Larch — a symbol of the Siberian taiga

In the frosty winter nights and mornings in the Siberian taiga can often hear the hum - it bursts from the severe frosts, break the ice on the rivers and ice.Snow here or not a lot, or it is very loose, loose, and because the soil freezes in the winter a depth of three meters. Even in summer, when the day is hot, it is not thaw deep. AT these conditions may increase the hardiest tree species. Foremost among them are is occupied by larch. Among the pine trees growing on in Russia, the most common is just that tree. Forests dominated by larch, occupy a huge area — Read more [...]
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For grouse on larch

It is hard to imagine a Russian forest without capercaillie. Even harder to Russian hunting without hunting Moshnikov, and probably can not be Russian hunter, passionate and affectionate Russian Russian forest and hunt, for which the hunting of capercaillie would not be so anxious alluring and desirable. By these words it is difficult to add anything. Hunting for capercaillie, primordially Russian hunting, I think, will always stand in the front row of all the hunting revered writers in Russia. In this article I want to share the experience of hunting for capercaillie on larch. It addresses primarily Read more [...]
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Capercaillie on larch

In the fall comes a time in nature when the morning frost touch larch needles, and she is said to hunters, sour, representing varnish food for grouse.This period is short – a week or so. In the future, the needles turn yellow and fall off, leaving bare branches until spring. And most interesting is that of the thousands of larch wood grouse choose for some features as they know one or two. Tastes of birds are not changed over the years, which is used by hunters.He knew of the existence of two such larches and me. A couple of days ago I went to the woods, the trees found traces arrives grouse Read more [...]
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Polar Urals. Flora and Fauna

The vegetation of the Polar Urals is very diverse: in the southern part, especially in the Urals, -taezhnye forests consisting mainly of larch and spruce. On the plains of Urals larch replaces birch and fir sites. Among the abundant forest moss and sedge-moss bogs, which grows abundantly in blueberries, blueberries and cloudberries. In summer, the spruce taiga gloomy, stuffy smell of rot and damp, many trees withered on the vine; moss everywhere - on land, on the trunks and branches of trees. Hard to go through the taiga: gray-green pieces of moss and swirls cling to clothing, wet moss buried feet. Read more [...]
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For tourist: Larch

Larch (Latin Lárix) - Genus of woody plants in the family Pine, one of the more common species of conifers. The most common breed in the Far East Russian Federation, where it grows from the south to the northern Primorye boundaries of trees. In appropriate criteria grows up to 50 m in height and more than in diameter trunk up to 1 m or more. Live up to 300-400 years, larch registered under the age of 800 years. Crown somewhat lax, rayed sun in young trees conical. Over the years, an oval or ovoid is obtained, tupovershinnuyu form. With constant winds-sided flagoobraznye. One-year needles, Read more [...]
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The Shoetree Killer

It was ne'er my intent to own a timber. I charge it on my mother-in-law. 16 geezerhood ago, my wife, Amy, and I, at her beget's importunity, searched for a pocket-size firm to buy alternatively of dumping more money into the outrageous rents in our Montana university township. Folio done a Missoula immovable shopper one day, my eye involuntarily skipped o'er the Thirties bungalows on Carmine Street and was seized by a belittled ad billed "Rattler Wild Domain."Instantaneously I knew the advertised 40 estate wasn't average realty. From myriad hikes and cycle rides, I was intimate with the Read more [...]
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The importance of fire in the forest

An essential part of any expedition is the taiga fire. "... Fire - is the battery of vigor, energy and activity ", - as noted by a participant and leader of numerous experiments on the survival of V. Volovich. And a fire - it is warm and light, dry clothes, hot food, bottled water, protection from midges. Fire, necessarily bred every night, suddenly creates an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Indeed, the rest by the fire can not be compared with the cold overnight. In wet wet weather fire from the category of comfort at once transformed into a means of daily necessities. Impossibility Read more [...]
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Siberian larch

Description: Monoecious large tree up to 30-40 m needles fall off in autumn, gathered in clusters of 15-20 needles. Male cones are pale yellow, oval. Women's - early purple, then light brown, ovoid. Blooms in May. Seeds are on scales seed cones. Together with pine and cedar forms light coniferous forests. It grows as an impurity in the woods, usually pine in 1, 2, 5, 6, at least 3, 4, botanical and geographical areas. Pure stands almost never occur. Used in medicine buds and young shoots are gathered in the spring. Chemical composition. Needles contains vitamin C, essential Read more [...]
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