Finno-Ugric Peoples

Finno-Ugric Peoples peoples speaking Finno-Ugric (Finno-Ugric) lang. Finno-Ugric lang. constitute one of the two branches (along with Samoyed) ur. lang. family. Linguistic principle Frank-U.N. are divided into groups: Finnic (Finns, Estonians, Izhorians, Vepsians, Livs, Vod), perm. (Komi Zyrians, Permian Komis, Udmurtia), Ugric (Khanty, Mansi, Hungarians), Mordovia (Mordvinians-Moksha, Mordvinians-Erzya), Mari (Mari) and Sami (Lapps). F.-U.N. settled on the ter. Northwestern. Europe from Scandinavia to the U., Volga-Kama region, the Lower and Mid. Tobol region. Num. Russia in approx. 4.4 million Read more [...]
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Ural language family

Ural language family incl. languages ​​of the peoples resettled from Scandinavia and Hungary to s. to Taimyr and in Altai on. It consists of three language groups: the Finno-Permian, Ugric and Samoyed. Finno-Permian are Finnic languages ​​/ peoples (Finns, Estonians, Vepsians, Vod, Izhorians, Livs), Saami, Volga Finns (Mordvinians and Mari), permyane (Komi Zyrians, Permian Komis and Udmurt); in Ugric Hungarians, Mansi and Khanty; Samoyed in Nenets, Entsi Nganasans, Selkups (in the past Samoyed languages ​​spoken by the inhabitants of the peoples of the Altai-Sayan region formers, kamasintsy, Read more [...]
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Xenoglossy. Life after life?

In order that man might learn a foreign language, you need at least a few months of training. However, the science described unexplained cases of people spontaneously acquire the ability to communicate in a foreign language they. And sometimes some of them have long since been forgotten, and spoke in these languages have disappeared from the face of the Earth nations and civilizations. Such a phenomenon is called xenoglossy. One of the first sources mention this gift is the Bible. This describes an event when the 12 Apostles found the ability to preach Christ to the previously unknown to foreign Read more [...]
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Linguists have created an algorithm that can revive the ancient languages

Canadian and American linguists have developed a special computer algorithm that can reconstruct the ancient proto-language spoken by the ancestors of modern language groups and families, which will help to restore the history of civilization on Earth."We hope that our algorithm will make a revolution in historical linguistics, about the same as the statistical analysis and computational power of computers have transformed evolutionary biology. Though our system can not find all the nuances that can be seen by professional linguists, it will help them to use more languages the reconstruction Read more [...]
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