Nodes Tobolsk Dungeon

Foresee: the reader will be surprised to see this headline. In fact, talking about the cities and towns of Stone Belt, that is, that the relatively limited bandwidth of the populated territory that lies along an ancient mountain range. What has this Tobolsk? Already he could geographically to the Urals is not tied. Not only geographically, but geologically not attached, because the Ural ridge as geological formation, goes deep into the bowels of the earth's crust and have not felt at the confluence of the Tobol and Irtysh. All this is true, but not so. Once all the huge Ural-Siberian region developed Read more [...]
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Kungurskiye manmade caves

About Kungur probably know everything. Not heard from him, perhaps, only the most incurious people. But those do not count. If we are to be absolutely precise, inquisitive people know Kungur ice cave, and many of them do not realize that the cave is located almost in the city of the Ural settlements, the value of which in the history of the development of the edge is very large. Kungur merely required, he could not appear as, for example, could not appear at the time of Nizhny Novgorod. Moved to the south of the great trade routes after the collapse of the Horde, there were new convenient passes Read more [...]
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Riddles Verkhoturye hill

Four centuries ago, this town was spoken of as a very important reference point of Russian explorers were moving to a distant unknown Siberia. He first appeared in the walls of the fortress-monastery, then came out of them. And yes it would grow to develop as many tens of old Russian towns, then transformed into major centers of modernity, the benefit of the town was on the high road from Europe to Asia through the land of the Perm edge in Tobolsk. On the same road, a short and easy, which is exquisite Ural peasant Artyushkov Babin, for which he was complained by the Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich. But Read more [...]
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Before the Kazan Kremlin has formed the ground collapse. Photo

Fry the building of the Kazan city hall was an emergency. About 5 a.m. on the square on May 1 at the Spasskaya tower of the Kazan Kremlin failed asphalt and formed a huge pit. Pit with a diameter of four meters opened the eyes of the driver of the snow machines. It gradually expanded and now reaches seven meters, a depth of about three meters. The duty of the police have surrounded the pit signal band, and to understand the reason of the failure of the profit employees of the Kazan Water. According to the press Secretary of the mayor of Kazan Sergei Lobov, who came to make sure that nothing Read more [...]
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Wonders of Russia. Tobolsk Kremlin

On the territory of the Tobolsk Kremlin are unique examples of Siberian art from different times. In the 80 g XVII century there erected a stone-Sophia Cathedral of the Assumption, in the XVIII century were built the walls and towers of the Kremlin. In 1712, rebuilt stone tower DMITRIEVSKY gate. From XIX century inherited the castle at hard-transit prison. Here sat FM Dostoevsky and NG Chernyshevsky.Category: Mystery stories Read more [...]
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Covenant Lavrov-Mashaal

 "Russian soldiers are in the forefront of the fight against Islamic extremism. Unfortunately, very few people notice them. Today we are witnessing the creation of a certain extremist International on the so-called arc of instability, from the Philippines, and ending with Kosovo. This is very dangerous, and Europe in the first place, because there are a large number of the Muslim population. " So said Vladimir Putin in the summer of 2000. That was then his vision of the world or, at least, this is how he wanted him to Western audiences. Therefore, the rise of Putin on television Read more [...]
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Letter Polish friend

In October 2005, established a new national holiday - November 4. As conceived by Kremlin spin doctors pseudo-anti-Polish context that date had to turn it into a nation rallying day hatred of the West. Plan tops enthusiastically, even scare power, was picked up by the fascist lows for the second consecutive year, which transform Day of National Unity Day Nazi. Poland was chosen not by chance by Moscow as one of the key objects of its new assertiveness. Here and deep historical tradition, and a successful combination in the form of Poland features of "hated the West" and the "treacherous Read more [...]
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Uncut President

Medvedev's PR people are very sensitive to every word of the gold, which they put into the mouth of prestoloblyusti's instructions. Congratulations Supreme Governor of any Four-movie-Baso, up to the last point played on sites blogger Medved'a. And suddenly there is some stydlivenkoe "Beginning of meeting with members of the international discussion club" Valdai ". Well, not yet managed to decipher the entire record and directly to the wheels threw the city and the world the first fateful revelation of "smart politics" to a group of trained Feuchtwanger. Read more [...]
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How much mercury from the Kremlin? Part 2

88th was the fateful year in the postwar history of the USSR. In our country, it had suffered injuries incompatible with life state. Knowingly stray liberals in power, the Bolsheviks vigorously nod today at the 91 th year. Then, they say, the Union collapsed, and they came out of the wreckage glue Russia. They were pleased to support partocrats sitting in a fateful period in or near the Kremlin and is now walking with membership cards "EdRosov." But it is to snag rustic perch-patriots. 91 th - only consequences. Scrapping the ridge to the Soviet Union took place in '88. And Read more [...]
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As sawed power. Part 3

But to return to Uzbekistan. With a large group of generals we flew to Tashkent from Fergana to a meeting with the owner of the Republic, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. Later he would become irremovable president, and then Moscow has just adopted its position on the main party, pulled out Kashkadarya province. Here is another nomenclature "caterpillar" of many in the USSR politprostranstve nurtured by the Kremlin and the survivors eventually qualitative degeneration. Karimov met us, not rising, just nodded and pointed to a long row of chairs Read more [...]
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Report by the President of Russia, President of America. Part 2

From the beginning, the B'nai B'rith was intended to take full control in HYDRATED all cash flows of the planet. And, it can be said to deal with it. Bank of America and Europe, including Switzerland and offshore areas, belong to members of the Masonic Order. (Movement of Soviet foreign exchange assets, they should take special care.) Consequently, the CIA to receive information about the personal accounts and other assets of unscrupulous government officials of all countries. And the CIA is the Western leaders decide with which of them useful to work and how. With China and its leaders Read more [...]
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Steal-country, or Chechenization Russia. Part 16

In general, the 93rd may, without any exaggeration be considered a temporary decline of democracy, frantic year. Many of them were in Russia, mad years, but this gave a large part of the behavior of intellectuals with a caustic mixture of masochism vertuhaystvom. From the West, Yeltsin received carte blanche to defeat the anti-constitutional patriotic forces, had to look for "odobritelen" of his political robbery of famous people of the country. For the visibility of popular support. And they are found. Clearly, when the cruel masters of the Kremlin applaud someone forced under threat Read more [...]
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Steal-country, or Chechenization Russia. Part 17

Boris though flabby will without a fight, Full Tilt and gifts to various rascals, but little sympathy for them not feed. Who are they - the armrests for a comfortable seat in the king's chair, insatiable Shepherd foot of the throne? Devotedly looked into the eyes, fins, if only they get fatter piece. But changed hands - Stop licking other shoes pogavkivaya on former benefactor. So, I looked at them Yeltsin. And while he does not end up with svyknuvshis position mummy, still looked like a smoker who has just broken with tobacco - he would sometimes drag on without the knowledge of Aesculapius. Read more [...]
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Rokhlin, or open the door, knocking Stalin! Part 4

Like it or not, and the former Soviet Central Asian republics of habit looked to Moscow. They lacked the finances, the Americans climbed to the proposals for a little money to settle in their territories with their bases, but local authorities are expected, as a lead Kremlin. Since the time of great-great-grandfather is a zone of vital interests of Russia, where it has invested hundreds of billions of dollars. And give the Americans a finger bitten off-the elbow. And start with convenient springboard put pressure on Russia. Not sbrendili same in the Kremlin finally to not understand this. Suddenly, Read more [...]
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Rokhlin, or open the door, knocking Stalin! Part 6

All the years of treatment with the root wrested control system necessary for the country, but inconvenient for themselves levers - public control over officials, responsible to the people for the work, the priority of the high professionalism of nepotism in appointments and national groups - government relations and is reduced to mercenary unicellular philosophy "you I - I told you. " Pull up two or three feet tandem - raspolzutsya snare, the whole structure will collapse the current government. What can be the talk of the fight against corruption! Antisthenes of Athens, warned: "States Read more [...]
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Rokhlin, or open the door, knocking Stalin! Part 8

Yeltsin began, Putin has finished creating the model of the state as an inverted pyramid. The top of the pyramid - his personal authority on it keeps the whole structure. And this unstable building edrosy issue for the viability of the sample countries. Although this model laid doom law of nature. While at the base of the pyramid is not reaped big problem until its peak - Putin's power was based on the strong legacy of the Soviet Union, shaky structure, staggered held. But relying Thawed, the top started to press severe social dislocation, as a block of ice on the fragile cover-design was Read more [...]
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Our pobedasty

Security officers around Putin make me much less hostility than the so-called "liberals." Agreeing with the half-forgotten classic, I would say that Surkov and Pavlovian - it is not brain presidential administration (brain there has long been amputated), and it's another substance. No security officers, and "liberal" and PR advisers waged two bloody massacre Chechen political technology to improve the ratings of their clients, and both times repeated that while reviving the Russian army, and each, who thinks otherwise is a traitor. No secret police, and Sonderkommando Read more [...]
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Whether Russia will exist until 2014?

August 11, Moscow was at the peak of his serious military and grandiose propaganda success. Thanks Georgian march on Tskhinvali (or, as it is now politically correct to say, Tskhinvali) all the goals that are planned for himself on the Kremlin August 2008 - weakening or removal from power of Mikhail Saakashvili, securing de facto independence, annexation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, humiliation Comrade Wolf, a split in the wolf pack, the sharp rise in international authority Kremlin - have either been implemented or are close to implementation. Patsanskie those silly things under the pressure Read more [...]
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Darkness at Noon

Monstrous damage done to the reputation of Russia, the position Nieve gamble security forces, apparently, gave the Kremlin "liberals" a new and probably have the last opportunity to turn the tide in their favor. But again they did not dare to open public opposition party life sentence, limiting muffled bleating about "enemies of Russia, Putin's enemies, including those abroad." Why? The answer is found in the famous novel by Arthur Koestler "Darkness at Noon"(1940), dedicated to the Kremlin showdowns 70 years ago. The author, like many of his contemporaries, Read more [...]
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Georgia 2011

Alpha male pride, ringleader of a criminal association, Tsapok All Russia - this is a very difficult profession in its own tragic, doomed to endless loneliness. Power any dictator, even the most good, is never absolute. She always conventional, ie, is a conditional agreement of his entourage. Paradoxically, it is more fragile than the elected leader of a stable democracy. The same Stalin past twenty-five years of his life every time waking up, coming back from a brief slumber to one and the same dilemma of the day - the Kremlin or the morgue. So he and his comrades shake up permanently until Read more [...]
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