India: Mumbai landslide

July 10, 2013. Mumbai is located on the western coast of India, from the beginning of the week continuously poured rain. As a result of waterlogged soil on a hillside in the Antop Hill near the old postal building formed a landslide. Victims of natural disasters have at least two people. The fate of another 23-year-old resident of Mumbai is on the line, as he was seriously injured. Arrived on the scene rescuers found four more citizen are under the rubble. Another three people were rescued within a few minutes after the collapse of the soil layer. Who is the top priority of 40 sent to the Antop Read more [...]
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A landslide in Rio de Janeiro

Rescuers found the bodies of two on Tuesday the victims of the landslide on the island of Ilha Grande, so the number of deaths on the coast of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro rose to 52 people, according to the local office of the Civil Defense. The largest collapse occurred on the resort island of Ilha Grande early morning of January 1 shortly after the New Year celebrations. Eyewitnesses report that heard a roar, and then a layer of earth was a coastal hotel. Rescuers found the bodies of 31 of the deceased. As a result, the second landslide happened in the neighboring city of Angra Read more [...]
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In the southern part of Colombia landslide

July 19, 2013. The landslide came down from the hilly area on the roadway in the southern Colombian department of Huila, caused the death of six people. Except for the people below the soil surface were two houses, which were located near the road linking the city of Suazo, Huila, and the city of Florencia, Caquetá Department, as well as an ambulance and a truck.A dozen local residents who were able to quickly remove from the struck hill urgently sent to the hospital and Garzuna Suazo Department of Huila. Survived if 26 more caught in a blockage of Colombians are not yet known. Since the Read more [...]
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City in Sicily may disappear due to landslides

Large landslide can completely destroy town of San Fratello on the Italian island of Sicily, which is home to about 2 thousand. Man reported Monday local media. This small city is home to two thousand. Persons. About 1.5 thousand. Of them have already been evacuated, and the rest are located on the outskirts of San Fratello, to monitor what is happening. Local media noted that due to heavy rains on a hill near the town there is a formation of the landslide. In the worst case, all the houses in San Fratello threatened with destruction. Source: Interfax Read more [...]
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Landslide in Indonesia, there are victims

Rescuers recovered the bodies of victims from under the rocks and mud. Photo: AP Under tons of rocks and mud are dozens more victims. The number of victims of a powerful landslide Tuesday at a tea plantation in the Indonesian province of West Java, on Thursday morning rose to 19 people, said the national news agency Antara official representative of local authorities Kusnadi (Kusnadi)."Immediately after the identification of family members found the body buried in the village cemetery," - he said. According to various estimates, under many tons of rocks and mud are dozens more victims Read more [...]
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Photos from the

A police officer with a dog looking for victims of a landslide in the ruins of a building in Santo Antonio - the village near Funchal - the capital of the island of Madeira. Dozens of houses in the village were destroyed by a landslide, when the Portuguese island of Madeira hit heavy rains. Local authorities have confirmed that the landslide took with them 40 lives. (AP Photo / Octavio Passos) Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos are clickable. Photos from the last one, two, three, four and five.Local authorities inspect the dried pond in Mile Read more [...]
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New landslide in Indonesia. Three people died

Three people were killed last night in a landslide in Indonesia's Central Java province, said on Monday the national news agency Antara. A spokesperson for the district authorities Agus Purnomo Vonosobo (Agus Purnomo), descended from the mountains as a result of heavy rains landslide wiped out a house in the village of Dusun-Ngemplak. Killed a local resident and his two children. The thickness of the layer of dirt on the site of the tragedy reaches four meters, he added. Meanwhile, the number of victims of landslide on February 23 by a tea plantation in Indonesia's West Java province, reached Read more [...]
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Landslide in Uganda. Africa

Victims of landslide due to heavy rains in eastern Uganda, have become at least 45 people, about 300 may be buried under the ground, said on Tuesday, Reuters reported with reference to the Defense Minister Tarsis Kabvegere (Tarsis Kabwegyere).

«It found 45 bodies. We fear that some 300 people were buried in a landslide, «- said the minister, adding that the authorities expect new landslides.

Source: RIA Novosti

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In the United States on the freeway came down the mountain landslide. Photo

In the American state of Colorado is one of the highway landslide. The authorities promptly blocked traffic on a highway. Motorway struck huge fragments of rock. On the affected local authorities are not reported. Work at the scene reconstruction team. Dozens of engineers and rescue workers using special equipment clearing the way for the stones. Source: True Read more [...]
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Landslide in China killed 17 people

The landslide in China killed 17 people, another 11 remain missing. According to statements by the local authorities, the incident occurred in one of the settlements of the Chinese province of Shaanxi in the northwest of the country. According to Chinese news agency "Xinhua", only a landslide covered the 15 dwellings with 44 people who were inside. At the scene, rescue work underway. Source: RBC Previous News: · In the United States on the freeway came down the mountain landslide. Photo · Landslide in Uganda. Africa · New landslide in Indonesia. Three people died · Flood in Madeira. Read more [...]
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The landslide destroyed a home in Pyatigorsk and pipeline

Power of Pyatigorsk, where on Wednesday a landslide destroyed a house, trying to persuade residents to move and the nearby private home, but they flatly refuse to leave the house, said a representative of the city administration. As a result, activation of landslide processes on Wednesday morning was damaged pipeline and gas supply is interrupted one thousand homes and 36 businesses in Pyatigorsk. The landslide completely destroyed a house on the street Pasenco, 23, and touched the garden of the neighboring house. No one was hurt. "Residents of the home down the street Pasenco, 21 categorically Read more [...]
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Landslides in Dagestan

The landslide came down on Thursday at the Dagestani village partially destroyed seven houses, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the Republican Ministry of Emergency Situations. "In the village of Lower Katrukha Rutul district of Dagestan on Thursday landslide. In the area of ​​sliding soil masses got seven houses. They are partially destroyed, decided to evacuate people as landslide process can continue and completely destroy the house, "- said the agency interlocutor. According to him, moved out and placed with relatives of 15 people, including four children. At the scene works task force EMERCOM Read more [...]
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In Australia, a landslide derailed a passenger train

A passenger train derailed in the Australian state of Queensland because of a landslide, three people were injured, said on Friday the Australian newspaper The Courier-Mail.  The incident occurred on Friday morning, 16 kilometers from the town of Redlynch (Redlynch) in the northern part of the state. Passengers trains were 240 people. Year-old boy and 25-year-old man received head injuries, the third victim - a knee injury and shoulder. Representatives of the rescue services believe that the cause of derailment was a landslide caused by heavy rains have passed the day before. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Floods in Brazil, Part 2 Photos

Rescuer carries a child in a flooded area of ​​Rio Campo Grande. (Jadson Marques / AP) Number of flood victims in the south-east of Brazil has grown to 145 people. Late on Wednesday, spokesman for the state Office of Civil Defense of Brazil reported that a new huge landslide covered the slum area on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro - Niteroi, burying up to 40 homes. Missing dozens of people.A resident of Rio de Janeiro is mourning the death of one of the victims of the landslide. The picture was taken on April 7 at the Rio Santa Teresa. (Silvia Izquierdo / AP) Firefighters carry away the Read more [...]
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Car passengers miraculously died in a landslide in China

July 30, 2013. Chinese news agencies distributed video landslide on the car. The incident occurred in the Shaanxi province in the center of the country. Fortunately, none of the four people who were in the car, was not injured. The car was moving along a mountain road when he collapsed right on the mass of earth and stones. Machine, ehavshaya behind, managed to slow down and not hit by a landslide. Of the affected cars to choose two people, two more later learned rescuers. Strong rains were in Shaanxi Province during the month. They have caused landslides and flooding in the region. The rainfall Read more [...]
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Landslide in Italy

The landslide occurred in the Apennines in central Italy on Saturday night led to the destruction of several buildings and the evacuation of 60 people, Italian media reported on Sunday. Landslides caused by heavy rains over the weekend, was in Vado di Munzuno, near Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region. However, in previous weeks, the breed has already started slipping because of the lingering showers. Managed to avoid casualties due to the rapid prevention of local residents and the police response and rescue. Bad weather and poor infrastructure have led to a series of disasters over the past Read more [...]
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Landslide in Uganda

Landslides over the weekend devastated areas of Mbale in eastern Uganda and Rukungiri in the west, with the result that 3 people were killed and injured infrakstruktura and homes. Three children, two of them from one family, were killed by a landslide, which caused heavy rains on Saturday night. Twelve people were reported missing. The police chief, who visited the affected areas and advised the survivors leave the dangerous slopes. Rescuers evacuated more than 300 people who at the moment are one of the primary schools. In the district of Rukungiri traffic stopped after a landslide blocked the Read more [...]
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Landslide in Norway

Two people were killed and two were missing in a landslide in central Norway. The landslide came down on a Sunday evening, when a group of eight tourists make a mountain hike. Due to poor cell phone reception, the rescue operation was not started on time. Survivors reported this to the police only on Monday night. Search and rescue operation is carried out in the vicinity of the mountain in the municipality of Dzhemtfzhelltiend Vevsn in search of the two missing tourists. One of the four survivors were seriously injured. Police said that a series of landslides and avalanches has been registered Read more [...]
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In the center of Sochi landslide

At risk were the inhabitants of one of the houses. Night right under the windows of the ground began to go down. Rumors sheds, fences and trees. Over the pit depth of two meters hung barracks. Residents fear the emergency house next landslide, believing that it will damage plumbing and brake power line. Here once began to build retaining walls - especially from landslides, but now part of it is buried under the ground. On the restoration of the fence will take time, and while residents of the house on the street Sanatorium literally hanging over the abyss. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]
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British Columbia was covered by a landslide

Internationally renowned Canadian agricultural region was the victim of a brutal and uncontrollable elements, suddenly collapsed to British Columbia in the form of unbridled landslide. It is reported that in the town of Oliver rapid mudslides killed at least ten buildings, five of which were houses. Home of the highway of the village is covered with several feet of mud. Reports of casualties are not available. The main cause of the landslide locals call their banks fast mountain river, the water level are significantly improved due to the heavy rains that lasted almost the entire Read more [...]
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