...]
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In Denmark blossomed Apple trees and pear Krasnodar

So unusual for November phenomenon citizens are faced for the first time in many years. It's all in the abnormally warm weather, which is established in the region in the first half of the month. For this reason, in the local forests are still harvested chanterelles and mushrooms. However, local growers such gifts of nature are not happy. Next year they can result in crop failure, reports the newspaper \"Vyatka region\". What is the nature has in store. In the regional capital in the courtyard of an apartment block blossomed pear-tree. And the lilac Bush growing near, blossomed buds. Unexpected Read more [...]
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Spring weather has come to the South of Russia

In Krasnodar, the thermometer rose to 20 degrees above zero. Such natural disasters do not remember even the old-timers. In Krasnodar Botanical garden blossomed not only lilac, but even capricious Yucca, which usually dissolves flowers only at the beginning of summer. However, biologists such a riot of nature is not happy.Parks Krasnodar bloomed dandelions and butterflies. On the street, despite the calendar, for several days the temperature is about twenty degrees. So in the middle of winter in the South of Russia began in the spring. Bloom not only hawthorn and lilac. Much more exotic Read more [...]
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4 thousands of people remain without electricity in the Krasnodar region

27.03.2011, 08:Wii hostile natural properties on the eve hovered over the Kuban, leaving no light tens of thousands of people. By the evening of Saturday the electricity managed to return in 14 villages. Today repairers continue to struggle with the consequences of the disaster. However, it prevents endless wind, and new forecasts are no good promise.The correspondent of NTV Sergey Pikulin. Almost a day without light remain about 17 thousand inhabitants of Krasnodar region. Without electricity was 20 settlements on the territory from the black sea coast to the border of the Rostov region. Read more [...]
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In the Krasnodar region due to the bad weather has left without electricity for more than 5 thousand people

Aprilia,In the area of the hurricane turned out to be several areas of the Kuban. The wind speed reached 30 meters per second, there were broken wires on many power lines, fallen trees. The rains did not stop in the region of the second day resulted in a spill of local rivers. Flooded many roads. Almost paralyzed traffic on the highway Krasnodar — Novorossiysk. In the settlements on the streets formed a turbulent flow. Water continues to arrive. Now rescuers are preparing to evacuate people. Source: The first channel   In the Krasnodar region flooded streetsBA on 8 April,Krasnodar Read more [...]
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Krasnodar villages flooded in minutes

24 mabole thousands of people have become hostages of extreme flooding in the Krasnodar region and Adygea. In the Absheron region fell supports power lines, damaged gas lines and destroyed the bridge. The traffic there now stopped work at the site of the brigade road builders. — It has never been... This woman's house from all sides surrounded by water. Even go outside without help she can't. The garden is flooded - the harvest was lost. Two piglets thread just took. Still early in the morning it was dry, but in minutes the river Farce overflowed. Almost all the village Dandyesque was Read more [...]
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River in Krasnodar Krai became a cemetery for fish

on July 30. The Prosecutor's office of Krasnodar Krai checks on the mass death of fish in the river ubinka settlements in the Seversky district. It also attracted other regulatory authorities in the region. The test results in the presence of bases will be asked about bringing the perpetrators to statutory liability, noted in the press service of the regional Prosecutor's office. Mass fish mortality was recorded in the river ubinka settlements in the Seversky district on July 27. First in the river came the fish, then black water, is unbearable smell. According to the head of the village Igor Read more [...]
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The landslide blocked the road near Sochi

As a result of abundant rainfalls occurred the rise of the river Psis Tuapse district of Krasnodar region. On the Federal highway M-27 fell mudflow, which is partially blocked in this area. In novomihjlovsky have been flooded 60 yards and the area of a local school. — The signal about the rising water level in the river came from Tuapse situation centre, — told Life News in the administration of Krasnodar region. — Immediately on speakerphone rescuers have informed the population. Residents of nearby houses urgently evacuated. In the village were brought up additional Read more [...]
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