Match Kuban

From Kovrova Ladoga to the village of Ust-Labinsk district of Krasnodar region about 1,800 km by car.Photo by the author And here we go together across the country to the North Caucasus, in the Krasnodar region on the race spaniel wild pheasant. Describe the experience of the reconstructed road to the Sochi Olympics track «Don» and the road will not meet today, although it is worth it. In general, in the Ladoga village that is located on a high bank of the Kuban, arrived on October 14 in the afternoon. Having rested, I went to organize the camp ranger at the site of Read more [...]
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Kuban sturgeon

Even as an adult, I learned from the stories of the elderly, in the period from the fifties to early seventies almost three times a year the victims of the floods in the Kuban became more than a hundred villages. Flooding occurred during heavy floods, usually in the lower reaches of the Kuban River. In the Kuban Krasnodar has not been the reservoir (in the old way, Kuban sea), and there was a slight Tshikskoe waterlogged dam reservoir, where on the basis of his later and was built and filled the Krasnodar Reservoir. In the fall he left tributaries of Kuban — This rivers Read more [...]
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Gifts of Kuban

After reading a student "Notes melkotravchatomu" EE Driyanskogo and saw in the movie "War and Peace" hunt Rostovs, and I could not imagine that fate will bring me to the hunter-borzyatnikami and even more so that I would become a party to hunt rare today. Photo by Natalia BUDYCHEVOY Andrei Vasilyev, a real enthusiast, who managed to unite almost all lovers of greyhounds Kuban, knowing my passion for taking pictures of different hunts, invited me to exciting «event».— From his pack of greyhounds, — he said, — be sure to come Konstantin Read more [...]
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Get the hare in the Kuban

Hunting areas in the steppe zone of the Krasnodar Territory to the hunting season are cultivated fields under winter crops, plowing the fields, alfalfa, separated by forest belts, various vymochki and beams, densely overgrown with bushes and reeds. Photo Shutter button We have, in plains, steppe region of Kuban, hoofed No can successfully carried out only on the hunt quails phase which in lands abound.Most hunters district prefer to hunt only hare, like the hunt, giving her all weekend. It would be easy, you go on field hare got up and Read more [...]
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Trophy carp Kuban

Trinity has passed, and that means biting the trophy carp in the lower reaches of the river channels and in larger channels of ricePhoto: Alex Murashov As a rule, the biting begins about a week before the holiday, then we should definitely be on vacation, it is not always possible…Trophy carp in ponds Kuban usual lot. This fish is the catch poachers are relatively rare. Network hit it, leaving them in a hole with a diameter of about one meter. Berdnem take the trophy carp can only dream. But we have designed and tested an ideal tackle for catching these “piglets”. Read more [...]
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Kuban pheasant

Two and a slight thousands of kilometers from the Klyazma on Kovrova to Krasnodar Kuban for half of the day - not great record for this motorist charged. Early October. On Kubanschine is bird flight. Rich vysypki woodcock, quail and other migrating from northern regions. There are local «zest» — handsome pheasant… This year, the northern cyclones cheated us golden Indian summer. And so it has turned out, a trip to the Kuban became at the same time and the pursuit of bygone kovrovchan golden autumn for the splendor and richness inherent only to her views. Read more [...]
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Wolves in the Kuban

The emergence of a large number of wolves in the steppe zone of Kuban contributed to several reasons. The main must be considered, the spread of African swine fever in the Krasnodar region, where due to the monitoring of ASF and mass shootings declined significantly wild boar population in the flooded, steppe zones and in foothills and mountains of the Caucasus. Even there was a question about his complete "depopulation" because of its "extreme culpability" in the spread of ASF. Many hunters this season complained that the wild boar to please or not at all, or very, very little. Read more [...]
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rivers of the Azov sea

River basin of the Azov sea:  Beisug - river Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation. Basic - left tributary of BasogaDon - river in the European part of the Russian Federation. Aksai - right tributary of the don  Aksay Sulowski - left tributary of the don Aksai Kovarsky - left tributary of the don Bityug - left tributary of the don Boguchar(ka) - right tributary of the donPlacque - right tributary of the BityugSalt shaker - left tributary PlascoreRapid Pine - right tributary of the donXeni - right tributary Frisky Pine Olym - right tributary Frisky Read more [...]
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the Teberda river, the left tributary of the Kuban.

Teberda - the river flows in the North Caucasus in the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia. Teberda is a left tributary Kuban. The length of the river 60 km, the basin area of 1080 km Food mixed with domination (55 %) of the ice and snow (in the pool Teberda about 100 glaciers). Large water content in July - August. Average consumption of water in 45 km from the mouth of 27.2 m/s in the Winter of solid ice no. The river bed is rocky, pebbly, stoned. On the river there are waterfalls. Flows Teberda from the main Caucasian mountain range and flows into the river Kuban on the left side. Teberda deep Read more [...]
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the river is Small Zelenchuk left tributary of the Kuban.

Small Zelenchuk is a river in the Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia, is a left tributary Kuban. Small Zelenchuk mountain abounding river medium size. The river's length is 59 km from the source of the river Maruhi - 123 km)Reka flows in a northerly direction in a narrow gorge. You receive the connection of the rivers maruha and Accout, which are the glaciers descending from the ridge Run, which is part of the Caucasus mountain range. Connect both river 5 miles below the village Kardonikskaya. Small Zelenchuk runs virtually parallel to the great long Zelenchuk, narrow plain, surrounded by large Read more [...]
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White River left tributary of the Kuban.

Snow White - River in the North Caucasus, is a left tributary Kuban (Flows into the Krasnodar Reservoir). Snow White River Main River Adygea. Ancient river-Circassian title Shhaguashhe (translated goddess of mountains or the mistress of the mountains). River Snow White second largest tributary of the Kuban.  The river is 273 km, basin area 5990 km. Source of the river begins at the Main, or the Great Dividing Range of the Caucasus, at the peaks and Fischt Oshten. In the upper reaches of the features of the mountain river canyon with a number of sites in the lower reaches becomes flat character. Read more [...]
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Eruption of the volcano in the Krasnodar Territory

The eruption of the mud volcano started Hephaestus on Mount Rotten Temrjuksky area (Krasnodar region). Volcano wakes up every 5 years, mud gush to a height of 3 meters. According to "New Television of Kuban" for locals erupting mud volcano not a threat - to the nearest house more than 100 m. However, the volcano is a very strong smell of methane gas concentration is so great that it can catch fire, so light a fire near the volcano can not be . Hephaestus can erupt from several hours to several days. Total Taman Kuban volcano 62, 12 of them from time to time "wake up". Source: The South Previous Read more [...]
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The first winter yield

Hi all as promised yield of winter in the woods with his friend intelfly. Gathered quickly after work, checked it was getting dark, so that the place got for our HSC dark. The first step began preparations for spending the night: 1. Firewood. 2. Campfire. 3. Choice of place for a tent. 4. Cooking dinner. Will be a lot of photos:While collecting firewood ArtemI built a fire, scored snow into the pot (like melting snow from the soup to cook, but later abandoned this idea because of the large amount of garbage after the snow has melted, went to Kuban scored and water.)Then began preparing Read more [...]
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Emergency warning because of rising rivers announced in the Kuban

on may 28. In several districts of Kuban today, may 28, declared emergency warning because of the rising level of the river. For two days in Krasnoarmeysky, Slavic, Kalinin, Moscow, Temryuk areas and Anapa MES predicts a possible emergency situation. The water level in rivers flooding of farmland and settlements, erosion of banks, breaching dams, undermining the pillars of bridges, earthen embankments of the railway tracks and transmission towers. Emergency situations on the territory of Slavic, red army, Kalinin, Crimean Temryuk areas may also arise in connection with the planned discharge Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Kuban River. Chub fishing with spinning

Once again, we head to the Krasnodar region. Our goal - fishing on the River Kuban and the hunt for local chub with spinning. So it will come in handy to catch various lures. Because the fish in the river is not very big, and occasionally passes per kilogram, respectively, and then the size of the bait should not be large. Will catch from the shore ...Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Kuban vacation. Part 1

Sea ... Well what inhabitant average strip of Russia is not dreaming about a trip to the sea. In April, Moscow has not yet melted snow everywhere, and there is sun, surf and cherry blossoms. Cost read about how it turned out in a timely invitation to sea fishing Received our channel on behalf of the Kuban Temryuchanka fishing base. The trip we were expecting something sleeker, anticipating hitherto unheard fishing.As we move to the south the weather changed right on sight. At four hundred kilometers from the capital already in full bloom snowdrops, and the Kuban region in these days are in Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: roach (roach). Fishing in the Kuban

At this time we waited for roach fishing or different ram, in the Kuban. His acquaintance with the Krasnodar region started with our fishermen village Slavyansk-on-Kuban. Village with the title appeared on the banks of a large river channels known Cossack in 1885. Catch roach, it was decided to carry out in the area of the 1st of hunting fish farms ...Read more [...]
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Kuban: the First in this year’s tornado

on may 15. In the village of Seversk and count the losses that the streets, fields, and houses struck first in this year's tornado. Huge air funnel walked around the area touched is located next to the village pond, absorbed tons of water along with the fish. And after you brought it all on the heads of the Cossacks of Cossack village. Eventually stopped the traffic on the road, the gardens were buried under a layer of silt. And people fished hands right in the mud. Now traffic on the Federal highway restored. As for the other effects of the storm, they are not eliminated completely: work on Read more [...]
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In two areas of Kuban quarantined because of bird flu

Kuban Governor decided to implement quarantine and ban hunting in Anapa and Temryuk areas because of bird flu, the press service of the regional administration on Friday. "The price of issue - the health and safety of all residents of the province. Therefore, I accept the decision to ban hunting in areas where there was a marked mass death of wild birds - in Anapa and Temryuk (Anapa and Temryuk district-IF). Moreover, in these territories quarantine . demand that all over the region reacted to this situation very seriously, "- said the head of the region at the regional conference call. Read more [...]
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In the Kuban crashed light aircraft, crew killed

Light aircraft "Snipe" crashed in Belorechensk district in the Kuban, "Interfax-South", the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry SRC. "The message of the crash was received at 15:12 MSK.

It is known that light-engine multirole aircraft crashed "Snipe", two pilots, who were in it were killed, "- said the spokesman.

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