Workshop twitching

 In the life of every fishing day comes when he is given a chance to learn something new in fishing. I was lucky in this more than others, I have this happens regularly. I want to talk about fishing together with well-known spinning.Spinning of the ancient capital agreed to come on the condition that our fishing will be used to catch pike and perch will snatch methods and attempt to capture video about it. And where we can drive the pike on lakes? In the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, of course. I am not without the help of friends found a free house in Kapustin Yar, and agreed Read more [...]
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Poachers Detained on Lake Vyselkovo

2 and 3 December, officers of the operational management and organization of fishing together with the inspector of state control, supervision and protection of aquatic biological resources and their habitats for the Korsakov district, Sakhalin and the Kuril Territorial Administration of the Federal Agency for Fisheries have been held supervisory and control activities on the lake Small Busse , lake and river Arakul Vyselkovom.On Vyselkovom was detained, to carry out illegal extraction of fish prohibited fishing gear - with net. At the time of detection of the offense was a catch - 191 pcs. Smelt, Read more [...]
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Until carp are not asleep

 Photo by the author Already we had passed the first frost, but the fall does not give up. The lakes are still open for fishing on the float. Well as you can run on the floodplain with spinning? It's time to settle down, to sit with a fishing rod and float! On the lake – anyone except a lonely spinning. But today, they are not our competitors. I quickly poured into a bucket of bait bag, jar of corn, nakovyryat knife land from the wild sorrel, scored a bottle of water from the lake and has been thwarted, preparing bait. While the lure becomes wet and swells, collecting Read more [...]
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Right in the autumn with the head

Probably every hunter and angler has his secret places on the border with the neighboring region. At this point, the mobile phone is constantly trying to find the connection each time confusing, whether he is roaming, or not yet. In such places, if you call far enough - already standing before a choice is more convenient to get out on the asphalt. But there is a place not frightened, but still worthy of lakes fish. Here we are this weekend in two «nivah» rushed pokolesit yet dry floodplain, drive perches on channels, but to catch a few pickerels on burgers. Of course, Read more [...]
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Without the fish — do not come home!

 When a hunter goes hunting, usually no he does not order to shoot fowl or beast. Kill something – well done, not kill – no problem. But the angler often give certain tasks. In the light of the forthcoming visit to the parents of his wife I should not confound the high title «son-in-fisher» and catch some fish.During the week, I occasionally brought from fishings some fish. Nevertheless, his wife gave the nod to the two-day fishing trip. I namorozil ice to preserve the catch, and sped away in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain.Plans have been – «hulk». Read more [...]
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Roach in the lake

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Unlike perch, roach Now look at the big open spaces problematic. So I prefer the lake, in the extreme case flow pond with a good oxygen regime. These ponds are not only flowing, but the bottom discharge of water through a retaining dam.In some small lakes in Tver and Novgorod regions roach grows to quite a decent size. But even if the fish is small, it is still such fishing is noteworthy if only because that small roach caught in a small pond, very tenacious and serves as an excellent live bait for fishing in other waters.Catching roach activity is now very Read more [...]
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On the eve of the hurricane

Without arguing winter and spring, whose time is now reign? I cried, cried zimushka, but nothing to do: spread out on a babbling brook gully and disappeared from the hot breath of a young princess.I'm floating in a cozy plywood boat, punt along the picturesque forest lake. Rampant mutton foreheads and steep cliffs, covered with deep scars, fractures and faults, piled majestically over the water and protect the rest of the lake. Rocks suddenly parted and the boat slowly enters the vast expanse of Lake Bay, framed wall harsh cliffs. Mossy hermit stands a lonely desert island, where, and to plant Read more [...]
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Spring on the lake Far

WHILE Ozora frost nights and thoroughly STRENGTHENS ICE, I decided to go fishing to the mysterious forest lakes, which to me as something very mysterious to tell. Few local inhabitants of a small village, surrounded on all sides by the taiga forests, lakes and viscous swamp, for centuries this lake called long-range.     Intrigued and more stimulated by grandfather's stories, I inquired stitches-track the mysterious lakes. Go have fifteen miles. First, across the clearing, and then pass the thick ephedra, then along the ridge hump-backed - granite back - to get to the moraine pebble. With its Read more [...]
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Paint the White Sea

There is in Russia a place where the soul seeks to every Russian. Especially if all his life he goes hunting trails, inhaling the smoke of bonfires, spends the night in the hunting cabin.Rustle makes careful to turn his head. it Dog on berries found and raised the capercaillie. There seemed to have collected all the centuries attracted miners «furs» and monks who sought prayerful solitude.There is nothing more appropriate for understanding the true nature of Russia than its northern expanses. The beauty of the White Sea is fabulous, especially in the Read more [...]
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In cold water for roach

Late fall. Persistent rains. On the streets of mud and slush. Sitting to the house, wrapped in a quilt, drinking hot tea with raspberry jam and watch «soap operas» on TV. But it's not for me. I want out. There, where the cold and damp. There, where the big waves with white horses on the ridges, driving away from the middle of the lake, with the noise hit the shore. I take the bait, a backpack with a minimum of gear, and the lake Soshno. Especially not hope to get lucky as the place chosen five kilometers from the discharge of warm water, which means a minimum activity Read more [...]
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Taiga wasPhoto: FOTOLIA Described year was unfavorable for hunting. Behind Season not managed to obtain any a big game, and it was bad with fishing. However, pike and Perch were caught.Siberian taiga, contrary to popular opinion about its wealth, is not always live up to expectations. Sometimes grouse is like pigeons on current and grouse grouse fly shoals, and Prongs deer-trodden road of life manifestation bears traces, and heaps Fields with traces of blood found on the feasts every step; a in some years Read more [...]
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Lakeside pervolede

Somehow quickly after rains lighten the horizon, and then the sky opened and immediately became clear and high. Photo Anatoly Mailkova.5-7 cm - safe ice thickness to leave it one person at a low temperature. And from the smell dizzy. I think: «It's time to ice…» But by River still went gray waves, even in the cold view. Only crystal bead coastal duck and waddle neboyazlivye quarreling crows. The ice here was not thicker than three centimeters. But ponds and Lake has risen.The second day I staying with parents. Read more [...]
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Before spawning burbot mass exit in the fastest channels between the lakes, where the well is caughtSnowmobile on a strong infusion is omnipotent - go wherever you want at full throttle! Photo: Ilya Lipin. Winter fishing burbot in the northern waters is remarkable for many reasons. Firstly, local predator, has a direct relationship with cod, it grows to a truly gigantic proportions. Second, in times of Jora, especially before spawning, it is perfectly pecks on spoon bait and white day.[mkref = 1475]Sitting in hunting cabin and as soon as possible to shorten the long-predlinny Read more [...]
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The best hunting

We are a welcoming forest hut and lunch of fragrant soupPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK End of August. The city is always noisy and lives in a frantic pace, between the stone boxes scurry cars okatyvaya stinking smoke. Around noise problems — I am tired of everything! Yeah so sick of that cast for a week all cases, and not very important, and going into the woods.I threw in a backpack everything you need, drove the dog and the permit and — out of the city. It has long dreamed of visiting the old, abandoned cabin on the lake and the forest. Once upon a time was not far from the Read more [...]
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Lake Iasi

 Photo by the author In the Pskov region, about 15 km north of Pustoshka, there is a large and beautiful lake Iasi. Several times I fished it, but only in summer. Now here I was able to go fishing in the winter.If we talk about the catch, then the result is negative. But managed better than before, to understand – Local fishermen have prompted – as the lake lives and how to catch the fish in it.Frankly, I myself went to the lake fishing in Iasi lightly. First catch «along the grass» on spinners for standard sports technique «three stroke – Read more [...]
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White Nights Vaymugi

The idea to visit Vaymuge, a tributary Emtsy, which turn flows into the Northern Dvina, was born long before the campaign. My July canoe route consisted of two parts. First there was an alloy from the upper Vaymugi that in the south of Arkhangelsk one hundred and fifty kilometers to its lower reaches. Then came overland portage in These are the river basin, which flows through the chain of lakes under the title Siya lakes, and rafting on lakes and River up Bridge on the route Moscow — Arkhangelsk.Vaymuga is relatively short, Read more [...]
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Senezh (Virtual Tour)

One of the most popular fishing spots near Moscow considered Senezh lake in the northwest region.Convenient location, proximity to the capital and a good environment for a long time Lake won fame among anglers. And what is a fish! Roach, bream, pike, perch, carp, crucian carp, perch, eel… Here, even the crabs are found, indicating that the crystal clear water.In the reed beds of the bay, located in the northern part of the reservoir at the confluence of the sisters, always quiet and calm even in windy conditions. This often swim boat anglers. It is well caught tench, roach, bream and pride Read more [...]
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The long-awaited «random» fishing

Past Lake Pleshcheeva I passed many times. And constantly reproached himself that there is no possibility to stay and get to know him better. That is to say, on the shorter fishing. But once again returning from a short trip, yet stayed and stayed with friends in Pereslavl. Friends were immensely excited and arranged such a warm welcome that barely managed to carve out a free dialogue and exploring the sights of the city night. In the trunk light vehicles «accidentally» We found an inflatable boat and a couple of light spinning rods with a box of lures. Before Read more [...]
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Two meetings with tundra

Photo by Mikhail Volkov Spring – a difficult time for the majority of Russian fishermen. You have to maneuver between spawning bans, even if you follow all the rules (not, unfortunately, reasonable) – still doubt, whether well before the fish for pike or walleye spawning, protects eggs…But because we have the fall spawning fish – and any fish!About superstitionsDirtied is not rich! Especially on the road. We, having passed halfway, began impressively talk – when we Medvezhyegorsk when – Murmansk when – in Teriberke. And before the cabin Read more [...]
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When wakes up the pike?

 Photo by the author This year and early Easter and spring brutally chased the winter in March. Typically, winter goes reluctantly, it seems. Yes, and we take the time to say goodbye to her, trying at least once catch roach on the last ice. But this year, with the last ice – bummer. Already in early March warm weather. Ice on lakes floodplain melted in one week. It's time to go for a pike!Yes, exactly a week! Just last Thursday, we went on the ice and put zherlitsy and next Wednesday ice gone. There were only cakes snow on the northern slopes of the lake. Knowing that Read more [...]
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