Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

The reason for writing this article was the information in the news on the site ohotniki.ruHere briefly to its text:«The Sakhalin Region map appeared with the exact designation of the boundaries of hunting grounds. The map is part of a huge development of the Khabarovsk Research Institute – layout, use and protection of hunting grounds in the territory of the Sakhalin Region. The document has already approved the governor of the island region. This work is to continue «Our Father» ohotustroystva territorial issues, planning and preservation of hunting resources.The circuit Read more [...]
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Lease agreement was the same for the entire country

October 2, 2015 entered into force decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on September 21, 2015 №1003, approving a standard form lease agreement.Previously applied model form lease agreement, approved by the federal executive authority. Such a document carried only advisory in nature, and therefore, the parties entered into lease agreement were not obliged to adhere to its provisions clearly that gave rise to the appearance of conflicts of interest, pre-contractual disputes and has often led to the violation of the rights and legitimate interests of the parties.Now, throughout the Read more [...]
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Rybinka, Borok: this time — without fish

Photo by Mikhail Volkov I do not remember such cloudless prospects for successful fishing, as this time. Beautiful weather smooth, impressive records of friends. Therefore, the absence of catches, in fact, a natural result.When the pressure jumps, and acquaintances of the fishermen report very modest results, where fishing is planned thoughtfully. A few days before the start of a head start to scroll in the tactical scheme to schedule the best routes for the movement of the pond. And when it's time to go on the ice, a win-win plan ready. At this time nothing like this. Once all Read more [...]
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Deer move

In the popular poker dictionary is an expression "to move the deer," which means a bet all-in. In Russian - "go for broke". But whatever you call it action, in fact it is the last chance: if you do not win, then at least improve things. For Toyota LC150, we better known as Prado, there is nothing to correct, so that the term all-in takes a somewhat different meaning.Despite a fairly large body, Land Cruiser Prado was quite maneuverable: when turning it easily fits in with two half lanes, or 5.8 meters. This machine should be called all in one — «Everything Read more [...]
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Well and heritage!

Wild boar as a result of their activities as the leaves in the forests and in the meadows and fields, a lot of different tracks of their stay. Meet the very boar in its natural environment (except, of course, cases battue hunting for it) is almost impossible.Fig. 3Summer marks the single boar found at old forest road:1. Prints the main hind feet, completely cover the traces of the front. Prints on thick mud. Step. Location and left right pairs of legs aligned with tracks on Figures.2. Mud bath boar, arranged in puddle forest road. Schematic view.  This Read more [...]
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Zarafshan River Phoenix

It is great runners at the rugged terrain, MASTER FLASH disguise artist with a sparkling output, not a bad glider. We are talking about well-known and TSENNEYSHEM hunted - pheasants. His morning clatter tight BORDER AND FIELD HUNTER makes the heart beat in unison with ALMOST these waves of sound.Fasanus colchicus seravshanica in the history of habitats experienced as a time of wealth and severe periods of depression. The second state is entirely or almost entirely on the conscience of the people. Earth irrigated fertile Zeravshan and accompanying irrigation system, one of the most cultivated in Read more [...]
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The order came — problems remain

The noise of the Internet, the media and at various public forums, called by the order number 581 Ministry of Natural Resources with the beginning of hunting season has died down, and now a new order number 383 of September 4, 2014, which was supposed to solve the problems with carrying out tests and competitions of hunting dogs, as well as their training is hunting season. Photo Nikolai Sorokin Carefully read the order and MNR and comments pressluzhby I come to the conclusion that the problem is not the old resolved, and New added. In light of this order, Read more [...]
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On the ground, the Queen of Sheba

Most hunters travels to Africa to hunt antelope or dangerous game. I go to the Black Continent to hunt birds. My philosophy is very simple: why pay a lot of money and a week to spend a handful of bullets, when a much smaller amount, you can make five hundred shots.Photo Wall Kristoffersson In the first we his wife visited Zimbabwe 1997 immediately fell in love this country — at breathtaking beauty of the Victoria Falls, shocking the stone ruins of the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe, the South African national parks, full of wild animals, and, Read more [...]
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Long Hunt

It so happens that no luck, no matter how hard you try. Like a beast in the grounds there and do everything right and nothing comes out. Though you burst. It was a full moon, and most of the night we were looking for a fellow ranger boars. Bypassed recently planted peas and corn fields, overgrown with dandelion and grass meadows where day notice it fresh Poro.  Kaban, vanished into thin air. Only in the morning, already sleepy and tired, we came upon a small herd. Legs buzzed from a long distance. Relax and forget to check with the wind, we climbed the oak-covered vzgorok, which was deserted Read more [...]
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Treacherous Shot

Spring was late. In the hunting ground in the Vladimir region, we arrived in deep twilight. There were three – Biryukov, Ohotin me.We settled in the house, it was a check point heated oven, on the windowsill of frozen moved sleepily, not waking from a long winter flies.After supper, we gathered to go to bed, when suddenly in the hall zabuhal boards and into the chamber burst into our old friend, the director of the hunting farm Stepan Lukich.– Then this is the case, young people, – he said in a breathless voice. – I have a proposal for you. You do not want to hunt grouse? Read more [...]
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How long?

WRITE TO USLook at this picture. A terrible picture, is not it? No, it does not fly the fiery comet and flew lava erupting volcano. It had a hand in our Russian land user.I sent it to you, not in order to get the fee. And not to become famous.Suppose that at least in the pages of "horn" it will be able to see some government officials. And maybe even then the table grohnet bureaucratic iron fist as he knows how to do it, and loud voice, do not mince words, he asked: "How long?"How long we will ruin our land and our nature?Why do we have distributed the land to private ownership?There in the land Read more [...]
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Geese fly south

At night I woke up, lying, listening to crawl on the slate of the old arborvitae branch. Suddenly, the room lit display mobile phone, screamed call, unexpected at this hour, and who made a dissonance in the usual night sounds of the old house. Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM You sleep? A geese that fly to south, — I barely heard not through the crackle to the place of the cheerful voice of a friend. — There is such a thing, the car had We clomalas. He gets.— Is that a seven kilometers? .. — for some reason I asked the question Read more [...]
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The grounds near Kolomna

The question is, where to spend the weekend with a gun is not easy for Muscovites. Of course, you can take a trip in the direction of its interdistrict society included in MOOiR, in one of his hunting leases.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev Once I and I have done, but This method has many disadvantages, the main of which is that the result was unexpected: no I turned to get in the intended location. And permits are issued only to weekend — sezonok not It was such that return already explored the place a week later not It Read more [...]
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Without alternative

Article Rauf Tagirova in the 46th issue of "iris" "From the experience of bear hunter," even though a small, but contains some contradictory and controversial moments. This immediately led to take up the pen. But first things first. Photo by Sergey Fokin Hunters wrote that he carefully studied the experience of hunters-bear hunter Gabriel G. Sosnovsky, worked as the head of several hunting leases in Siberia the middle of the last century. Sosnowski was looking for the best options in the hunt from an ambush Bear on oats or bait.According Tahirov initially Sosnowski Read more [...]
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Readers ask

The author at the meetings has to answer the questions of hunters and fishermen, who may summarize and briefly bring to the readers of "horn". Many of them, hopefully, will be of interest. At the request of the interlocutors changed their name. Photo by Anton Zhuravuova Question 1. AT June I grandson went to observe how growing up mallard ducklings, which are displayed on the year Forest lakes.The road went on the beautiful lane, and we wanted to stay here and a cup of tea. This allowed us to gently teach her grandson how to breed and campfire skipyatit Read more [...]
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Kimry «butchers» were raiders

Valentin Shuvaev, for more than forty years of permanent chairman Kimry district society of hunters and fishermen, leading its history already with the Russian Empire, in the recent March morning rushed to the banks of the Volga wake-up call for the hunter. Photo VM Peskov.Vasily Peskov Shuvaev and Valentin, 2010 Kimrsky District of Tver region. He drove to the outskirts of the village Mikheev that in seven kilometers from the Kimry and… literally speechless! From the water to the island Skulinsky through flow Skulinsky Bay, from nowhere, as if by magic rose earthen dike Read more [...]
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Dark forest

According to the legislation in force until 01.04.2010, ie before the entry into force of the law "On the hunt ...", namely in accordance with Article 36 of the Forestry Code of the Russian Federation for the use of forest fund for the purpose of hunting management between the State and the person leading hunting, it was required to conclude lease forest plots of the forest fund. Photo by Ilya Antonyuk Answer V.Bodunkova article the author: With zakonom-«navigator» by «dark forest»In the Unlike acting Currently legislation, previously did Read more [...]
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Selection of fishing grounds

Photo Anatoly Mailkova In an unfamiliar body of water in front of a fisherman immediately raises eternal questions: where, on any tackle, bait, and what kind of fish should be caught now? If the last question he can still help answer local fishermen, at first – he must find the answer yourself.Question «Where to catch?» It remains a challenge even for well-known angler pond when, for whatever reasons, has changed conditions for fishing, and they change almost constantly. In one way or another nibble fish affects a large number of factors: the type of water body Read more [...]
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The center of the world

Once I went on the hunt for Goose Lake. In the other side, as I said, a hunter, is "the navel of the earth." I decided to try to find out what this place is. End of September. The weather is beautiful: in the morning sun. The forest is very dry - the rains were, but rarely.Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna Lake had to walk about five kilometers along the old logging roads, yet not too overgrown. Forest were taken only in the winter, because of the way were two marshes. One of them was almost entirely lined with decking from roundwood. Before I went hunting down this road, and I must Read more [...]
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Rights without responsibilities

It is possible that some hunters seem strange, my attempt to appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin by "the Russian newspaper hunting." It is no secret that the Russian president is not interested in hunting and hunting only national newspaper, is not likely to read. But I still try.Photo by Ilya Lipin Moreover, more and more we hear from hunters from different regions of our vast country, the fact that denying people their constitutional right to hunt, new and old, and is ”home” hunting grounds say – And you say, Putin complain! The Read more [...]
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