«Under the cry of a hare»

Who are the people willingly heard broaching, husky, cries of the wounded hare! He spread the full neighborhood. When I heard somewhere in the distance nor the incomparable sound - bleating, crying hare, I gave a start. PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Was newly-fallen snow, the snow piled enough. By zakrayku field I went to boarding Lohan that its thick branches lying right on the road itself. Hence came the desperate cries. In the wake of all I read both write. Here on the landing, both sides trace hare, stamped wings bird of prey, most likely, the Goshawk. Hare, first dragging it back Read more [...]
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Amazing Eldorado

On the hunt sometimes there are such wonderful cases that do not want to believe, but they are there, and they did not find an explanation. Once I was invited to hunt for deer, two male friends. They saw me with the dogs and have decided that they are easier to take the prey. Photo by Anton Zhuravkova The boys were from the neighboring district, and because the license was discharged tyda same. Early in the morning the guys drove me on UAZ and we went to the dogs designated place. I land I did not know all the lads were heading, and they decided to Read more [...]
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Why not shoot ?!

Familiar hunters, read my story, each time trying to recall the various occasions in the hunt with my participation. "Do you remember Vasilich, like you and me, then? .." Listen to what I'm trying to remember where it was when ... Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM The interviewee recalls something different funny cases. The longer and more convincing he says, I I begin to understand that nothing is I remember it had something to confuse, and I was there at all It was.But the case of the my partner of Joint hunting Volodya was really and G. to remember the Read more [...]
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Is This Wingsuit Television Genuine?

Humankind of Wingman, a men's dressing party, promulgated a telecasting to YouTube that it's vocation a humanity's low for the fledging blot of wing-suit fast-flying. On September 30, Frenchman Raphael Dumont supposedly realised the outset wingsuit flying into a piss landing without a chute. But many on the web are not purchasing it."This is imposter," Thomas Marshal wrote on YouTube. "Liken the comparative outstrip of the yellow-bellied buoys from the unlike camera angels."Over-the-counter commenters say they'll consider it when they see more images from the landing.Various Read more [...]
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Handicapped Man Skydives Ended Everest

A French man with ms accomplished a successful skydive terminated Mountain Everest this weekend. The 55 year-old Marc Kopp, who has been woe from ms for terminated a decennary, became the kickoff handicapped man to dispatch an Everest skydive, reports NPR. The bicycle-built-for-two skydive consisted of Kopp and his booster Mario Gervasi, a sensation skydiver, jump out of an aircraft from 32,000 feet to a peculiarly designated landing country on the heap. Kopp and Gervasi dog-tired the offset various g feet in free-fall earlier landing on the chopine nigh midway up the 29,000-foot vizor.Kopp, Read more [...]
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The Nearly Uttermost Summertime Sports: BMX Lake Jump

BMX lake jump     Picture: TommySuperStarFew Known Fatalities Patch calamitous stunts are rarefied in the BMX lake jump earth, a top British passenger died in 2008 abaft dive into shoal piddle.It’s unproblematic, redress? Pedal, summation hurrying, addition rage, summation piddle equals mad carsick tricks, and a fresh dip. All on-key, look for all those epical BMX lake jump fails. The aspect of a mild(ish) landing tends to lure those citizenry who’re ill-equipped to flee onto the seating of floatation assisted BMX bikes. Spell pedaling capable amphetamine, their blazon Read more [...]
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The plane crash. What to do?

Your actions: 1. Remove the shoes and tights (socks), remove from the pockets of all piercing and cutting items. 2. Wear your seat belt, clasp your knees and bend his head toward them. 3. When the plane made an emergency landing, go to the emergency escape hatch, open it. For this purpose it is necessary to turn the door handle and open it. Then, open the hatch, pull the handle towards you to open the door, throwing the hatch to the outside. 4. Remove the rescue rope and throw him out. 5. Leave (without shoes and stockings), sticking his feet first, and then the head. Read more [...]
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Service Me Project My Southwest Route Actuate: Zion Home Common

Backer's Landing via Shutterstock     Pic: Nickolay StanevA:Day 2With so often to see and neutralise Zion, you're not drive anyplace nowadays. Thither are too many options to inclination hither, but my proposition would be to micturate the five-mile out-and-back hike to Backer's Landing, a 1,500-foot tilt establishment that juts out supra the canon. The switchbacking chase dear the end is retard loss, but it's deserving it for the hoot's-eye purview from the peak.Day 1: Vegas to Zion Day 2: Zion Interior Ballpark Day 3: Bryce Canon Internal Green Day 4: Capitol Reef Subject Green Read more [...]
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Emergency landing

All the good time sutok.Mnogo interesting read here and decided to still зарегистрироваться.Вопросов and thoughts accumulated. Nord publication "Pyramid priorities" raised serious enough temu.No, in my opinion, it's common rassuzhdeniya.Ya also want to specify the situation. So situatsiya.Po some unknown reason, the plane in which you are, makes emergency landing at an unknown place (let's taiga, as the most sparsely populated forest). All vyzhili.Posle safe evacuation of passengers and crew, the plane caught fire, along with everything in it bylo.To has everything that Read more [...]
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Antenna Maneuvers

    Picture: Example by Grade Toddultralight aircraftI AM Revolt UP INTO A Lilac Sunrise, the desolate falling below me as if in a ambition. A thou feet supra the red land dear St. George, Utah, I accelerator dorsum, level, and soaring done the sweep of sky. Yo, Icarus, curb it out! I tone care a 12-year-old who has upright upraised off in a flight auto he reinforced in his backyard. Which—apt the fact that I'm pilotage what is basically a three-wheel pram powered by an outsize lawn-mower locomotive and hung by corduroys from a jump—isn't too far from the verity. Read more [...]
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Knavish Time

Go forrader and alternate: Jon Klaczkiewicz and his kicker, reinforced for Teton Solemnity Inquiry external Jackson, Wyoming     Photograph: Greg Von DoerstenGo onward and parachuting: Jon Klaczkiewicz and his kicker, reinforced for Teton Somberness Inquiry out-of-door Jackson, WyomingFOR JON "J.K." KLACZKIEWICZ, a 25-year-old manufacturer for the extreme-skiing filmmaker Teton Sobriety Explore, the almost humble office of his job is besides the nigh decisive: constructing the snowfall ramps, or "kickers," requisite to get his new-school skiers crossways Evel Read more [...]
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Pricepad in the United States: thousands of birds crashed on the pavement

on December 14. Mass mortality of migratory birds occurred in the Western United States during the night of December 13. In cedar city, located in Utah and thousands of water birds crashed on the pavement, mistaking it for his water. «Above the city the low-hanging storm clouds. Lighted outdoor courts with air could look like the surface of water. Birds sat down to rest, and was divided on the sidewalk» quotes the staff of the wildlife Department of state Theresa Griffin ITAR-TASS. The watchers were able to save more than 2 thousand birds that received bruises and contusions. Now Read more [...]
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Aircraft emergency landing in Yakut airport due to engine failure

By Air "Polar Airlines" flying from Yakutsk to Ust-Kuyga. On board were 49 passengers and five crew members and cargo.The AN-26 on Tuesday made an emergency landing at the airport Yakut Magan, presumably because of the failure of one engine, told RIA Novosti the airline "Polar Airlines." By Air "Polar Airlines" flying from Yakutsk to Ust-Kuyga. On board were 49 passengers and five crew members and cargo. "During the forced landing, no injuries. Presumably, the plane landed because of the failure of one engine," - said the source. Passengers are taken to Read more [...]
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U.S. airliner forced villages because of the burning smell in the cockpit

A Boeing 767 of American Airlines American Airlines, flight en route Miami - Sao Paulo, made an unscheduled landing at the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, reported on Tuesday night by the Associated Press referring to the airline representative Matt Miller (Matt Miller). According to him, the cause was a burning smell in the cockpit. According to the agency, none of the 198 passengers and 13 crew members was injured. They are expected to continue their way to Brazil on Tuesday morning. What exactly could be the source of the smell, as to the result. Bad smell in the cockpit or cabin aircraft Read more [...]
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Airliner touched localizer in Kazan

A special commission is studying Russian aviation causes of the accident at the airport in Kazan. When landing the plane Airbus A321 touched the localizer and received several bullet holes in the tail. On board were 200 passengers and 7 crew members. None of them was hurt. At the airport, Kazan the special commission, which will clarify the circumstances morning damaged A-321. Technical services of the airport found the holes in the rear part and now to establish the nature of their occurrence. At the time of landing, the Airbus was too low clouds and visibility - just 800 meters away. Read more [...]
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Lightning hit the plane, Turkish Airlines

In commercial aircraft, "Turkish Airlines", traveling from Istanbul to Antalya, was struck by lightning, Trend reports with reference to the newspaper Haberturk. The incident occurred just before the landing of the aircraft in Antalya. As a result of a lightning strike ship was damaged, but the landing was successful. No one was hurt, the passengers got off with a fright.All on board were 69 people. On the eve of the plane "Turkish Airlines" from Paris skidded off the runway while landing at the airport in Istanbul. On board the aircraft were 275 passengers, they were not Read more [...]
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The Tu-204 made an emergency landing at the airport of Vladivostok

The Tu-204 "Aeroflot" - "Vladivostok Avia" has made an emergency landing today at the airport of Vladivostok. According to the press service of the regional Emergency Center, the airliner, flying on the route Vladivostok - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at 02:30 MSK / 09:30 local / refused main hydraulic system. The aircraft returned to Vladivostok and at 05:02 msk/12: 02 Local / made a safe landing. On board were 97 passengers and 7 crew members. Victims and victims.Category: Factors and accident Read more [...]
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In Japan, made an emergency landing Boeing 787 Dreamliner

kstrennuyu a landing today at the airport in the Japanese city of Takamatsu "Boeing-787" / "Dreamliner" / airline "Oll Nippon Airways." The reason - the smoke in the cockpit. According to preliminary data, there were no injuries. On board the ship who performed domestic flight to Tokyo's Haneda airport, there were 137 passengers and crew members. They all safely evacuated by air bridges. This incident continues a series of incidents with the "Dreamliner". In "Dreamliner", owned by Japanese airline Jalili, last week at the airport in Boston, Read more [...]
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In Elista emergency landing passenger plane

Airliner flying from Elista to Moscow made an emergency landing at the airport of takeoff, the agency "Interfax" in technical services Elista air hub. "After the departure at 17:45 MSK devices showed that there is no cabin pressurization. In this regard, the commander of the crew decided to approach. Within an hour, the plane made several circles over Elista, producing fuel, and then at 18:50 MSK landed safely at the airport in Elista, "- said the source. According to him, on board were 36 passengers, including two children. None of them was hurt.Category: Factors and Read more [...]
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Kenyan plane made an emergency landing in the Sudanese capital

Passenger aircraft airline Kenyan Airways, bound for Cairo, 20 minutes after taking off from Khartoum was forced to return to the airport because of engine problems, according to Xinhua news agency on Wednesday citing local media.

At the time of landing on board the Boeing 737 were 56 passengers, none of them was hurt.

Category: Factors and accident
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