«Zori Kuzbass»

In the Kemerovo region held August 8-10 Kemerovo regional competition spaniel duck "Dawn of Kuzbass", which was attended by 18 spaniels (ROS 17, 1 game). Awarded diplomas of the duck: I degree - 1, II and III degree - to 4. Unfortunately, five dogs failing to pass on the pitch.Photo D. Shatalov It is important to note that in the whole game is well served not Spaniels passed through points out the lack of experience in tests themselves leading. Already the day after the respective sessions of four ROS were seen on Diplomas II and III degree.On running Read more [...]
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URAL-Kuzbass (Ural-Kuznetsk comb t UKK)

URAL-Kuzbass (Ural-Kuznetsk comb t UKK) inter-regional association of the productive forces and W. West. Siberia, created during the owls. industrialization on the ba. Cooperation met. z-ing D & Kuzbass coal companies. For the first time the problem of a prom. these regions was set large Russian. scientists and engineers in the late XIX early. XX century. Mendeleev believed possible p. W. large domain and pig iron using imported Kuznetsk or ekibastuz (Kazakh) of coking coal. Engineer I.K.Kurako designed page. Large met. s da american in Kuzbass. Practically the idea of ​​co-operation early. Read more [...]
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Tremors in Kemerovo

on October 26. According to rumors, yesterday(25 October) about 15:00, right in the centre of Kemerovo, namely in the building at the address: Ave Soviet, 60 case B, the townspeople felt the tremors. \"Everything points to the earthquake: shaking table and hanging objects, for example, a mobile phone lanyard, and the building shook a little, — told MK in Kuzbass\" a witness to the scene. - I always feel the earthquake in your life, therefore, I presume, power — 2-3 points was. Victims and destructions. Sound waves don't be afraid, the nature of shocks is not exactly explosive. Read more [...]
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In Kuzbass strange earthquake

In Belovsky district, looking for the cause tremorson 10 February. On the eve of the regional administration began to receive calls from residents Belova, Guryevsk, Leninsk-Kuznetsky, polysaevo about the fluctuations of the earth's crust. According to preliminary data, the focus was in the area of the section \"bachat\". The strength of jolts reached three six-tenths of points. The danger for the population they represent.During the preliminary investigation conducted on behalf of Aman Tuleyev, it was found that seismic stations recorded in Belovsky district industrial explosion. However, Read more [...]
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Kuzbass yeti was strange mutant

British researchers conducted a test of the Kuzbass Bigfoot hair and found that this mutant genes having a bear, a horse, and a raccoon.One of the samples' fur yeti "owns rare species of black bear, the growth of which can be up to two meters. And two of the sample - is a raccoon coat and the horse. However, scientists still can not explain where in Siberia took the bear, which is not found outside of the United States. Participating in the study, Professor Bryan Sykes suggested that the animal escaped from a circus, a zoo or private nursery, recognizing, however, that this explanation Read more [...]
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A photographic survey of the impact of hail in the Kemerovo region

Read more [...]
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Hit the Kuzbass hail was difficult to predict — forecasters

on August 16. Kemerovo weather forecasters believe that struck on Tuesday night at southern Kuzbass large hail was difficult to predict, and it's not talking about the incompetence of the employees of the service, said on Thursday, RIA Novosti head of the Department of hydrometeorological services industries Kemerovo meteorologist Raisa electrification buzunova. «To predict it (hail) is quite difficult in the mountains. Here played the role exactly the ridges of Mountain Shoria. Mountain side — it is always a mountain side. Shed rain or Shine. Engage or not engage (cyclone). Here Read more [...]
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Winter storm in Kemerovo

Unusual natural phenomenon observed residents Yashkinskogo district of Kuzbass. The night sky zavyuzhennom they saw lightning.The phenomenon, which meteorologists call "snow storm", Saturday night saw people Yashkino. The appearance of lightning - a common occurrence in the spring or summer storm, but extremely rare in winter, especially in the Kuzbass, reports portal Vse42. "With the snow, or snow, thunder storm rain falls instead of rain snow, freezing rain or ice pellets. Quite often this weather phenomenon is observed in the cold, the residents of the coastal towns near the Read more [...]
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In Russia, a zoologist photographed Bigfoot near military training

Scientists studying a unique picture. Kemerovo Oksana zoologist Zhukov told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" about the amazing forced marches "snow" man - to the north of Kuzbass. She saw Bigfoot much in ... Yurginsky area!And not in a Mountain Shoria, from 4 years go signal for the signal - from different places - on found huge bare footprints in the snow, similar to the human, but in a half - twice the normal male feet. Under Tashtagol recall came three times already, scientists from around the world - in the expedition - in search of the Yeti. And recently, even St. Petersburg, Read more [...]
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In the Kuzbass taiga found strange structures

Yesterday, studying satellite images Google Earth, an employee of Kuzbass Power Company Volodin Paul came across unusual circles in the forest, located near the village of Konovalov Belovo district. According Sibdepo, photo furor by "Kuzbassenergosvyaz." After studying the images, in which the circles depicted in the winter time, employees have learned the same region in the application of Yandex, and saw the same circles in the summer. True, in the summer under the canopy of trees they are almost invisible. "The diameter of the great circle of about 300 meters, - says one of the Read more [...]
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How much mercury from the Kremlin? Part 4

In the spring and summer of '89 saboteurs of government continued to deliver mercury fulminate for explosive areas of the country. On the surface of political optimism reigned, to strengthen the unity of the USSR decrees and regulations, noisy rallies, stormed the 1st Congress of People's Deputies. He openly argued on the way out of the crisis. And in the basement of a secret government-tight door was another work, invisible to the people - to deepen the crisis. I met an old friend in Moscow Teimuraz Aval-no - he was elected deputy of the USSR from the Kuzbass. (His name him, Russian, Read more [...]
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In the Kemerovo region there was an explosion of unknown nature

March 6, 2013. Edition of \"Kuzbass\" with reference to the regional administration of the Kemerovo region, announces the underground impetus of unknown nature incurred in the mining town bachat in the Central part of Kuzbass in the night from Monday to Tuesday. It is reported that subsurface disturbance magnitude of 3.0 were classified as industrial explosion. Serious danger tremors had no idea of the destruction and casualties. To determine the cause of the explosion oblast Governor Aman Tuleyev has commissioned its first Deputy Valentina Mastinu to hold a meeting to discuss the possible Read more [...]
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The tremors. Kuzbass shake the strange tremors

Bachat coal mine. Photo: Rvetal/Wikipedia March 13, 2013. Residents of Kuzbass was faced with an unusual phenomenon: the region is shaken with atypical aftershocks, and from the ground you can hear strange sounds. Last year this anomaly was recorded three times. The problem scientists, they were joined by the best experts of the MOE, but the mystery is not yet solved. March 5, 2013 in Kuzbass happened quake. His power, according to various sources, ranged from 3.2 to 3.8 points on the Richter scale....seismic stations Kuzbass recorded near the village of bachat seysmosovete, which was previously Read more [...]
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Kuzbass is preparing for large-scale flood

March 25, 2013. Due to the extremely snowy winter in Kuzbass this year expected to be larger than usual, spring flood. In the area of flooding can be about 22 thousands of local residents who have obligatory to leave their homes temporarily. Most regional authorities fear the rapid warming and rain, which will exacerbate an already difficult situation in the region. According to meteorologists, this year in Kuzbass snow fell almost two times more than usual, and the height of snow cover in some areas exceeded last year's figures on the meter, so the flood can turn into a real disaster for the Read more [...]
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The water level in the rivers of the Kuzbass is collapsing due to heat

June 6. Municipalities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Kuzbass will deliver water to the towns that are away from the water, due to constantly falling water levels in waterways of the area due to the heat wave, said on Wednesday the press service of the Kemerovo region. "Due to the hot weather in the Kuzbass, a dramatic drop in the water level in rivers, boreholes and wells. Thus, the level of Tom at the village Krapivin falls to 10 centimeters a day, at the village Polomoshnoe Yashkinskogo area - 15 inches a day "- said in a statement. The press service added that the Read more [...]
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In the Kuzbass incomprehensible earthquake

In Belovsky area looking for the cause of tremorsFebruary 10. On the eve of a regional government began to receive calls from residents Belova Guryev, Leninsk-Kuznetsk and Polysayevo of oscillations of the earth's crust. According to preliminary data, the epicenter of the event was in the area of the section "Bachatskij." Propulsion reached three point six tenths of points. Danger to the population they represent.During the preliminary investigation, conducted on behalf of Aman Tuleyev, it became clear that the seismic stations recorded in Belovsky's industrial explosion. Read more [...]
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