Landscapes. The moments when you do not take his eyes. Thoughts that are best avoided.

As long as the world shakes off controversy and strife, as long as people fight for their own selfish purposes, as long as the views of humanity turned on their own kind, the ancient Nature continues to live. And this can not be ignored. The most time to indulge in thoughts of the eternal! For nothing is forever ...People become architects, sculptors, builders, artists, to build cities, create works of art. Dedicate this year, the whole of life. And only a few are able to create a true beauty. In my humble opinion, there is no art that is able to compete with the charm samoё Nature, with its naturalness, Read more [...]
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COMBAT IN URBAN Criteria: the nature and features of warfare [1]

• The impact of urbanization on the nature of modern military operationsA vibrant and diverse socio-demographic processes in the modern world cause a higher possibility that the military acts in future wars and armed conflicts will occur to a greater extent in urban areas. The overall growth of the population of the Earth is accompanied by gender and age imbalances, migration of inhabitants from developing countries to developed countries and higher rates of urbanization. Every year the world population grows by 77 million people, of these, 60 million are citizens. By 2015 on Earth will be 23 Read more [...]
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Turkeys Play Mayhem in Maine

Flush round Blessing, thither can be overmuch joker. Maine is extending its turkey-hunting flavour and slackening regulations in awake of a monolithic blowup of Blessing bird. In 1977, 41 turkeys were reintroduced in Maine later more 100 geezerhood since they were finis seen in the Pine Submit.That pocket-size heap has big 1,400 pct with about 60,000 turkeys roosting in cars, going muck, and supposedly negative the landscape and touching submit agribusiness. Republican representative and apple manufacturer Jeff Timberlake told USA Now that 20 turkeys can eat $10,000 deserving of apples in an hr. Read more [...]
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EIT or Demidov Park?

    Experts in the field regional branding appreciated tourist resources of the Sverdlovsk region. One of developments in this direction was the route "Silver Ring of the Urals".     According to the press service Ministry of culture of the region, "Silver Ring of the Urals" - Is the working title of the new tourist route cities of the Middle Urals, having undeniable Tourism attractiveness and territorial fit into a circular route. On the line this route are Ekaterinburg, Nevyansk, Nizhny Tagil, Kachkanar Verkhoturie Alapayevsk, Merkushino, Mahneva, Read more [...]
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Hantemanskiysky region

KMAO formed on young Epipaleozoic West Siberian plate. Foundation slab is a huge depression with steep eastern and north-eastern and a gentle southern and western sides. It is composed of igneous rocks (granite, diabase, etc..), Volcanic tuff and in varying degrees of metamorphic rocks (gneisses, schists different), formed in the Paleozoic and pre-Paleozoic time. Basement rocks are deformed into complex folds and faults crossed the north-east and north-west. For these faults some parts of blocks of the foundation raised, the other went down. As a result of tectonic movements of the foundation blocks Read more [...]
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Structure of landscapes

The study of landscapes in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug Yugra has shown that the establishment of a zone-subzonal boundaries, isolation and mapping of types and subtypes of the landscape in a region fraught with considerable difficulties. Background of water-logged, low heat supply, phenomenal waterlogging, cryogenesis obscure zonal differences landscapes. Climate actively influence the biological productivity and biodiversity, but its influence is manifested in specific locations. Relief is one of the main factors differentiating the landscape of the region. At the first level, large Read more [...]
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Landscapes of the eastern slopes of Urals

Ural mountain range stretches from north to south along the western boundary of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. It is the southern part of the Subpolar and the northern tip of the Northern Urals. Polar Ural extends between the upper reaches of Khulga and Yatriya (270 km). The research is the highest point of the ridge of the Urals – Mount Narodnaya (1898 m). Extends parallel to the peoples-Itinsky ridge with heights – 1200-1500 m. East are replaced by flat-topped plateau arrays Moscow Society of Naturalists, with elevations of 800-900 m, and ranges south of Magna-Nyrd, Hobe-Out, Read more [...]
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Demidov — Park

    On the ecology tagilchane know firsthand. Her problems with us and around Us on the ground and in the air, in water and in the food. But here phrase "Culture and Ecology" yet just hit the road to mass consciousness. Although enlightened minds this topic for a long time and looking sick way possible solutions, based on the experience of other peoples and states.     December 13 in our town, on the basis of the museum-reserve of history of metallurgy, with the participation of foreign guests was held "Roundtable" World Conference of UNESCO "Cultural Read more [...]
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survival gear

NEW CAMOUFLAGE "TOAD" FROM P1G-TACLife in wild nature inhuman and full of threats. Over millions of years of existence of life on Earth evolution and natural selection has left on our planet only the strongest and most adapted to the natural selection of species. One of these animals in our area is the Ordinary Toad. This species of amphibians is in the nature of a huge number of natural enemies, but, for all this, the population of Toads Normal not miniaturized. The only method of protection from predators, which can use Toad is the patron of the mask color, which makes it virtually Read more [...]
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Where’s the better office for a weekend pickup in the South-west?

Batch biking in Sedona     Exposure: Andrew Eick/FlickrA:Gentle. Attend Sedona. The gamey temperatures during wintertime mostly vibrate in the 50s and 60s, and the nights scarce driblet beneath freeze. Eventide ameliorate: thither are no crowds. You’ve much got all of Sedona and its noted red-rock countryside to yourselves. Hither’s how I’d program the slip.Groundwork CliqueTake an low-priced guild or campsite approximate the mall of the activity. My proposition would be the scanty but well-disposed Sky Spread Auberge atop Airdrome Table, where you’ll get Read more [...]
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The Outdo Packer Company Towns: Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng via Shutterstock     Photograph: WitthayaPA:Vang Vieng is the amiss metropolis to chaffer if you're looking traditional Laotian civilisation, but if you're a party-seeking twentysomething, it's the office to be. Conceive that the well-nigh democratic activeness at this petite produce township sour packer safety is to blow on an internal tubing consume the Nam Strain River, preceding the deal of waterfront bars and client houses that retain to pop alike mushrooms (an seize metaphor).Outside stake: What primitively drew visitors to Vang Vieng is the singular scraggy mountainous Read more [...]
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What’s the trump selection trek of the summertime?

Since I endure in the Southwestward, any post that has a overnice flow streamlined done it! I opt riparian areas in the canyonlands of northerly Arizona or southerly Utah. Hither, you bear your piddle necessarily met, effective sportfishing, first-class forage opportunities for pabulum plants, and oft a landscape peppered with antediluvian ruins as this is where virtually prehistorical cultures resided. In the summertime, an lift of 4,000-6,000 feet is paragon as it is commonly not passing hot during the day and nights are batty.On these personal trips that orbit from 3-10 years, I contract a woolen Read more [...]
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What can trackers severalize from footprints?

Footprints in blow     Exposure: net_efektTrailing is almost gather optic clues from the landscape so interpretation the demonstrate to lick the details of what occurred. It has piddling to do with mysticism. Sooner, it's astir arduous elaborate on the domain, forever purification one’s skills on a form of surfaces and altogether way of endure. It's a trademark bushcraft acquirement, and one that in my nous represents the speed levels of bushcraft to reach for.S African tracker Louis Liebenberg calls trailing man’s get-go skill, and it is so an antediluvian one. Skill Read more [...]
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Primordial Shriek

Australian composer Lawrence English with a peregrine     Picture: Courtesy of ExperimediaJ. A. Baker’s The NomadicJ. A. Baker’s The Nomadic Lawrence English’s The MobileLawrence English’s The Nomadic Buy It Lawrence English’s immortalize, The Nomadic, is out now on Experimedia. J. A. Baker's The Peregine can be purchased from English - The Roving (album prevue) by experimediaJ. A. Baker’s The Nomadic is the Flannel Lightness/Whiten Warmth of nature composition—not lots of masses deliver learn it, let heard of it, yet Baker’s liquefied Read more [...]
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Nigh Furious Heaven

"To be at family in a landscape requires venerate"     Pic: PhotoDisc"To be at dwelling in a landscape requires venerate" Go Gage Your Arrogate E'er fantasized approximately drift off into the area and construction a piddling post with dear views and a porch for the rocker? Hither's your pattern on how to arrive pass.THIS Ambition OF Demesne, of owning it—where does it beginning, how cryptic is it stock-still? The nomad plants a row of barleycorn, the warrior crowns himself mogul, the adventurer blazes a track for the innovator and—voilà—country Read more [...]
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Approach Wilderness Heaven

"To be at habitation in a landscape requires awe"     Picture: PhotoDisc"To be at family in a landscape requires fear" Go Bet Your Title Always fantasized approximately bearing off into the area and edifice a fiddling berth with commodity views and a porch for the rocker? Hither's your pattern on how to survive pass.THIS Stargaze OF Nation, of owning it—where does it beginning, how recondite is it frozen? The nomad plants a row of barleycorn, the warrior crowns himself rex, the adventurer blazes a lead for the innovator and—voilà—commonwealth Read more [...]
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A Shot Living

The dammed Dolores River     Exposure: James FeeDolores River photographyThe dammed Dolores River River of Sorrows Slideway Demonstrate Clink Hither to see more of James Fee's images, and listen him discourse photographing the Dolores River."The hope and purpose to shuffle photographs sometimes overpowers the accuracy in them," James Fee says, sitting at his domicile in Los Angeles. "The snap, for me, has ever held more trueness than master photography." Presumption that Fee is a illustrious lensman outdo known for his shadow, moderately ominously styled compositions, Read more [...]
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Inspection: Books

Exterior cartridge, Marchland 1998Reassessment: BooksExtremitiesBy Miles HarveyBICYCLES Reinforced FOR ONE | AND Patch YOU'RE AT IT ... | BOOKS Stoked: A Story of Breakers Civilization, by Drew Kampion (Universal Publication Grouping, $30). Now that erstwhile high-strung gymnastic pursuits such as snowboarding and hatful biking bear suit the objects of ethnic criticism, wehave to inquire: Can the Section of Uttermost Sports Studies be far backside? When Read more [...]
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Scientists have determined the location of landscape Mona Lisa

It seems a mystery associated with the "Mona Lisa", was less. Art historians have established exactly where Mona posing for da Vinci. We are talking about the area in the north-east of Italy, known as Montefeltro, formerly part of the Duchy of Urbino.With the bold statement made by theThe authors of the book "Code" Pi "," Olivia Carry, geomorphologist University of Urbino, and the photographer Rosetta Borsa. They identified the location of landscape "Mona Lisa" in some way by accident. In 2008, Nessie and Borsa studied art of the early Renaissance Read more [...]
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Foamy surf in Australia

According to media reports, June 19, under the action of waves on the beach in Victoria harbour, Australia, formed foam stretching for several kilometers. The beach, as if covered with a blanket of snow, attracted many residents and tourists.It is reported that every few years in this place formed a like spectacle of the foamy waves, but the bubbles don't exist too long. Obradovica foam landscape stretches for 5 km Many locals and tourists come here to take pictures, and some even reacheda swim in them to enjoy a kind of \"Jacuzzi\". The specialist said that this landscape can be formed Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).